FACT! We Have Yet Even More Useless Wrestling Info


Brian Damage

Yes…it’s that time again….another piece on absolutely useless but true facts, info and trivia. Some of these factoids you may have already heard about…some you may not have. Either way…it’s all in fun so let’s get it started….


Over a year before Chris Jericho debuted in the WWF…there was another Jericho on their roster…David Jericho aka better known as ‘Kid Kash.’ He was used mainly as enhancement talent to other wrestlers.


Former Intercontinental and tag team champion…Tito Santana was made into a broadcaster for the WWF in 1997. He mainly handled Spanish commentating alongside….Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera.


Ian Hodgkinson aka Vampiro was the bodyguard of the shamed pop group Milli Vanilli before making it as a pro wrestler.


In July of 1992, WCW held a press conference to announce a tournament to crown new NWA tag team champions. If you look closely…at the press conference…..was a WWF microphone.


A week after winning the WCW Hardcore title at WCW’s Sin pay per view as Meng….He would appear the next week at the WWE’s Royal Rumble pay per view as Haku…thus ending the run of that title. As for the title belt itself…Vince McMahon has it displayed a WWE World headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.


WCCW star…the late “Handsome Half Breed” Gino Hernandez was once the real life boyfriend of Charlie’s Angels actress Farrah Fawcett.


Jason Broyles aka EZ Money/Jason Jett holds the distinction of being the only wrestler to wrestle at both ECW and WCW’s final shows. He was also WCW’s very last signing before going under and being bought out by the WWE.


Mark Henry has held 3 championships in his close to 20 year career…the European…the ECW….and the World Heavyweight title. All of those titles are currently decommissioned by the WWE.


Years before the Bunny was a part of Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds”…..he was competing at the 2003 Vengeance pay per view. (At least the costume was…)


Don’t let that marquee fool you…that is BRETT Hart not BRET Hart. The extra T makes all the difference in this match up. In actuality, it was Barry Horowitz who faced Tully Blanchard. Brett Hart was one of Horowitz’s original aliases in pro wrestling and as you can understand….didn’t last too long.


We’ve all heard of award winning singer Iggy Azalea. She has seemingly burst onto the music scene in recent years. Did you know that Azalea’s debut album entitled, ‘The New Classics’ sold 52,000 copies in its first week of sales? In turn, John Cena’s debut rap album entitled, ‘You Can’t See Me’ sold over 143,000 copies in its first week of sales. Hmmmm?


While holding the tag team championship in the AWA…Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom wrestled for the rival WCW under masks as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew II. The reasoning for the masks was to prevent fans from recognizing them and avoiding a lawsuit from the AWA.


Before Beulah McGillicutty was an ECW valet for the likes of Raven and Tommy Dreamer….she was a back-up dancer for the singer Prince.


We all know that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson appeared on a 1999 episode of the sitcom That 70’s Show. Also on that episode was Ken Shamrock and The Hardy Boyz.


The Blue Blood’s were a tag team in WCW that consisted of Lord Steven Regal and Earl Robert Eaton. Before that team came together…the original Blue Bloods were Regal and Jean Paul Levesque. The team didn’t last long because Levesque jumped ship to the WWF and became Triple H.

Former WWE champion Dave Bautista has been cast in the new James Bond movie entitled, ‘Spectre.’ Believe it or not, the WWE has some “loose” ties to the James Bond series. What do I mean? Just see for yourself….

Baron Samedi: Live and Let Die


Oddjob: Goldfinger



There would be no Lana in the WWE…or at least probably not…if she wasn’t discovered on TV in the stands at a Florida State Seminole football game….


Memphis wrestling legend…”The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol was offered a deal to join the WWF in the 1980’s but turned Vince McMahon down because of his fear of flying. Idol along with 3 other wrestlers were involved in a plane crash that killed one of them. (Bobby Shane) Idol remained in the Memphis territory for the rest of his career.


In the 4 years of the WWF Hardcore title’s existence from 1998 to 2002….there have been 234 champions. Starting with Mankind and ending with Rob Van Dam.


Alberto El Patron is the only wrestler to win both the CMLL and AAA titles….two of the most prestigious titles in Mexico. Also, El Patron along with Vader and Lou Thesz are the only wrestlers to hold world titles in both the United States and Mexico.


Bull Nakano has won world titles in Japan (All Japan) Mexico (CMLL) and the U.S. (WWF)


The WCW world title used for the Lex Luger/Barry Windham match at Great American Bash ’91…was the same title used for Dusty Rhodes old PWF promotion in Florida back in 1989. The reason this belt was used was because the traditional “Big Gold Belt” was in the possession of Ric Flair. (Who went to the WWF) Since there wasn’t enough time to create a new belt…Dusty brought in his PWF belt to be temporarily used.


Before Kia Stevens became Awesome Kong in TNA…Dwayne McCollough was Awesome Kong for WCW amongst other places….


Finally, in 1996, the WWF had the “brilliant” idea to create a new Razor Ramon and Diesel after Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left to join WCW and form the nWo. The gimmick was suppose to counteract the success of Hall, Nash and the nWo. Ironically, the man who portrayed the Fake Razor Ramon would leave the WWF himself and join the nWo faction in Japan as “Rick Titan.”


5 thoughts on “FACT! We Have Yet Even More Useless Wrestling Info

  1. Not only was Papa Shango modeled after the Bond character Baron Samedi,but Charles Wright had used the name Baron Samedi as part of a different gimmick prior to joining the WWF.


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  4. I’m not really seeing the correlation between Iggy Azalea and John Cena, especially since she’s described as an award winning SINGER (which she isn’t but she may as well be). If it’s because they’re both fake rappers, it makes more sense.


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