Wrestling With Sin: Twenty 6


Brian Damage

This is the 26th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A series of pieces that delve into the behind the scenes scandals, controversies and urban legends. The stories within these pieces often take a darker tone. Some of these stories involve sex, drugs, arrests and sometimes even murder! As with every piece in the Sin series…I do not condone nor do I condemn the alleged participants.

Brutus Beefcake Pays A Toll


In 2004, after most of his big wrestling opportunities dried up…Ed Leslie aka Brutus Beefcake went to work for the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) as a toll booth clerk. Life became much more of a struggle for Leslie..who went from wrestling in front of 93,000 at Wrestlemania 3 to collecting tokens in Chinatown with hookers and bums all over. He was living in his father in law’s attic with his wife and daughter.

One night after a shift…another tollbooth clerk discovered a white powdery substance on her sweater. There was also a bag of the powdered substance in the booth. Fearing it to be anthrax, police were called and the station was shut down disrupting the entire MBTA system. Leslie would later admit that the baggie was his and according to police…admitted that the substance was cocaine.

Leslie was arrested and then released and immediately entered drug rehab. He was also fired from his MBTA job for violating their drug policy. A few years later, Leslie claimed that the baggie was really filled with crushed aspirin and not cocaine. Whether or not that is the truth, there is no denying the scare that was caused from it.



Back in 1987, very early in Madusa Miceli’s pro wrestling career…she posed for Playboy. The nude pictures were never published because Madusa never signed a release form. The reasoning behind that decision was apparently because she was offered a tour of Japan and the Japanese bookers had very stringent rules on women’s etiquette. So fearing that her big opportunity in Japan would be lost…Madusa never agreed to release the nude pictorial. Somewhere in the Playboy mansion’s archive are risque pictures of Madusa. No word if Madusa will ever agree to signing that release form.

From Rat to Riches


The term used in pro wrestling of a female fan who uses sex to get close with wrestlers is known as a “Ring Rat.” In the mid 1990’s, there was a woman known simply as Miss Patricia who had such a reputation. The difference is, she used it to get work in the business.


According to several wrestlers….Miss Patricia allegedly used her feminine wiles to get work with the USWA and ECW. As the stories of her promiscuity were legendary….she allegedly bedded such names as Raven, Stevie Richards, Jeff Jarrett and others. It apparently got so out of hand, that while working in the USWA…promoters Randy Hales and Jerry Lawler confronted her.

They sat her down and asked her directly how many men did she sleep with in the company. After a few times denying the accusations…Miss Patricia finally admitted to several names. Was it any coincidence that while on tour in Louisville, Kentucky…Miss Patricia was booked to wrestle Ms. Texas aka Jackie Moore?


Ms. Texas was a notoriously stiff worker to begin with and according to some…allegedly beat Miss Patricia to a pulp. The beating was an apparent message from the higher ups that they were not fond of her alleged behavior. After that match, Jerry Jarrett told Miss Patricia to pack her bags, leave the motel and go home to New York. Miss Patricia never returned to the USWA.

Mass Hysteria


In the mid 1990’s…a young wrestler nicknamed ‘Mass Transit’ (Real name Eric Kulas)wrestled at an ECW house show teaming with D-Von Dudley against the Gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa Saed) During the course of the match, Mass Transit was brutalized with an assortment of weapons. New Jack then took what looked to be a box cutter and proceeded to cut open Mass Transit’s forehead.


The cut was so deep, that Kulas began bleeding profusely. His wounds were bad enough that he was sent to the hospital for treatment. As it would turn out…Kulas was only 17 years old (Not the mandatory 18 years of age that was required) Kulas had lied about his age to ECW officials and claimed to have been trained by Killer Kowalski. Eric Kulas and his father pressed charges and sued New Jack, Paul Heyman and ECW. The incident would make national headlines as the story was covered by Inside Edition.

In the end, the Kulas family lost both the criminal and civil trials against New Jack because it was determined that not only did Kulas mislead ECW with his age and training…but also asked New Jack to cut him in the match to make it look more believable. Eric Kulas would pass away 5 years later due to complications from a surgery…(Not related to this incident.)

Morton Hears It’s Due


Ricky Morton was synonymously known for his days of teaming with Robert Gibson of the Rock N Roll Express. Approaching age 60, Morton has been in the wrestling business for close to 40 years. While many his age might be considering retirement…Morton still wrestles at least 4 times a week. Why does he still do it?

There is the love of the profession surely…but it is also out of necessity. You see, according to the law..Ricky owes/owed his ex wife a considerable amount of back child support for some of his seven children. At one point, it was determined that Morton owed over $70,000 in back dues. As a result, Morton was arrested twice and spent over four months in jail for lack of payments. A couple of fundraisers were put together to help Morton out…but in the end….Morton still wrestles daily to live and pay his support.


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      • As usual because he is probably being taken to the cleaners by the ex….nothing wrong with paying reasonable chief support but too many greedy mothers looking for a free ride themselves…. (probably not in this case with seven kids…should kept his pecker in a sheath more)


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