Monday Night Wars: 4 January 1999

Monday Night War

Craig Wilson 

‘Monday Night Wars’ continues with the episode of Raw from 4 January 1999. It’s the first broadcast of Raw from ’99 – although taped in ’98 – and it’s a bit memorable…

All this and more as Monday Night Wars continues…



We start with highlights from last week of Vince McMahon firing Shawn Michaels as Commissioner and Michaels subsequently hitting Sweet Chin Music on Vince. Vince and the Corporation made their way to the ring as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduced themselves. Vince told the crowd Michaels wouldn’t be appearing, but Michaels’s music played. He came out onto the rampway and said, “The sheriff is back in town and this time I brought the cavalry with me.” DX’s music began playing as they made their way out. Michaels brought up the fact that Vince said Michaels would be a commissioner that would answer to no one. HBK informed Vince that his “overpaid” lawyers told him his contract is “iron-clad” and the only way he could leave the WWF is if he resigns. He then explained to Vince that while he has no control over Steve Austin’s entry into the Rumble he did have control over Vince’s and changed his Royal Rumble number from thirty to number two. Michaels then promised Vince another surprise later in the evening.

In the opening bout Steve Blackman faced Ken Shamrock. Early into this one, Dan Severn made his way to ringside in order to distract Shamrock. Whilst the referee was dealing with Severn, Bad Ass Billy Gunn hit the ring and nailed Shamrock with the ‘Fame Asser’ allowing Blackman to pick up the win. When we return from a short break Gunn and Shamrock are brawling in the back.

Mankind came to the ring for a promo. He said his favourite new hobby is beating on the McMahon family and said he wanted to be named number one contender for the WWF title and get a shot at the gold at the Royal Rumble. Vince came out and said Mankind didn’t deserve to be the number one contender. He told him he’d have to face Triple H later in the show with the winner receiving a spot in the Royal Rumble and that Shane McMahon would be special guest referee.

In the next match Mark Henry got a DQ win over Goldust. The finish came when Chyna and her friend made their way out, distracting Henry and allowing Goldust to hit shattered dreams. After the match, Chyna kissed Henry on the cheek. She said that she was worried one woman wasn’t enough for “Sexual Chocolate” so she brought her friend “Sammy”.

The announcers then congratulated Jesse Ventura for officially taking over as the Governor of Minnesota and aired highlights of his inauguration.

A clip then aired of Dennis Knight chained up in a dungeon, it follows his kidnap by the Acolytes last week on Raw.

Test then fought the Godfather to a no contest when Val Venis ran in and brawled with Test.

Triple H then faced Mankind with Shane McMahon as special ref. The finish came when Hunter attempted a sunset flip Mankind, but Mankind grabbed the ropes. Shane kicked his hand off and made a fast count to give Hunter the win. Hunter grabbed the mic and apologised but said “business is business” before hitting Shane with a Pedigree and telling Mankind, “He’s all yours.” Mankind then put Shane in a painful looking submission which forced out Vince and his cronies. Mankind warned them to stay back or he would break Shane’s shoulder. He demanded he get his shot later in the show. Vince agreed and Mankind released Shane.

Singles action next with Edge taking on D-Lo Brown. This was a good little match-up that unfortunately ended in a no contest when PMS came to ringside to confront D-Lo and Terri fell off the steps leaving her crying “My baby.”

When we return from another break Kane’s music played and he came to the ring with Shane, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson. Brisco had placed a home-made sign on Kane’s back that read, “Brisco Bros. Body Shop.” Shane announced that Kane’s opponents would be Brisco and Patterson. Brisco and Patterson freaked before they were destroyed by Kane for, as Vince put it, letting down Shane. Kane went after Shane, but Vince stopped him by saying, “You’ll go back.”

More footage of Knight in the dungeon saying, “Somebody, anybody, please help me.” The Acolytes approached him and began to untie him.

The WWF Hardcore Champion, the Road Dogg, was in action next against Al Snow. Snow came to the ring wearing his blood-soaked shirt, after being attacked by the Brood last week. The pair battled all over the backstage area and finally outside the arena, where it was snowing. Road Dog hit a piledriver on a crate and scored the pin outside.

Footage aired of The Acolytes dragging Knight into a room. They shut the door and stood outside while Knight could be heard screaming from inside.

We see Michaels with DX in the back. HBK said he has a plan for McMahon. Michaels headed out towards his car telling DX he’d be right back. Hunter told the rest of DX, “Maybe”. Outside the arena, Michaels’s keys didn’t work on the car. He went back to knock, but realised he’d been set up.

We return from a break to see Michaels lying on the hood of a car with his face smashed through the glass. Footage of the incident aired and showed the Corporation approaching him but no footage of the actual attack.

Main event time as The Rock defends his title against Mankind in a no-DQ match. The Corporation are at ringside for the Champ while DX are there to even the numbers for Mankind. Amusingly, in the early stages of this one as they battled at ringside, both men took turns giving color commentary while fighting. The Rock hit the People’s Elbow and followed it up by smashing the belt over Mankind’s head but the challenger was able to mount a come back and went for the Mandible Claw. But Shamrock broke it up before he was chased from the ring by Billy Gunn. As the referee was tied up with them, Steve Austin came out to a massive pop, nailed Rock with a chair, and placed Mankind on top of him for the win. Mankind grabbed the mic and said: “At the risk of not sounding very cool, I want to dedicate this match to my two little ones at home. Big Daddio did it!”

Full Results:

* Steve Blackman pinned WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock in a non-title match
* Goldust defeated Mark Henry via disqualification
* The Godfather fought Test to a no contest
* Triple H pinned Mankind
* Edge fought D-Lo Brown to a no contest
* Kane defeated Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco in a handicap match
* WWF Hardcore Champion the Road Dogg pinned Al Snow
* Mankind (w/ Triple H, Billy Gunn, the Road Dogg, X-Pac, & Chyna) pinned WWF World Champion the Rock (w/ Vince & Shane McMahon, Test, WWF Tag Team Champions – WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock & WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Bossman, Test, & Kane) to win the title


One thought on “Monday Night Wars: 4 January 1999

  1. “Fans, we want to let you know that if you’re thinking changing the channel to our competition. We want to tell you that Mick Foley who once wrestled here as Cactus Jack is going to win their world title. Ugh…. that’ll put butts in the seats… ugh”


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