Masked Confusion: Wrestlers Under The Hood


Brian Damage

One of the oldest angles in wrestling is the ol’ babyface gets run out of a territory/promotion and a “mysterious” masked man comes in his place. It has been done repeatedly and most of the time, the masked man looks and acts very similar to the wrestler run out of town.

Coincidence? Hardly….

The angle usually involves a babyface wrestler being kayfabe suspended or losing a “Loser leaves town” match. That same wrestler will return to the territory under a mask…looking and talking similar to his old self. The reasoning behind this? I guess the booker and/or promoter wants the fans to be in on the joke against the dreaded heels. All the while, the authority figure would be clueless to the scenario.

Many promotions have done the angle including the NWA/WCW, WWF, ECW and various territories. Let’s look at just a few…

The Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes)


Charlie Brown from Outta Town (Jimmy Valiant)


The Giant Machine (Andre the Giant)


Stagger Lee (Junkyard Dog)

stagger lee

“The Other” Stagger Lee (Koko B Ware)

7-10-2013 9-56-54 PM

The Bullet (Bob Armstrong)


The Yellow Dog 1 (Barry Windham)


The Yellow Dog 2 (Brian Pillman)


Mr. America (Hulk Hogan)

2530 - mr._america smackdown wwe

The Masked Outlaw (Dory Funk Jr.)

Masked Outlaw Dory Funk Jr Mid-Atlantic belt

Red River Jack (Bruiser Brody)


The Big O (Bugsy McGraw)


Unnamed Masked Man (Rick Rude)


Frank and Jesse James (Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA)


While we are on the subject of masked men…let’s take a look at some other well known wrestlers who wore a mask and were not a part of that vintage angle…

The Punisher (The Undertaker) WCCW


Black Blood (Billy Jack Haynes) WCW


The Super Invader (Hercules Hernandez) WCW

super invader

The Spider (Randy Savage) Georgia territory


The Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) New Japan


American Dragon Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan)


In closing, masked wrestling gimmicks have been a part of pro wrestling for years and years. The next time you see a masked wrestler on TV or an indie show…just ask…Who was that masked man?


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