Wrestling With Sin: N9neteen


Brian Damage

This is the nineteenth installment of our ongoing ‘Wrestling With Sin’ series. They are a series of pieces that delve into the darker…sometimes seedier aspects of pro wrestling. Some of the stories in these pieces involve sex, drugs, arrests, assaults and sometimes even murder. As with every piece in the Sin series, I do not condone, nor do I condemn the participants involved.

The Big No

17540 - Big_Show the_giant wcw yelling

In 1998, while still wrestling for WCW….Paul Wight aka The Giant (Later known as the Big Show) was arrested in Memphis, Tennessee after he allegedly exposed his penis to a female hotel employee. The case against Wight was eventually dropped after they found insufficient evidence to move forward.

A Travis-ty Like No Other


Former WWE and TNA wrestler….Travis Tomko was arrested after robbing a pharmacy in Florida in 2011. Tomko walked in to the pharmacy with his hand in his pocket to look like a weapon and demanded all the oxycodone in the vaults. He received three bottles of the pain killing drug and walked out. Tomko took the pills and crushed them so he could inject them directly into his veins. The police located him and was arrested later that day. His lawyer stated his addiction started from years of injuries inside the ring.

After Tomko was released on bail…he voluntarily went into an intensive rehab facility sponsored by the WWE and after completing three months…continued going to an outpatient program for another six months. On a happier note, Travis Tomko says he is 100% clean and started a family and opened up his own fitness center in Florida.

Creative Writhing


It was reported in the Summer of 2004, a newly hired unnamed Hollywood writer joined the WWE creative writing team with the intent to work exclusively with the Divas on the roster. The problem was, almost immediately, this writer allegedly took advantage of his position and began calling the Divas at all hours of the day and night. It would start out talking about ideas related to storylines…but almost always ended up with more casual conversations. Many of the Divas felt it was borderline stalker-ish and complained to upper management and the writer was immediately fired.

Yakety Yak….Don’t Stasiak!


While traveling in Canada for a WWE show in 1999…an incident caused one wrestler to lose his job and was also accused of being a spy. A car full of wrestlers which consisted of Shawn Stasiak aka Meat, Davey Boy Smith and Steve Blackman were apparently lost and looking for the hotel or a place to eat and an argument broke out between Davey Boy and Blackman. Shawn Stasiak recorded the entire conversation on a mini recorder and as Stasiak recalls…it was a rib (joke) on both wrestlers to play back later on.

The problems occurred when he was confronted by Davey Boy who spotted Stasiak recording the conversation and asked him directly if he recorded the incident. Stasiak denied the claim and later, several wrestlers went through Stasiak’s gym bag and discovered that Stasiak recorded a few people’s conversations. Stasiak was suspended and ultimately fired by the WWF. Whether or not if it was true that it was a joke gone bad…Stasiak was in fact rehired by the WWE in 2001. So take that for what it’s worth.

Stings Like A Bee


It was Father’s Day in 2009, at approximately 4am the two sons of ex wrestler Brian Blair…17 year old Brett and 14 year old Bradley entered the family home after being out way past curfew. An argument started and then an all out brawl broke out between Blair and his two teenage sons. According to reports…Brian Blair punched his oldest in the face and placed him in a choke hold. The younger son called police and arrested Brian Blair on charges of child abuse.


Brian Blair tells a little bit of a different story. According to him, his son allegedly hit him or something hit him in the ear, arm and face after the argument. He simply tried to restrain his son in an arm bar…not a choke hold. He does admit he may have struck his son with a punch….but the incident happened so fast..some details might be sketchy.


Blair was eventually released from jail where he issued a statement, “It’s a misunderstanding that could have been prevented. I have over 7,000 hours mentoring children and the last thing I’d ever do is hurt a kid…Sometimes the hardest kids to mentor are you own. I guess that’s all I’ll say for now.” He faced two 3rd degree counts of child abuse…but those charges were eventually dropped.

Date Night with David Letterman


Hulk Hogan recently went of Chris Jericho’s podcast and revealed that he may have been blackballed from ever appearing on David Letterman’s late night talk show. Hulk, who has been a frequent guest of several talk shows throughout his career…has never appeared with David Letterman. The reason he gives transpired in the 1980’s. According to the Hulkster, one night, his then wife Linda told him that she was hit on by David Letterman at a restaurant.


Infuriated by the news, Hulk went to NBC executive Dick Ebersol and told Ebersol that if he was going to find Letterman and he was going to kick his ass. Hulk believes that is why David Letterman has never had Hogan on as a guest in 30 plus years. David Letterman, in the past has had a few pro wrestlers on his show including Andre the Giant and of course Jerry the King Lawler.

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