Wrestling with Sin: The 21st Century


Brian Damage

This is the 21st installment of our ongoing ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A series of pieces that focuses on the darker…sometimes seedier side of professional wrestling. Some stories involve sex, drugs, rape, assault…and sometimes even murder! As with every piece in the Sin series…I do not condone nor do I condemn the alleged participants in these stories.

Hart Strings


Bruce Hart…the 2nd oldest in the famous Hart wrestling family….was a wrestler/booker/trainer in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. When the wrestling business wasn’t necessarily doing well and paying the bills…Bruce would work as a substitute teacher to supplement his income. That is where the 37 year old wrestler met 15 year old student Andrea Redding. The two became romantically involved and eventually married not long after. The Hart family kept the marriage very hush hush, considering the news of a Hart member involved in statutory rape would be costly to their careers and the Calgary Stampede promotion. The two had five kids together in all the years they were married.


The story doesn’t end there…because after Andrea and Bruce filed for divorce…Andrea ended up having an apparent affair with Davey Boy Smith (who was recently divorced from Diana Hart) The former spouses of the Harts got together causing a great deal of tension amongst the family.

The mystery surrounding Chief Don Eagle


“Chief” Don Eagle was a second generation professional wrestler who gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the Canadian territories in the 1950’s and 60’s. He was considered by many as an outstanding technical grappler who wrestled all the biggest names of his generation…including Lou Thesz, Buddy Rogers and Gorgeous George.

After retiring from wrestling in 1963, Don Eagle spent his days training up and coming wrestlers…as well as getting involved in real estate. In 1966, he was found dead with a gun shot wound…Eagle was 41 years old. The initial belief was a suicide…and it was reported at the time that he might have been despondent over some bad real estate deals. Others believed it was something more sinister that occurred.

Two years later, his widow Jean Eagle was found shot dead inside of her burnt car. She was only 28 at the time of her murder. Her murder remains unresolved to this day…but some have speculated that both Don and Jean were killed in a crime of passion from a possible dejected secret lover.

Lou Albano and the Mob


Before he was Captain Lou…manager of several champions and a huge part of the WWF’s Rock N Wrestling revolution….Lou Albano was a wrestler. Back in the 1950’s, he and his tag team partner Tony Altimore formed a team called The Sicilians. The gimmick was a sort of parody of being somehow connected to the Mafia. The duo got the gimmick over…so over it started to make some waves in the real life underworld community.



One of the people it allegedly got the attention of, was Chicago mobster Tony Accardo. Accardo sent some associates to relay a message to Albano and Altimore to tone down the mafia gimmick because it was bringing too much attention to him. Years later, Albano said he never actually came into contact with a member of the mob…but “messages” were sent to the tag team that there were some people not too pleased with their antics. The Sicilians would almost instantly leave the mid west territories and compete on the east coast.

Dr. James and Ms. Laree


Former WWE and TNA wrestler Mickie James is regarded by many as being one of the top female wrestlers in the world. Being a former WWE woman’s and TNA Knockouts champion…it is hard to argue her talent inside the ring. Before her successful pro wrestling career…Mickie James was an aspiring model and actress.


She posed nude several times with spreads in such adult magazine’s like “Leg Show” among others. She did so under the moniker of ‘Alexis Laree.’ For the sake of keeping this piece…’PG,’ I’ll post one of her more timid pics. Google the name Alexis Laree for explicit pics. When Mickie started her pro wrestling career, her name was initially Alexis Laree.

Pacman Vs The Mad Russian


Tom Urbanski was an aspiring professional wrestler in the 1980’s. He wrestled under such gimmicky names as The Mad Russian…The Polish Prince….Crusher Crunchky and The Eliminator. He even competed in a few preliminary matches in the WWF wrestling the likes of the Junkyard Dog, George the Animal Steele and Sgt. Slaughter. He never really had a great career…but at least he could say he wrestled for the WWE at one point.

Adam Jones, Chris Henry

Urbanski would eventually quit wrestling and take a more secure job in Las Vegas as a night club manager. Fast forward to 2007…during the NBA’s All Star Weekend…Urbanski was on duty as manager of a strip club called Minxx. Enter NFL corner back Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones with his entourage. According to sources at the club…Pacman would assault one of the strippers for taking money he felt wasn’t rightfully hers. A fight broke out and Pacman and his entourage were kicked out of the club.


A little while later…an man believed to be a member of the entourage started firing shots…hitting three people including Tom Urbanski. Urbanski was the worst casulty in the incident having a 9 millimeter bullet lodged in his spine. Urbanski is now paralyzed from the waist down.


In a cruel twist of fate….while Pacman Jones was suspended by the NFL for a full year because of his involvement in the incident…he tried his hand at pro wrestling. TNA signed him and he and Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings aka R-Truth won the TNA tag team titles.


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