This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 52

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

In the final installment of ‘This Week in Wrestling’ in 2014, Jamie shares what wrestling taught him this week, Craig talks about the chances of New Day while Brian sees the stars of Georgia Championship Wrestling serenade fans with ‘Deck the Halls’ and John Morrison rap about HHH.

All that and more in this edition of ‘This Week in Wrestling‘.

“If I Could Be Serious For A Minute…”

  • Roddy Piper Rusev Of the ten matches on Raw this week, bad guys won just three…
  • Why does Kane still wear a suit? Is he still Corporate Kane? Is he still DOO? As a member of The Authority didn’t he lose his job?
  • A sure fire way to lessen the impact of a convincing heel turn is to have the guy in question turn heel on a giant bunny
  • From Darth Maul, Goldust is slowly turning into Mac from Predator
  • For a fake Scotsman who’s actually from Canada, Roddy Piper sure is passionate about the good ol’ U S of A
  • No-selling your opponents finisher only to hit yours and have him kick out just doesn’t make sense somehow
  • So John Cena managed defeat Seth Rollins despite J&J’s interference and attempted use of the MITB briefcase. WWE could have at least tried not to make Rollins – who will likely hold the WWE Title within the next six months – look weak and inferior here
  • Hulk Hogan dressed as Santa while John Cena singing songs from Frozen… I think most people would understand if I decided not to continue watching WWE Raw in 2015…

A New Day, the same old

A New DayIt was last week that I initially intended to write about The New Day stable but spiked the article due to time constraints.

Even with it being Christmas time, I have no goodwill for Xavier Woods, Big E. and Kofi Kingston’s grouping. It is the classic example of sticking two or three wrestlers together and hoping something positive comes from it.

It doesn’t take long to realise that whatever New Day is, it isn’t working. It’s just very naff.

There are a number of problems with the trio. You can’t just stick three guys together that were going nowhere fast and expect that plus a couple of vignettes to be enough to get them over. Wrestling fans are smarter than that.

The creative department must really be regretting giving Xavier Woods no hype ahead of his debut. Had they done so they might not now be needing to repackage him. But the WWE thought simply promoting a fairly popular NXT Superstar onto the main roster would be enough. It wasn’t.

As for Big E., it’s a case of being a flash in the pan. He was the man that the WWE previously thought could portray a monster on our screens. It’s now Rusev that has been passed that ball to run down that well worn track with.

Kofi has enough about him to be a fairly decent midlander who is there or there abouts. Nothing more and too talented to be any less.

Ultimately though, the problem stems from lack of clarity over what New Day is or means. Until that’s explained then there’s little chance of the WWE universe buying into the trio but the longer they leave it the more difficult it will be for them to get over. Not a great prospect at all.

Video Gallery

A couple of days late, but I thought this cool seeing guys like Michael Hayes, Gordon Solie and Tommy Rich from Georgia Championship Wrestling singing ‘Deck the Halls.’

The ex John Morrison rapping about the Undertaker and HHH

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2 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 52

    • Same here. It’s just the same old bullshit that makes it not fun anymore. John Cena is such a cocksucker to the people as he will do anything to please them and it will never be enough.


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