Wrestling With Sin: 32 Caliber


Brian Damage

This is the 32nd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that often looks at the darker, seedier side of professional wrestling. Many of these stories involve sex, drugs, arrests and sometimes even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone nor do I condemn the alleged participants.

He’s A Brick…Hooooouse!


Back in the early 1980’s, a young wrestler by the name of Brickhouse Brown was starting his career. While wrestling through the territories, he met two female wrestlers by the name of Judy Martin and Joyce Grable. Martin and Grable were at times tag team partners and adversaries in the ring and both were trained by The Fabulous Moolah.

According to Brickhouse, Martin and Grable weren’t just occasional tag team partners in the ring…but occasional tag team partners in the bedroom as well. Brickhouse claims that both Martin and Grable took the young man under their wing one night and taught him the “ins and outs” of life outside the wrestling ring. Brickhouse also went on to say that while his list of sexual conquests wasn’t as long as Wilt Chamberlain’s…it was pretty extensive.

The Mysterious Death of A Wrestling Publicist


In early December of 2014, music and pro wrestling publicist/promoter Lisa Renee Byrd Andrews went missing from her North Texas home. A few weeks later, her body was discovered in the trunk of a car registered to a family member. No other details about her death have been made public and the Dallas police are still investigating and treating the case as a ‘possible homicide.’

Andrews represented several talents in the world of entertainment. Her most notable clients were Kevin Von Erich and his two sons Ross and Marshall. She was also working on a movie version of the Von Erich family. Lisa Andrews was only 48 years old and leaves behind one son.

Superstar Bill Gun-dee


In 1982, Angelo Poffo’s ICW promotion was trying to go up against Jerry Jarrett’s promotion in Memphis, Tennessee. ICW’s top stars were Angelo Poffo’s two sons…Lanny Poffo and Randy Savage….while Jerry Jarrett had Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee as his top stars. In an apparent attempt to “show up” one of Memphis’ top draws….Angelo Poffo allegedly devised a plan for Randy Savage to legitimately attack Dundee in a parking lot. According to Jerry Lawler…Savage beat the crap out of Dundee…breaking his orbital bone in the process.


A few wrestlers were able to pull Savage off of Dundee and when they did…Dundee went into the back of his car and pulled out a gun. He then pointed the gun at Angelo Poffo ( Who was there along with Lanny, Pez Whatley and Thunderbolt Patterson) and threatened to kill him. Savage and the Poffos’ took off in their van.

When Bill Dundee went home…he was met by a sheriff who placed him under arrest for sticking a gun in Angelo’s face. Bill Dundee countered by pressing charges against Randy Savage for assault. The two decided to drop the charges on each other preventing a long drawn out court battle. Bill Dundee would be out of action for the next six weeks healing from his injuries.

The Snake Charmer


In the early 2000’s, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts disappeared here in the states and moved to England. It appeared at the time, Jake was trying to run away from all his drug and alcohol problems and get a fresh start in a new country. He began wrestling on the UK indies and even opened up his own wrestling school.


According to some who enrolled in his school…Jake Roberts charged exorbitant fees and was drunk or high through most of it. Jake offered private sessions that were even more money and allegedly all he did was drink and watch old VHS tapes. Regardless, there were a few who made it out of his training sessions one of which was a female wrestler nicknamed ‘Aphrodite.’ According to her, the two carried on an affair for about 6 months.

The entire affair was kept quiet for all the obvious reasons including preventing other students accusing Jake of favoritism. Aphrodite did acknowledge that the entire six month affair wasn’t all great. Jake’s substance abuse was again out of control and he allegedly began living off of her.


One story that made the rounds was one night Jake was getting a little oral gratification from Aphrodite and Jake accidentally started to urinate. Aphrodite then proceeded to throw up all over Jake and his “snake.” Whether that story is 100% accurate is up for debate..but Aphrodite did say she was relieved when Jake broke it off with her and disappeared again.

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