Top Five Worst Wrestlemania Moments

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow & Kenneth Richardson

With the countdown well and truly on to Wrestlemania, it’s time we dedicatd more Top Fives to the event. In this one we look at some of the worst moments from the show’s history. So join Craig, Brian, Jamie and Kenneth as they list their Top Five worst Wrestlemania moments.

As ever, leave your lists in the comments section.


5. Vince McMahon vs Bret Hart.

This was ten years in the making. Since November 1997, wrestling fans had waited to see Hart and McMahon square off in the ring. But what a damp squib. Hart won, but it was a woeful match and McMahon didn’t get the sort of beating many fans wanted us to see.

4. Wrestlemania XXV

Kid Rock gets ten minutes to play songs, a time that could have gone to a Miz v John Morrison match which would certainly have been much better. Bar the Jeff Hardy v Matt Hardy and obviously HBK v The Undertaker, is very shy, this is a poor card. The 25 woman divas battle royal is a mess and, bar a few exceptions, the card looked very familiar to Wrestlemania XXIV

3. Giant Gonzales vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania IX

Many of Taker’s early streak matches could really feature but this one is particularly bad. A slow lumbering Gonzales certainly didn’t bring much to this match although I doubt many superstars could carry him to a classic encounter. There weren’t many (good) memorable moments from Wrestlemania 9, togas aside, but this is one of the bleakest.

2. Diesel leaves Wrestlemania XI as champion

Ah, what could have been. On the back of Michaels winning the 1995 Royal Rumble the fans were starting to take to him while in Diesel the company had a champion with the size McMahon liked but with none of the buying power the promotion needed. The wheels soon began to fall off the Diesel wagon but the company persisted, wrongly, with Diesel and had him leave as champion.

1. Mr. T v Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania 2

Mr. T’s involvement in the inaugural Wrestlemania was done perfectly. He was a crucial part in getting cross over appeal that the company needed and his limited in-ring time hide those weaknesses. Fast forward a year and we are “treated” to a 13 minute boxing match that ended in a DQ finish. Time well spent…


5. Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar

Two stars ready to call it quits after Mania and the fans let them know about it…the entire match. The match itself was clunky and sloppy and had no rhythm to it. It was painfully obvious that the fans berating chants were getting to both Goldberg and Lesnar. It was indeed cringe worthy.

King Kong Bundy4. King Kong Bundy and the Little People

From main eventing Wrestlemania 2 to a comedy match in Wrestlemania 3. Bundy had perhaps the biggest drop off of any superstar in Wrestlemania history.

3. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos Vs Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix was being booked as a legit bad ass diva in a division that desperately needed one. It wasn’t bad enough that she was wasted in a meaningless tag team match….but it allowed wrestling fan/entertainment reporter Maria Menounos to go over.

2. John Cena rap battle with a cardboard cut out

This was intended to be a legitimate battle between Cena and rappers Jay Z and Fabolous. For whatever reason the two rappers no showed Wrestlemania and it left John Cena rapping by himself against a cardboard cut out of Jay Z.

1. Wrestlemania 9

If I had one show to pick that was pretty bad from top to bottom…it would most likely be this Wrestlemania card. The only highlight that I personally truly enjoyed was the two Doinks appearing. Other than that….a very forgettable Mania.


5. Machine Gun Kelly – Wrestlemania XXVIII

Other than the singing of ‘America The Beautiful’, musical performances at Wrestlemania can be placed in one of two categories; really good or really shit. For every Motorhead playing Triple H to the ring there’s a Machine Gun Kelly, wasting everybody’s time. I still have no clue who this guy is or was, other than someone afforded upwards of seven minutes on a show which saw the World Heavyweight Champion squashed in 18 seconds. Fair play if it was Beyonce or fucking…. Elvis, but who the fuck is Machine Gun Kelly?!

4. Hangin’ With The Bossman – Wrestlemania XV

The Undertaker – with help from The Brood – hanged The Bossman from the roof of the cell in probably the worst Hell In A Cell Match ever. I love that The Bossman was back on TV a few days later with no explanation as to how he survived a hanging…

Roddy Piper3. Roddy Piper’s Body Paint – Wrestlemania VI

I’m not accusing Piper of being racist, in fact everything I’ve heard Piper say in regards to this stunt would suggest that he is far from such a thing. However, this whole angle – and feud in general – was centred around the colour of Bad News Brown’s skin, which just isn’t cool.

2. Big Show vs. Akebono – Wrestlemania XXI

Remember Show’s mini-feud and subsequent match with Floyd Mayweather Jr? It was great fun. Well, a couple of years before that the big man had a sumo match with a guy very few fans had even heard of. I still can’t figure out what the point of this match was…

1. Bret Hart vs. Mr McMahon – Wrestlemania XXVI

Man, was this crap or what?! With Hart and McMahon making amends, it was inevitable that an angle would run where Hart would exact revenge for the Montreal Screwjob. Sounds logical, and something fans had been waiting for years to see. That said, most of us would have been happy just to see Hart land a few punches square on Vince’s chin. What we got, on the other hand, was a barely mobile Hart repeatedly striking McMahon with a chair for eleven uncomfortable minutes.


5. Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon

Wow has this match anti climactic. Bret hart was barely mobile after a stroke and Vince was in his late 60’s. I hope whoever’s idea that was got fired.

4. Any musical guest not involved with a wrestlers entrance and not singing America the Beautiful.

They’re always a bad idea…just stop.

3. Celebrity matches where the celebrity goes over.

See above.

2. Lesnar vs Goldberg

This is the prime example of how bad matches happen. Two guys who don’t care anymore and are ready to leave just dialing it in. Good thing Chris Benoit who that night.

1. Wrestlemania 9

The less said about this the better. There has not been any wrestlemania before or since that has had as bad as a card as this.

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3 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Wrestlemania Moments

  1. For me so far….

    1. Cunt Hogan winning the WWE title at WrestleMania IX
    2. Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania XXVII
    3. Divas Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV & Kid Cocksucker’s performance
    4. Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg at WrestleMania XX
    5. Limp Bizkit at WrestleMania XIX (I fucking hate those guys)

    Dis-honorable mentions: Big Show vs. Akebono (WrestleMania XXI), the staging of WrestleMania IX including JR in a fuckin’ toga, John Cena rapping and his intro at WrestleMania XXII, and Botch-Marie at WrestleMania XXX.


  2. I was at the Garden for the Lesnar-Goldberg bout, the last WWE card I attended and the last WWE pay-per-view I purchased…wonder why?


  3. I just looked at the Wikipedia page about Wrestlemania XXV. They used AC/DC for the main theme. Why wouldn’t you book AC/DC to play for ten minutes!?!?! Everyone likes at least one AC/DC song!!! I don’t know one person that enjoys Kid Rock!!! I hate kid rock!!! Same goes for limp bizkit! That sucked monkey nuts, but what do you expect? Wrestlemania is basically the superbowl of wrestling and look at all of the amazing acts they trot out for football fans to enjoy. Garbage. Hulk Hogan winning the title at WM IX was an abominable abortion. Cheers boys, keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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