Wrestling With Sin: 25 Cents


Brian Damage

This is the 25th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A series of pieces that delves into the sometimes darker, seedier behind the scenes world of professional wrestling. Some stories involve arrests, drugs, sex and sometimes even murder! As with every story in the Sin series…I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants….

Rollins the Dice


While it isn’t uncommon for couples to swap sexy pics of each other through a cellphone….it is a bit awkward when those pics make the internet without your knowledge. Especially, when one of the participants is engaged to another woman.


This the tale of WWE superstar Seth Rollins who had his twitter account hacked and a nude photo of NXT trainee Zahra Schreiber posted on it. A little while Seth Rollins junk was plastered all over Twitter.


If you put the pieces altogether….it appears that Seth was playing his fiancee Leighla dirty with Zahra and got caught by her. In an act of retaliation…Leighla then posted the pics of both Seth and Zahra for all to see. Luckily for Seth and Zahra…they were given a slap on the wrist by the ‘PG’ squeaky clean WWE and no punishment was doled out. If I were a betting man however, while Seth is safe…Zahra may be skating on thin ice considering her young status with the company.


Granted, it is just a guess…but from looking at a recent pic after the scandal broke….Zahra doesn’t exactly look too thrilled. We’ll continue to see how this plays out.

Sonny Oh-Noo!


What does it take to get a loyal employee to sue you for millions of dollars? Get rid of him. Well, it isn’t all that simple but for years, Sonny Onoo was a loyal WCW employee. A manager of various international talents…a WCW liaison for New Japan Pro Wrestling and somebody who worked in merchandising. Then one day…after signing a new 2 year contract with the company…Onoo was fired.

It was at that moment that Onoo decided to take action and along with a few other minority wrestlers….filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against WCW and its parent company Time Warner. According to Onoo, he along with several Japanese, black and Mexican wrestlers were treated differently from white wrestlers. Merchandise and signing appearances were few and far between. His salary was $160,000 per year…yet white talent were making double if not triple what Onoo was making.


Vince Russo who was the head writer at the time…made his opinions public on a WCW internet show that he had no use for Japanese wrestlers and luchadors. Those comments were then used against WCW in the eventual lawsuit. While details of the financials were never made public…Sonny Onoo and the others involved in the discriminatory lawsuit settled out of court.

Sunny’s Darling


This is not your typical love story…then again I don’t know if “love” can be used anywhere in this story. It involves former WWE diva and Hall of Famer Sunny aka Tamara Lynn Sytch and her former boyfriend…independent wrestler Damien Darling. Their tumultuous relationship led to accusations of sexual abuse, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, stalking, sexually transmitted diseases and Tammy being arrested a total of 6 times! Oh yeah…there was a marriage proposal in there too.

Tammy accused Damien of physical and sexual abuse that led to her getting a couple of broken ribs and numerous bruises. She also claimed that Damien gave her an STD which led to her developing cervical cancer. (Which she beat!) Damien has claimed that Tammy went to the hospital and they found no broken bones or any indications of a sexual assault. As for Tammy’s six arrests, Damien says she kept on violating a court ordered restraining order. The last arrest stemmed from Tammy breaking into Darling’s apartment and passing out drunk. Tammy on the other hand says, the court allowed her to talk with Darling to patch things up.


There are those that believe Damien used Tammy’s fame to try and further his wrestling career. Damien for the most part has taken the high road in being too critical of Tammy…but says that she really needs help. Tammy did agree to go to rehab sponsored by the WWE and says she has no regrets about going to jail…citing it as a learning experience.

Corporal Punishment


Back in the 1980’s, Corporal Kirchner was the new face of WWF patriotism taking the place of Sgt. Slaughter. His WWF career didn’t last too long because he tested positive for recreational drugs and was suspended by Vince McMahon for six weeks. After his suspension was over…Kirchner decided to quit the WWF instead of returning.

While wrestling in Japan as the character “Leatherface,” he was arrested and jailed for four months and fined ten thousand dollars after punching someone outside on the streets of Tokyo. According to Kirchner, a group of wrestlers were out on the town and started hitting on a man’s girlfriend. When the man confronted the wrestlers as being disrespectful…Kirchner shoved him to the side. The man continued going after Kirchner and that is when Kirchner turned around and knocked the man unconscious. He was later arrested and fined for the assault.


One thought on “Wrestling With Sin: 25 Cents

  1. I recall either reading about or watching a shoot where they mentioned Corporal Kirchner…maybe it was “Have a nice day” by Mick Foley…whatever. They mentioned how dangerous this guy was in FMW, if I recall his opponent did something not to his liking, so he broke off a piece of a bed of nails and attempted to stomp it into his opponents neck. I believe this was in a tag match when he was teamed up with the other superleather they made whilst he was in jail. From what I understand the 2nd superleather was much easier to work with. Oh that goofy superleather swinging his iron toothbrush haha


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