Sunday Sermon: Pushing The Reset Button After Wrestlemania

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage & Jamie Lithgow

If you think of Wrestlemania as the end of the WWE season, after the event is the perfect time to push the reset button: on storylines and in terms of the talent. The team share their ideas in today’s Sunday Sermon.

Craig: I’ve an obvious one to start with, stop having champions lose non-title matches on TV. As we head towards Wrestlemania 31 we have an Intercontinental Champion that doesn’t just lose matches but he is struggling to stop other performers running off with his title.

Both things just kick the legs out from under Barrett. The booking stuff really does my head in. “It’s to make the challenger look like he can win” but completely ignores the fact that it makes the champion look weak and as a result both superstars suffer. If the challenger wins it’s less important as he’s already proved he can beat the champ.

I’d also like to see more tournaments. NXT use them to create number one contenders for the gold yet on all the main WWE programming all it takes is to cut a promo on a champion to earn a shot at their gold. It would give some performers something good to do but would also make for some more meaningful matches for Raw and Smackdown.

What about you guys? What would you like to see change and how?

Brian: Truthfully, I want to see some new guys start to step up and elevate themselves to a new level. John Cena isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon….but that doesn’t mean the talent roster should just be satisfied with being on the mid card. Competition always fuels people to go above and beyond. Hulk Hogan had Randy Savage….Steve Austin had the Rock…these guys pushed each other to go that extra mile. John Cena really doesn’t have that person….yet.

Jamie: Is it just me, or have WWE ever so subtly started reinforcing the rules recently? This is probably a product of emphasis being placed on mid-card titles at the moment, but there seems to be an order to proceedings. Cena is not entitled to a US Title rematch, The Usos will need to work for another Tag Title shot and everyone is making a claim for the IC Title. One feeds the other here. More interest in mid-card titles requires a pecking order. I’d love this continue, but I have my doubts when the big title goes on someone who will show up every week.

Craig: It’s not just you, I’d noticed that too. It’s a welcome thing. I think there’s a natural progression from what you talk about, Jamie, to the WWE saying that John Cena and The Usos would have to win a tournament to earn another shot at the US and tag titles respectively.

I’d like to see managers having a stable of performers. With rumours over the impending signing of Samoa Joe, I think he’d be a perfect Heyman guy. Right now I’m watching the 1989 SummerSlam and ahead of Ravishing Rick Rude defending the IC title against Warrior, a series of Heenan’s charges – including Haku and Andre the Giant – all tried to take out the Warrior.

If Lesnar stays WWE champ, with current contract, why not have whoever the WWE are pushing into the title picture face the likes of Samoa Joe or whoever are Heyman guys. It’s at least different.

Jamie: I’d like to see that done properly too. The stuff with Curtis Axel, Cesaro and Ryback as ‘Heyman Guys’ was just so half-arsed. Rather than being in Heyman’s stable along with Lesnar, these were just guys that Heyman also managed. A proper ‘Heyman Family’ with Brock as the centrepiece – like Andre The Giant was for The Heenan Family – would work for me.

I alluded to there being more order to the mid-card and thus more structure, and dare I say ‘rules’ being enforced. Well, on that note, I’d like to see the rules being alluded to more during matches. As it stands a heel – the natural rule breaker – cannot get over by simply breaking the rules, because nobody really knows what the rules are these days. For example, Roman Reigns blatantly uses a closed fist as a signature move, thus a dirty tactic used by heels in the past is erased. Even minor things like heels using the ropes for leverage and heel tag teams not bothering to tag in and out when the ref’s back is turned have been all but eradicated. Bring back the rules, so the bad guys can break them.

Craig: I agree with that. Great way of getting heat for heels too.

What about divas? There seems to be a bit of a movement for the main roster female wrestlers to get similar amount of in-ring time as the NXT ones. It makes sense. The best wrestling storytellers would struggle to get something across in the few minutes the divas currently get. If it doesn’t work out then at least it’s been tried. Right?

Brian: I absolutely agree with that statement. There are many Divas on the main roster who could really tear the house down wrestling wise if given time. I can think of Natalya, Paige, AJ, Emma and even Alicia Foxxx that have the ability to actually wrestle. They need to be given that chance to shine. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Total Divas is ruining the division. The show may be entertaining….but it devalues what some of these women can actually do.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Pushing The Reset Button After Wrestlemania

  1. They should bring in the “Ding Dongs” and make them a monster heel team,using that bell to bust open their opponent or anyone who laughs at them.

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  2. If I was to start the season after WrestleMania. I’d have Raw open with Vince and Triple H where the former is carrying the WWE title he announced that Brock Lesnar has walked out of the company and thus has left the WWE without a champion. He buries Lesnar for not being a team player and for not doing what is best for business. In response to the fact that there is no WWE champion, a 64-man tournament will be held for the next several months where the finals will be held at SummerSlam. The top 4 seeds for the tournament will be…. (to no one’s surprise) John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. The participants wouldn’t just consist of many WWE superstars but also NXT superstars as the names are announced but one is missing… Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan gets pissed off as he confronts both Vince and Triple H as he gets into Vince’s face and calls him an out of touch old fart who doesn’t know shit as the breaking point is where Bryan talks about Vince’s father and says that if Vince Sr. was alive, he would be ashamed of his son for ruining the WWE and making professional wrestling a dirty word. This would set Vince off as he fires Daniel Bryan from the WWE as Bryan kicks Triple H in his head and then puts on a submission hold on Vince as he is pulled out. Daniel then screams “I’ll be back! I promise you! I will be back and destroy you Vince you stupid old fuck” as it would start the seeds of an anti-sports entertainment faction storyline.


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