Wrestling With Sin: 20 Something


Brian Damage

This is the 20th edition of the ongoing ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A series of pieces that delve into the darker…sometimes seedier world of pro wrestling. Some stories deal with sex, drugs, rape, assault and sometimes even murder! As with every installment in the Sin series…I do not condone nor do I condemn any of the alleged participants. I am simply retelling these stories as they were reported, told or otherwise explained.

Straight Double Si!


Before he became Ricardo Rodriguez…the ring announcer extraordinaire to Alberto Del Rio in the WWE…Jesus Rodriguez was trying to make ends meat. (Both literally and figuratively) You see, while Rodriguez was cutting his chops on the independent circuits…he was also moonlighting as a porn extra.



Whether or not Rodriguez would actually go through with an actual sex scene of his own remains unknown….but he did have a couple of quick spots in the porno entitled…”Straight Double D’s” starring the likes of Priya Rai and Diamond Kitty. Notice Rodriguez representing the wrestling world with his NWA pro wrestling T shirt.

Matt Hardy Reaches for The Sky


On New Year’s Day of 2014, Matt Hardy and his new wife…former Playboy Playmate turned wrestler…Reby Sky were arrested after both were involved in a physical altercation with one another at a hotel in Virginia. According to reports, the couple got into an argument after Reby asked Matt if he was drunk or on other drugs. Matt became incensed with the questioning which led to an all out brawl. Another woman staying at the same hotel…called the hotel lobby and said, “I think a man is beating up a woman in the next room.”

Hotel management called police who arrested both Hardy and Sky and assault and battery charges. The two were released on a $3,500 bail and were eventually ordered to take anger management classes and pay court fees. They were also ordered to stay out of trouble for a probationary period of two years.

Sex And The New Jack City


Former WCW and WWE valet Terri Runnels and former ECW wrestler Jerome Young aka New Jack…dated for over a year between 2009 and 2010. After they had a less than amicable split, they both went on the offensive. New Jack went on Facebook and wrote that he had sexually explicit pictures of Terri on his cell phone and was thinking about selling them at an upcoming show. Terri came back with a lawyer and threatened to sue New Jack for trying to sell those pictures. New Jack counter sued claiming that Terri had a sexually transmitted disease and did not inform New Jack and the two had repeated unprotected sex. In the state of Florida that is categorized as a form of assault.

New Jack continued to go on interviews and spill more dirt on his relationship with Terri Runnels. He claimed the two first got together after Terri asked New Jack for a couple of pain killers at an independent show. The two almost immediately became a couple after that. New Jack claims that Terri got a tattoo on the back of her neck…which she made into a tree….but in reality was the veins of New Jack’s penis that she made look like a tree. New Jack says he has the same exact tattoo on his chest.


He also claims the reason they broke up was because he found out Terri was cheating on him with her dentist. Terri did in fact sue for defamation of character…but New Jack responded by saying that you can’t sue for telling the truth. New Jack also has stated he he has since deleted all the explicit pictures of her from his phone.

A Sa-Turn for the Worse


No one doubts that Perry Saturn is a tough guy. Well in 2004, he proved it when he got into an altercation with two men who were allegedly trying to rape a woman. According to Saturn, he fought off the two individuals only to be shot multiple time in the neck and shoulder with a .25 caliber hand gun.

Saturn didn’t realize he was shot initially until he saw all the blood. After the incident, Saturn became addicted to meth to initially dull the pain and as a result eventually became homeless. Happily however, Saturn got himself clean and sober and remarried.

Like Father…Like Son…Like Grandson


It started in 1985, when legendary wrestler/promoter Eddie Graham took his own life with a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. The reasons were never entirely known, but Eddie was suffering badly from alcoholism and made some bad investments that could have possibly landed him in jail. So on the day of the Super Bowl in 1985…the eldest Graham shot and killed himself.


Fast forward to 2010, Eddie’s grandson Steven shot himself in the head and ended his own life. The reasoning behind his suicide was never released to the public. That brings us to Mike Graham…the son of Eddie and the father of Steven…both dead from suicides. According to Mike’s wife…Mike Graham felt extraordinary guilt and responsibility for both deaths. In 2012, after an argument with his wife, Mike went upstairs and shot himself in the head killing himself like his Dad and son before him.


2 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 20 Something

  1. You know, everybody talks about the curse of the Von Erichs, and it is warrented, but less spoken of, but no less impactful is the tragedy of the Grahams. I met Mike Graham in 2007, and you could tell his father’s death still weighed heavily on his mind. His son’s death really had to be the thing that pushed him over the edge. So sad.

    And New Jack? What a piece of shit. There’s no way I’m buying that Runnels gave him a sexually transmitted disease. If anything, it’s the other way around.


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