Sunday Sermon: Looking ahead to Wrestlemania 31
Craig Wilson, Brian Damage,  Jamie Lithgow and Kenneth Richardson 

With the card for Wrestlemania 31 starting to take shape, in today’s Sunday Sermon the team discuss what is likely to feature on the show and what should feature. Leave your comments on our thoughts as well as what you would like to see in the comments section. 

Craig: So I go on holiday for a week and when I return it already seems like the WWE are losing a bit of faith in Reigns and want to cover their backs, like last year, by potentially throwing Daniel Bryan into the mix for Wrestlemania.

More surprisingly, with only a few months to go the entire card seems up in the air. I guess the face to face confrontation between Triple H and Sting will lead to a ‘mania match and I think we can all safely assume that John Cena versus Rusev is all go. But beyond that, it’s tough to really work things out.

So, what do you want to see and what are your thoughts on Bryan potentially being in the Wrestlemania main event.

Brian: Is Daniel Bryan really going to the main event of Wrestlemania? I’m not 100% convinced yet…this could be just another swerve by McMahon to get fans to think one thing…but continue to do what he wanted all along. A victory by Reigns over D-Bry…could be his way of justifying that Roman belongs in the main event for Mania….

It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that Bray Wyatt will face the Undertaker. I could be wrong, but Bray keeps on calling himself…”The new face of fear.” They are building him up as a monster heel…which is a good thing really.

Jamie: … either that, or Wyatt is going to fight The Barbarian…

Rusev v Cena is booked for Fastlane, but a gimmick rematch or even a tag match (possibly including The Rock – who got in Rusev’s face a while back) could be worth a shout. Wonder if Nikolai Volkoff is still alive, to partner Rusev?

As for the main event, I honestly don’t know. It’s good that WWE can change route and add twists and turns based on what fans react to. On the other hand, they are reacting far too late to something that even we predicted . I want to see Bryan v Lesnar, but that would be way harsh on Reigns. Another triple threat main event for Wrestlemania then?

Another match for you – The Miz v Damien Mizdow? If WWE have been reactive in their booking of the title picture, this is classic proactive booking. The moment “we want Mizdow” chants became audible is the moment the seeds were sown.

Craig: Nikolai Volkoff was backstage at Rumble and had been penciled in as a surprise entrant.

I guess if Reigns does beat Bryan it would cement that place to a certain extent. It’s not, however, going to win over the IWC. It’s still too soon to tell how much of an impact, if any, #cancelwwenetwork actually had.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rusev and Cena fought in a tag match though. Not too many obvious candidates to pair up with Rusev. Cena with The Rock would make that one of the main events surely?

Wyatt v Undertaker? I think so too. Goes a long way to explain why they booked Wyatt to look so strong at the Rumble. How do they set that up though?

Brian: Well, the way they are playing it now with Wyatt calling himself the new face of fear and calling out “someone” to show their face is a start. Wyatt is in a way…the Undertaker’s heir apparent.

What about Stardust vs Goldust…this has been sort of a “dream match” for a long while now. It looks like it’ll finally happen and I’m kinda stoked about that. Cody needs a solid singles push.


But yeah, that’s surely making it onto the card. And thus, Dusty Rhodes may make it onto the card too.

Any thoughts on a tag team match? The Usos need someone to fight…

Craig: The Ascension?

Brian: I was thinking the Ascension…but it looks like the Brass Ring Club aka Tyson Kidd and Cesaro might get first dibs at Mania. A Divas match that I would love to see is Paige vs Natalya…..two girls who can really work a great match.

Kenneth: If they give them time to work…

Brian: Good point Kenneth….usually the Divas match is used to bring the crowd down as to not burn them out…so I see a solid 10-15 minute match perhaps.

Craig: The issue is it’s 10-15 minutes of Wrestlemania time being used to promote a storyline in Total Divas. Still, that’s better than a Kid Rock concert eh? I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Charlotte on the roster before then. I hope they don’t just throw them all into a big tag match or a battle royal though.

Anyway, in terms of a Wrestlemania card, so far we have:

Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns and maybe Daniel Bryan
Triple H v Sting
Bray Wyatt v The Undertaker
John Cena v Rusev in either a singles match or as a tag
The Usos v The Ascension
Maybe Stardust v Goldust
The Miz v Mizdow
Paige v Natalya

What do we think of that as a line-up? That’s certainly a pretty solid card. If Bryan doesn’t make the main event I’d like to see him face Dolph Ziggler. Also, where does Bad News Barrett fit in?

Jamie: Seth Rollins still needs a match – assuming he’s not still hiding in shame by that point. A returning Randy Orton would make sense as his opponent. Some interesting barbs could be thrown at each other in those promo segments. We still need to factor in the Barret/Ambrose feud, Sheamus appears to be getting some build for his return and that battle royal thing will likely happen. At this rate the pre-show will be just as stacked as the actual PPV.

Craig: I think Barrett and Ambrose would work a very interesting programme, which I’d definitely want to see. Orton v Rollins is a definite too. What to do with Sheamus generally, is a bit of a problem. He’s a very bland babyface that’s for sure.

Brian: I’d bet my last dollar that Sheamus is turning heel. I think before he got hurt…plans were for Sheamus to turn heel on Team Cena at Survivor Series and not the Big Show. (Just a guess) I think if they do another Andre Memorial Battle Royal….Sheamus will be your winner.

Jamie: That would make sense. He has no heat with anyone, WWE would need to create a match for him at the expense of a feud already in progress. It’s also about time he turned heel, or did something different at least. Craig’s exactly right, he’s the least entertaining Irish stereotype I’ve ever seen.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Looking ahead to Wrestlemania 31

  1. I know undertaker’s decision to return impacts Orton, Rollins and Wyatt.
    Plan A) Wyatt vs Taker,Orton vs Rollins. Plan B) Wyatt vs Orton and Rollins gets inserted into title picture, Fatal 4 Way Rollins vs Bryan vs Reigns vs Lesnar


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