Wrestling With Sin: 29 Right on Time


Brian Damage

This is the 29th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of pieces that delves into the underbelly of pro wrestling. Some of these stories involve rape, assault, arrests, drugs, sex and at times…even murder! As with every piece in the Sin series…I do NOT condone nor do I condemn the actions of the alleged…just simply retelling these stories.

On The Rocks


In the early 1980’s Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson were an extremely popular tag team called ‘The Soul Patrol.’ They defeated the Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika) to become the first ever all black tag team to become WWF tag team champions. While the Soul Patrol were extremely popular with fans…the two were less popular with one another.

While on tour in Canada, the tag team legitimately disintegrated when both wrestlers tried to show the other one up during a tag match. Tony Atlas used his finish…a press slam to end the match…but instead of covering his opponent…Rocky Johnson picked up the fallen wrestler and continued working the match. Rocky then used his finisher…a drop kick to end it six minutes later.


When the Atlas and Johnson went backstage….Atlas took both tag team titles and shoved them into Pat Patterson and basically said he was done working with Johnson and that the team of the Soul Patrol was dead because Johnson had showed him up in the ring. Atlas then sucker punched Rocky Johnson in the face and several men had to keep the two apart. The team would drop the tag team belts soon after to the North South Connection of Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch.

Daffney’s Day in Court


Shannon Spruill aka Daffney Unger in WCW and TNA wrestling had her career come to a sudden halt when she was forced to work hurt after sustaining multiple injuries in the ring. Daffney suffered at least 3 concussions, a bruised sternum, a neck injury and a broken arm. Not able to continue to compete and medical bills mounting…Daffney went to TNA management and asked for them to cover the remaining costs of her medical care. Terry Taylor allegedly promised Daffney that the company would take care of the bills…but later reneged on the deal.

With no other choice, Daffney sued TNA wrestling for workers compensation and was apparently fired soon after. The case was then stalled several times and dragged through the court system for over two years until the judge in the case was finally ready to make a ruling. It was then that TNA decided to settle out of court and agreed to pay her bills.


A couple of weeks after her settlement with TNA…Daffney showed up in attendance at the TNA Knockouts only pay per view carrying signs in protest of TNA’s less than scrupulous actions towards pro wrestlers. When asked if the appearance in the crowd was scripted or not…Daffney insisted she was there on her own to send a message to the wrestling world.

As Nasty As They Wanna Be


Back in 1990, future MMA fighter Ken Shamrock was beginning a career in pro wrestling in the Carolinas. After a show, Shamrock and some friends went to a bar and in the bar were the Nasty Boys of Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags. The Nasty Boys were pretty drunk when Knobbs started hitting on one of Ken Shamrock’s friend’s girlfriend. When the friend told Knobbs to stop…Knobbs pie faced the friend to the floor. Ken Shamrock then got involved and after some heated words were exchanged..Shamrock threw a drink at their faces.


Before a full out brawl broke out..the bouncers at the bar broke it up. Shamrock still incensed….followed the Nasty Boys back to their hotel room. Shamrock either broke down the door or was let in depending who’s story you believe. He saw Brian Knobbs passed out on the bed and began pummeling him…Sags then got the hotel room phone and smashed it over Shamrock’s head and started kicking and punching Shamrock.

According to Ken Shamrock…he nearly died that night after suffering broken bones in his face and ribs. Jerry Sags insists that he never hit him with a phone and only used punches and kicks. Four years later, Shamrock ran into the Nasty Boys again at an airport and threatened to beat them up. Nothing came out of it other than Shamrock contending that The Nasty Boys threatened to get him arrested if they were touched.

Maryse’s MIZ-ery


Back in 2010, former WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet started getting strange letters and phone calls from a 60 year old “fan” named Lee Silber. Maryse claims that Silber would continuously call her private cell and leave disturbing messages. He also allegedly threatened to come to her home in Los Angeles and “take her to Heaven with me.”

Fearing for her life, Maryse got extra security paid for by the WWE to watch out for her safety. She would appear in court with her future husband Mike Mizanin (WWE’s the Miz) and ask for an order of protection. Which was granted in 2011 for 3 years.


5 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 29 Right on Time

  1. Tony Atlas has a reputation for being an asshole so it was no surprise that he and Rocky Johnson split up. I wondered if the Rock ever laid the Smackdown on Atlas. That shithead deserves it.


  2. I think it’s really shitty that Sharon Sprull had to sue to get the financial wherwithal to get the medical help she needed. Pound for pound, she’s one of the toughest, hardest workers I’ve ever seen. Yeah it was annoying hearing that eardrum-shattering scream of hers, but that was WCW’s idea, not hers. I remember watching the Monster’s Ball matchup between Mick Foley and Chris Park, aka Abyss, and Sprull was at ringside. At one point, Abyss basically threw her into an area where there was barbed wired boarding, and it looked like she was legitimately injured. My wrestling buddy called me up an hour later, and asked me if I saw that match. I said yes, then he said, “I know Sharon got really fucked up tonight. She’ll be in the hospital with a lot of injuries.” And she was. If I didn’t have respect for her before that match (which I did), then I certainly did afterwards.Typical of TNA to pull such crap.


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