‘Ultimate Warrior – Always Believe’ review

Ultimate Warrior - Always BelieveCraig Wilson

Following on from The Ultimate Warrior’s tragic passing last year, the WWE have put together ‘Ultimate Warrior – Always Believe’ as a tribute to the late superstar. Today on the blog, Craig reviews that set.

There are few characters as larger than life in WWE history than the Ultimate Warrior. It is the second DVD released on the WWE Hall of Famer in just over 12 months, but how things have changed since then.

At the end of ‘Ultimate Warrior: Ultimate Collection’, the Warrior promised there was more to be told of his story, few could have expected it to pan out the way it did with his passing coming days after his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

This set is the WWE’s tribute to their former champion.

For those of us with the WWE Network, some of this set may be familiar due to it being an extended version of the Warrior special that aired on the WWE’s streaming service.

But don’t let that put you off, what they have added to that special in this set more than makes it worth being added to your DVD collection, with the documentary running more than one and a half hours.

The documentary start in the aftermath of the Warrior’s untimely passing with Dana, his wife, discussing her and her daughters return to the New Orleans and the Smoothie King Center in January 2015, the site of the 2014 Hall of Fame, for the first time since his passing.

We see footage of his promo from Raw after Wrestlemania 30 before a career retrospective. Much of this is the same a the Network special but it still interesting viewing although, and it’s only a small criticism, it would have been nice to hear more detail about his various departures from the WWE.

The documentary aspect is handled very well and is a touching tribute to the Warrior. It’s something I’v said time and time again but the WWE really do do these type of DVDs very well indeed. The interview with the Warrior’s widow are handled very tastefully and give a very emotional insight into the passing of one of the most colourful men in wrestling history. It’s very insightful also hearing from Warrior’s daughters as we find out more about the man behind the facepaint.

The final scenes are very emotional as his girls read out letters they have written to The Warrior before a closing montage of clips from his career.

As well as a documentary, we are also treated to some 20 plus matches from the Warrior’s wrestling career covering everything from World Class Championship Wrestling through to his stint in WCW via his career defining time with the WWE.

As a huge fan of Wrestlemania VI, it’s really cool that the hard camera version of his bout with Hulk Hogan is included here, in the same way that Hogan vs Andre the Giant from Wrestlemania 3 was included in the History DVD a few years back.

Elsewhere are a wide variety of matches from squash matches through to tag matches with the likes of Randy Savage and the Road Warriors through to his final WWE match against Owen Hart.

All in all, this is an excellent set for any wrestling fan highlighting the life and times of one of an iconic character from WWE history. We find out more about Warrior as a man, husband and father and also get to see his best in-ring moments captured in one complete set.

Thanks to WWEDVD.co.uk and Fetch.fm for providing our review copy. ‘Ultimate Warrior – Always Believe’ is out on DVD and blu-ray now in the USA and available to pre-order from here with a UK release date of Monday 20 April.


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