Wrestling With Sin: 31 Days


Brian Damage

This is the 31st installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of pieces that looks at the other side of pro wrestling…the darker side. Some of these stories involve sex, drugs, assaults and even murder! As with every piece in the Sin series…I do NOT condone NOR do I condemn the alleged involved.

Lady and the Vamp


Shelly Martinez is known in the wrestling ring as both Ariel in the WWE and Salinas in TNA. After taking a break from the squared circle, Shelly decided to explore other options. One of those things she tried out was soft core pornography. Shelly teamed up with porn star Jewel De’Nyle and filmed a bondage video entitled, ‘The Notorious Jewel De’Nyle & Shelly Martinez.’


She posed nude a few times for contests and pictorials and did a girl on girl wrestling-esque cat fight video with porn star Francesca Le.

Miami Bump Taker

The 26th Annual AVN Adult Movie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals - January 10, 2009

Speaking of wrestling vampire characters, David Heath aka Gangrel in the WWE…also took a turn in the porno industry. Heath signed a deal with a company called The New Porn Order (That is totally legit) to direct and in some cases, star in a total of 12 adult movies for them.


His porn directorial debut was called Miami Rump Shakerz 2 in which he both directed and had a role (non sexual) in. Asked why David Heath transitioned from wrestling to porn…Heath simply said he was looking for new ventures creatively. He also stated, that he hopes to bring together the two industries of porn and professional wrestling.

X Marks the Spot


Clemente Marcelino Valencia Najera aka Dr. X aka Dr. X-treme was a luchador who wrestled primarily for CMLL in Mexico. After years with the company…in August of 2011…Dr X quit CMLL and decided to join an independent promotion. In September of that same year…DR X attended a party with family and friends when a fight broke out. A man pulled out a gun and fired hitting DR X in the head and killing him.

It is believed the assailant was trying to shoot another individual but accidentally hit Dr. X instead. Some also believed it was payback from some who may have been upset he quit CMLL. Of course none of that was ever substantiated but in the end…Dr X left behind a wife and two small children. He was just 41 years old…

Great Balls of Fire!


While both wrestling in the indies, Balls Mahoney and ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan were scheduled for a match. The two men hashed out the finish of the match and both agreed. It would involve Balls drinking lighter fluid and then spitting it out of his mouth while lighting it on fire. Duggan was to duck the fire ball and end the match. When it came time to do the spot however, Duggan botched it up twice.

Balls getting visibly frustrated tried one more time. He put the lighter fluid in his mouth and took out a lighter. Duggan decided to slap the lighter out of Balls Mahoney’s hand messing up the spot a third time. This time however, Balls gave Duggan the finger and left the ring. It didn’t end there because waiting backstage was Mahoney with a switchblade to stab Duggan. It took King Kong Bundy to grab Mahoney and lock him in a room.

Mahoney still pissed, took his knife and began stabbing the door. In doing this, Mahoney accidentally cut himself which angered him even more. When the door was finally unlocked..Duggan was out of the arena and long gone. Balls has stated that if Bundy didn’t lock him in that room…he had every intention of murdering Jim Duggan.

Rip-ped Out Of Portland


During the mid 1980’s to early 1990’s, Vince McMahon was trying everything to bring his WWF to national prominence. In doing so, Vince would take the top talents from each territory and sign them to the WWF. To show just how unscrupulous and cutthroat McMahon really was…we look no further than Rip Oliver.


Rip was a top star and booker in the Pacific Northwest territory for several years. Vince promised him a big opportunity in the WWF, so Oliver gave up his booking job, his stable career in Portland, Oregon and moved his family to the northeast. Rip was given one match in the WWF..under a mask as ‘Super Ninja’ on Saturday Night’s Main Event. It was a squash match against the Ultimate Warrior and afterwards, was cut loose by the WWF. Rip was out of a job and Pacific Northwest would also eventually fold from the WWF’s aggressive expansion.


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