Sunday Sermon: Predicting Wrestlemania 32 Wilson, Brian Damage, Chris Flackett, Jamie Lithgow & Russ Morgan

It has become something of an annual tradition of Ring the Damn Bell that as soon as one Wrestlemania is in the bag the team starts casting their eyes to the next one and this year is no different. In today’s Sunday Sermon, we throw out some ideas of matches that could feature at Wrestlemania 32.

Craig: This has sort of become our annual tradition after Wrestlemania to straight away look ahead to the following year’s event and this year is no different. Previously it was done in the style of a post but this time we’ll do it as a Sunday Sermon.

Will Seth Rollins still be the WWE Champ? Will the secondary titles still be held by talents like John Cena and Daniel Bryan, can the tag team champions actually make the main card and will The Undertaker face Sting?

I’ll start by addressing the final bit. I don’t really see how this is the dream match that some people see it is. Do we have a face vs face match between two guys in their fifties or do we turn one of them heel? Honestly, is there any point in this one at all. Sure, Taker looked better this year than last and Sting looked in better shape than he did in TNA but, still, is there an appetite in 2016 for this? I don’t think so.

So, team, what do you want to see at Wrestlemania 32?

Brian: While I was one who thought an Undertaker/Sting build up to Wrestlemania would have been epic…I tend to agree that a match between the two at this juncture just wouldn’t be very good. Both have certainly lost a step or two…but with that said…I still think this match will happen…so pencil it in.

I also think a mixed tag will occur between Triple H and Stephanie vs the Rock and Ronda Rousey. A full year I think gives enough time to build it up as a “must see event.”

Chris: I never really got why so much buzz has gone around the idea of Sting v Taker. Don’t get me wrong, perhaps a couple of years ago they would have had a major match. I agree with Brian, they both seem a little on the weary side now, Taker more so than Sting. But I never got why people immediately associated Sting with Taker. The crow gear?

In any case, I predict we’ll see Taker at Wrestlemania 32, but not Sting. The way the NWO and DX were used in his match this year, and the handshake at the end all had an air of drawing a line under things. And Sting’s interview the next night on Raw – not even during the main broadcast but after – did nothing to convince me we’ll see him in a WWE ring this time next year.

I do predict, though, that if (and it’s a big if) WWE is consistent in its push of Neville, then he’ll play a big part at Wrestlemania 32, either winning or defending one of the mid-card titles.

Jamie: If Vince McMahon’s apparent comments about bringing Sting to WWE “from obscurity” are anything to go by then I doubt WWE have any plans to place a man of that standing against Taker… and in Texas of all places. Personally I think Bray Wyatt needs to defeat Taker in a rematch. Surely WWE knows that must happen. Having it happen at Wrestlemania (in Texas) is another story though. I can but hope though…

Chris has a point about (Adrian) Neville. Booked to work against the WWE Champ in his second match – and he was protected somewhat with Rollins’ tainted win – is encouraging. If I were to bet I would have him winning a multi-man ladder match for the IC or US Title.

I read that WWE would prefer a singles match between Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon, but I wouldn’t and I bet Dana White wouldn’t either. I’m with Brian, The fact that Triple H and The Rock were involved in this angle says mixed tag to me. Sounds more appealing too.

The big questions now, who fights Brock Lesnar and who competes for the WWE Title… assuming those things are not co-dependent? The Big names left for Brock are Bryan and Orton. Or, The Rock?

Brian: I’d bet my last dollar that by next year’s Wrestlemania…Brock is a face and Roman Reigns will be a heel…maybe they square off in a rematch?

Russ: Orton v Lesnar would be my choice.

Chris: If the WWE plans to keep the belt on Seth for the long run (and I think, ultimately, fan response will be the decider of that), then I can foresee a Seth/Lesnar/Reigns triple threat match headlining. The story behind it is simple but effective – revenge and glory. And it also gives Seth a year to become a worthy champion and Reigns a year to get the fans back on side and look like a true contender.

Craig: I’d like to see face Brock versus heel Reigns. Requires time being spent on making Reigns look like an unstoppable monster. Part of me would still love to see a Shield triple-threat but that would take a remarkable transformation in Dean Ambrose in the next 12 months. I don’t think a feud with Luke Harper is really going to get him in that direction any time soon, is it?

So far we have:

Brock vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns
Rounda Rousey & The Rock vs Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

The mid-card titles are certainly harder to predict. After Wrestlemania 30 who would have predicted that a year later John Cena would be US Champ and Daniel Bryan, fresh from winning the WWE title in the main event, would be the Intercontinental Champion a year later.

Chris: I think the mid card title scene is more promising than it has been for a long time. I particularly like the idea of the open challenges for the US title at the moment, as it really makes the title seem worth fighting for.

Having said that, I can’t see Cena being satisfied with holding the title for long, as he’ll always have an eye on the main event.

Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, could do a lot of good for the IC title if he held it for a year and defended it regularly.

I’d actually like to see a heel Ambrose take on Bryan for the title next year. A face Ambrose is going nowhere currently but a heel turn could bring out the edge in him that I believe is there. Plus, I believe these two could have an awsome match on the night.

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