The Road is Jericho – Epic Stories & Rare Matches DVD Review

Chris Jericho

Craig Wilson

The new Chris Jericho DVD set is out now in America and hits the stores this side of the pond on Monday. Today on the blog Craig reviews ‘The Road is Jericho – Epic Stories & Rare Matches DVD’, which features more than 20 of Jericho’s matches.

There’s no shortage of Chris Jericho sets and it doesn’t seem like all that long ago that we last got a DVD set celebrating the career of Y2J. But, considering the wealth of matches of his the WWE has at its disposal, you can hardly blame them for putting out a set such as this one.

When you add in the strength of his in-ring work, there was every reason for me to be looking forward to this as I started the 20 match compilation – 24 if you have BluRay.

In a similar way to Shawn Michaels’ Mr Wrestlemania boxset, the pre-match remarks are very interesting indeed. But this set, as opposed to Michaels, as the advantage of having less commonly viewed matches with the bulk of the content coming from TV shows rather than, in Michaels’ case, Wrestlemania.

One drawback is certainly the lack of non-WWE match-ups present on this set. We get one ECW match, his TV title win against PitBull #2 and two WCW matches – bouts against El Ultimo Dragon and Dean Malenko. That said, the ECW is at least of significance being the first time he won a title in one of the big three in America. As for the WCW matches, they aren’t bad it’s just there are better ones against those two opponents out there.

Much as he does in his books, Jericho is very open about his early struggles adapting to the “WWE style” and uses this set to again thank X-Pac for his help in getting him there with their match at No Mercy 2000 shown. The rest of disc one features matches ranging from taking on Kane at Armageddon 2000 through Raw matches against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T.

Disc 2 starts with a treat for UK fans with the Rebellion 2001 match against Kurt Angle featured before we head to  the 2002 Royal Rumble for his win over The Rock. A Smackdown match against Triple H, after a George Harrison reference, is also included due to it being the only time he beat him which allows Jericho to touch on his relationship with Triple H. After bouts against Jeff Hardy and Edge, the disc concludes with the excellent Last Man Standing match against Shawn Michaels from the Raw in London from November 2008.

On to disc 3 and it starts with a bang with the excellent Raw dark match streetfight with John Cena and a discussion that both men enjoy working a dark match. The title versus mask match against Rey Mysterio is entertaining but perhaps a decade earlier it would have been a stand-out encounter rather than just the fun match it ended up being. We also get a talent heavy 3-way tag match from MSG that what it lacks in match quality is almost certainly made up for in terms of the talent as Jeri-Show battles Cena and The Undertaker as well as D-X. Then comes Jericho’s two year break before his return and feud with CM Punk, with the Extreme Rules 2012 match featured here rather than the Wrestlemania title bout.

A 2013 Raw match against Rob Van Dam is also included which, much like the title v mask match with Rey, came a decade late for both superstars. In what is perhaps one of the best matches on the entire set, Jericho battles Bray Wyatt within the confines of a steel cage before the set winds-up with his Night Of Champions 2014 match against Randy Orton, ending the set on a high.

The BluRay set features four exclusive matches, and accompanying comments from Jericho. A ladder match from 2004’s Unforgiven against Christian, a June 2009 Raw match against Rey Misterio, the 2010 Fatal Four Way bout with Evan Bourne and, finally, the Payback 2013 encounter with CM Punk.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable set from the WWE, which should come as no surprise, with strong matches featured. The fact that we get a variety of opponents helps as it keeps things fresh throughout. The fact that less seen matches are accompanied by sometimes very candid remarks from Jericho, makes this set stand out. This is a perfect highlight reel for the man behind the Highlight Reel.

Thanks to and for providing our review copy. The Road is Jericho – Epic Stories & Rare Matches from Y2J is available DVD & Blu-Ray now in the USA and from Monday 16 March 2015 in the UK. You can pre-order your copy from now here.


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