Icons of Wrestling #18 – Moppy

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Height: Half that of a regular mop
Weight: Surprisingly heavy
Glory Days: The unforgettable Summer of 2001
Fun Fact: Despite being a mop, Moppy was not a virgin. See Perry Saturn shoot interviews for further details…

A standard issue ‘Icon of Wrestling’ is usually a gimmick or performer that sucked beyond belief and in no way, shape or form got over with fans. Today, however, I present the exception to the rule; Moppy Q. McMopperson, or simply ‘Moppy’.

Moppy made her debut on June 19th 2001 episode of Smackdown, interfering in a Hardcore Championship match on Perry Saturn’s behalf. Unfortunately, Moppy’s assistance backfired and she was kicked into Saturn’s face, allowing the champion, Test, to retain his title. It was during this altercation that Moppy sustained a career ending injury. Snapped in half, Moppy was left no longer able to fulfil the janitorial duties of a full sized mop. Thankfully her knight in shining armour was at hand. Despite costing him the match – and Hardcore Championship – Saturn took an immediate shine to the stricken mop. Carrying her to the back, Saturn ignored his manager and girlfriend – Terri Runnels – in favour of caring for a stick with a wig.

Date night with Saturn and Moppy

Date night with Saturn and Moppy

Over the next several weeks Saturn and Moppy became inseparable, so much so that Terri became jealous and issued Saturn with an ultimatum; it was either her or the mop. Saturn – whose gimmick was that he was fucked up from so many blows to the head – chose the mop. This, along with Moppy and Saturn’s surge in popularity, resulted in a babyface run. Subsequently Saturn would feud with Terri’s new man; Raven.

By this point Moppy and Saturn’s relationship appeared to have escalated beyond the ‘just friends’ phase; the pair were besotted with each other. Moppy would even assist in Saturn’s matches by attacking his opponents, and usually no-selling any offense received.

However, tragedy struck in September when Moppy was mop-napped. After an extensive mop hunt, Raven and Terri revealed themselves to be behind this heinous crime on the September 17th episode of Raw. Addressing Saturn via the Titantron, Raven murdered Moppy by pushing her into a woodchipper. Although Saturn was able to exact revenge six days later at Unforgiven, a gaping mop-shaped hole was left in his, and of all of our, lives due to the actions of Raven and Terri Runnels.


June 19 2001 – September 17 2001

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4 thoughts on “Icons of Wrestling #18 – Moppy

    • Moppy. I can’t see any way that Pepe would not injure himself fetching that stick!

      As for the Moppy gimmick… all Vince’s idea. Saturn has said that he was so out of it on drugs at that time that the only contribution he made to the angle was the woodchipper idea. The chain of events that led to Moppy are as follows…

      – Saturn legitimately destroys Mike Bell in a match taped for Velocity after the jobber accidentally dropped Saturn on his head.
      – Saturn (and Dean Malenko) lose clean to the APA on Raw the next week. Towards the end of this match Saturn takes some hard hits, including two brutal powerbombs from Bradshaw.
      – Saturn also received some blows to the head in a match against Raven. Although there is no hint of a shoot in this match, it’s all kayfabe.
      – Saturn then begins to show signs of concussion.
      – His “you’re welcome” catchphrase and Moppy are additions to Saturn’s gimmick of a guy fucked up from head trauma.

      So, Saturn takes some stiff shots from the APA just days after shooting on a jobber himself. Shortly after that he becomes romantically involved with a mop. Was Moppy a punishment for Saturn? I’ll leave that up to you…


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