Wrestling With Sin: 7Teen


Brian Damage

This is the seventeenth installment of the ‘Wrestling With Sin‘ series. It is a group of pieces that discusses the sometimes darker, seedier side of pro wrestling. Some of these involves incidents like sex, drugs, assaults even murder. As with every Sin piece, I do NOT condone or condemn the alleged participants involved with these stories.

Slater’s Got A Hater


A warrant has been issued for Heath Miller aka WWE’s Heath Slater stemming from an alleged assault at a Wrestlemania 27 after party in 2011. According to reports, Heath tried luring a female security guard to his Atlanta hotel room during the party. After the guard said no, Heath allegedly put her in a chokehold and tried dragging her into a service elevator. Heath was apparently so forceful…it damaged five vertebrae in her back. The guard allegedly went to hotel management immediately to report the assault, but it took this long for management to sort out the details with law enforcement.

Heath is insisting he is innocent by stating…“The charges and civil suit brought against me are completely frivolous. I am innocent and these charges will be dismissed as soon as any judge hears the evidence. My attorney Don Samuel will handle this matter.”

The WWE has issued a statement themselves…“WWE has been advised that a misdemeanor arrest warrant has been issued against Heath Miller (aka Heath Slater), but we have not seen a copy or been provided with the underlying charges. Once this information is received by WWE, we will take the appropriate action.”

Since these charges have been brought to light…Heath Slater has not been used on camera. His last on camera/in-ring appearance was in late November of this year.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones…But Her Actions Will Really Hurt Me.


Former WWE Diva and current TNA Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell was at one time married to former WWE star Drew Galloway aka Drew McIntyre. In August of 2010, after the couple partied at the infamous Playboy mansion….Taryn Terrell and Drew McIntyre got into a heated argument that allegedly ended when Terrell assaulted her husband. Los Angeles Police were called by the hotel staff and Taryn was arrested. She was released after posting $20,000 in bail money.

Taryn was initially suspended by the WWE for the arrest, but was eventually released from the company entirely after the WWE discovered that she and Drew were photographed at a non PG environment like Hugh Hefner’s mansion. Taryn proceeded to tweet that she would never go back to the WWE by writing…”if I have to sleep with people in power to keep or continue progressing in my job, I’d rather be poor.” These incidents perhaps led to Drew McIntyre being unofficially “punished” by the WWE…who was not released with his wife. The couple would divorce less than a year later.

When Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?


Before NXT transformed into a developmental system for the WWE…it was the name of a reality show on the Scy Fy network. Before season 3 of NXT, the WWE revealed it would feature women wrestlers competing for a WWE contract. One of those women was a 6’9 240 pound giant named ‘Aloisia’ (Real name Lindsay Heyward)


Her mentor or “Pro” for the show was scheduled to be Vickie Guerrero…but before the show premiered….the WWE announced that Aloisia was “fired” by Vickie Guerrero and was being replaced by another potential diva named ‘Kaitlyn’ aka Celeste Bonin.


That was the kayfabe reason for Aloisia’s departure….the WWE’s official reasoning was they felt Heyward was ‘too green’ still. It seemed to make sense, until it was announced that Lindsay was fired from the company. Word then surfaced that the real reason she was removed from the NXT program was because a set of racy pictures emerged of her. Nothing too racy…but just enough scantily clad photos in some erotic positions….


In the whole WWE PG landscape…something like that would certainly be frowned upon….but was it legit? Hardly, if you consider Heyward’s replacement on the show and eventual winner…Kaitlyn also had pre WWE scantily clad pictures taken of her.


Was it a case of selected outrage? Was it because Linday was a “bigger” girl and Celeste Bonin was more Diva-like? Apparently it went a little deeper than that. According to Lindsay Heyward in later interviews…she was released because the WWE felt she had lied to the company. When initially asked by management if there were any nude photos of her floating around the web….Heyward responded no. Lindsay stated if they had asked her if there were any erotic photos of her…she would have stated yes. Semantics I suppose….

Never Bring a Squeegee to a Fist Fight


We are all well aware of the infamous bar fight between Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious that involved chairs and a pair of scissors. It led both med to the hospital with bumps…bruises and multiple stab wounds. That story isn’t quite as funny as the next Sid bar fight story. During a night of boozing in 1991…Sid, Mike Graham and Brian Pillman got into a heated discussion about the validity of smaller wrestlers in the business. The longer the discussion lasted…the more and more heated it got. It eventually led to some pushing and shoving and Sid walking out of the bar.

It seemed like Sid was doing the right thing to let cooler heads prevail…..that wasn’t the case here. Sid returned to the bar and brought a large squeegee with him to use as a weapon on both Graham and Pillman. Not exactly a knife or a pair of scissors and he was subsequently laughed out of the bar in embarrassment.


One thought on “Wrestling With Sin: 7Teen

  1. Goddamn, that’s a massive broad! Never heard of her before. That’s pretty dickish of the wwe to fire somebody in such a hypocritical fashion but I think it was a case of buyers remorse. A chick wrestler the size of the undertaker sounds good on paper, until you realize that a convincing match with another diva is impossible and you can’t do inter-gender angles in the PG realm. On top of that consider the relatively short shelf life and physical limitations of giants. Good idea in theory but not so much in reality. Tough break for the lady though, would’ve been cool to see her demolish a Bella twin.


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