Wrestling With Sin: The 27 Club


Brian Damage

This is the 27th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A series of pieces that delve into the sometimes darker and seedier world of professional wrestling. Some of these stories involve sex, drugs, rape and even murder! As with every piece in the Sin series…I do not condone nor do I condemn the actions by the alleged participants.

King of Kings


In the late 1980’s, Jerry Lawler sued the World Wrestling Federation for calling Harley Race…”The King of Wrestling.” According to the lawsuit, Lawler claimed that he was the rightful King and had used that moniker since 1973. So when the WWF, traveled to Memphis, Lawler sued the company and won. The WWF was not allowed to use the King Harley Race gimmick in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

Years later, Lawler says Vince McMahon actually respected Lawler for standing up to him and fighting for his gimmick. Lawler claims that McMahon got a good laugh at how that lawsuit played out.

They’re All American Boys


It all started with an innocent rib (prank) that got two men to nearly kill each other. The Rougeau Brothers (Jacques and Raymond) and the British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith) were four men who did not like one another. The Rougeaus felt that the Bulldogs were bullies and the Bulldogs felt that Rougeaus were too arrogant and cocky.

The tension reached a boil when the Rougeaus requested to have their tag team match moved up ahead of the British Bulldogs match one night during a tour. Jacques Rougeau claims that all he wanted to do was catch a flight back to his home in Montreal. He felt that the Bulldogs took it as being arrogant.


Jacques asked Curt Hennig to watch his gear…just in case the Bulldogs had any intentions of messing with his stuff in retaliation. Little did Jacques realize that Hennig was a notorious prankster. When Jacques got home he saw some of his stuff missing and immediately implicated The British Bulldogs. Word got back to the Dynamite kid who slapped Jacques across the ear and started pummeling him. Jacques brother Raymond (who was on crutches at the time) tried to intervene and was knocked out unconscious by Dynamite.


Some time had passed and Jacques decided to get even and when he saw Dynamite alone punched him square in the mouth knocking out four teeth. Dynamite Kid alleges that Jacques had a pair of brass knuckles….Jacques denies that. Either way, despite losing teeth and bleeding profusely from the mouth….Dynamite Kid did not go down and continued to fight. It wasn’t until Bret Hart and Bad News Brown came in to break it up that fight ended.

A Karagias Act


This next incident allegedly occurred backstage before a Monday Nitro telecast. The Insane Clown Posse claim they were witnesses to this altercation. Evan Karagias walked up to Bill Goldberg who was talking to a few people. Evan offered his hand to say hello to Goldberg who proceeded to sneeze into his hand. Evan quickly drew back his hand and Goldberg took it as a slight. Goldberg then grabbed Karagias by his throat and started screaming obscenities at him. Goldberg then flung Karagias to the ground. Doug Dellinger and a few wrestlers broke it up before Goldberg could do anymore damage on a rather embarrassed Evan Karagias.

Missy Hyatt’s Hot Stuff


Some of Missy Hyatt’s escapades or shall we say sexcapades are that of legend. One instance involves how her relationship to future husband ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert came to be. For over two years, Missy had been working with and dating wrestler ‘Hollywood’ John Tatum. After awhile, her relationship with Tatum outside of wrestling had grown stale. They were fighting a lot and she began to develop an attraction to Eddie Gilbert whom she was working with in the UWF.


One day, Missy decided to make a move and called Eddie and told him to meet her at a local Holiday Inn. The two would begin to have a torrid affair behind the backs of Missy’s boyfriend John Tatum and Eddie Gilbert’s then wife Teri. If the bookers of the UWF had found out…both Missy and Eddie would be fired…so they always put on disguises not to be noticed to carry on the affair. Finally tired of sneaking around, Missy repeatedly went to UWF management and demanded that she stop working with Tatum.

When John Tatum found out about the affair…he allegedly spit in Missy’s face and they split up. Eddie and Missy would continue to work and live together and eventually got married.


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