Wrestling With Sin: 33rd Parallel


Brian Damage

This is the 33rd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin’ series. A group of stories that delve into the darker, seedier side of professional wrestling. Some of these stories deal with sex, drugs, arrests, backstage politics and sometimes even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone nor do I condemn the alleged participants.

Tell me if You Heard This One Before, Two Wrestlers and A Stripper walk into a Diner…


One night after the matches, Tully Blanchard and the Ragin’ Bull Manny Fernandez go to a strip club where they meet and talk to a stripper. Tully and Manny meet up with the stripper later at a diner. When Manny goes to the bathroom, Tully decides to put the moves on the stripper. The problem is, that stripper is dating a guy from a biker gang and he shows up at the diner. The biker is angry that Tully Blanchard is talking to his girl and confronts him. Tully allegedly backs down….but Manny sees his friend in trouble and confronts the biker.

Manny and the biker end up in a brawl and some of the biker’s friends jump in and go after Manny as well…stabbing Manny multiple times in the arm and torso. Manny uses a belt to fight off some of the men but is bleeding bad. Tully is watching all of this and does not jump in. Manny collapses and the biker gang run off. A waitress uses her apron as a tourniquet to stop Manny’s bleeding and saves his life. Manny and Tully would have legitimate ‘heat’ with each other ever since that incident. No word as to what happened to the stripper.

Quote The Raven: Never Again!


During his days in ECW, Raven (Scott Levy) brought three girls back to his motel room. According to Raven, he had sex with two of the women while the other…a 15 year old girl just slept there. One of the two adult women were rumored to be ECW ring announcer Joel Gertner’s wife.


Regardless of who the two adult women really were…there was the issue of a 15 year old in that same room. Police were called and when they showed up to the room, Raven was naked and the underage girl was still in there with him. Raven was arrested and after a few hours of questioning…the police determined there was no real evidence of sexual misconduct with the teen and he was subsequently released. As for that teenage girl…it turned out to be (according to Raven)future wrestler/valet Becky Bayless aka “Cookie” in TNA wrestling.

Young Thug


In the late 1940’s, female wrestler and future WWE Hall of Famer Johnnie Mae Young was in Reno, Nevada with some other female wrestlers. They befriended a high stakes gambler at a local casino and invited the man back to their hotel room. While in a car, Mae Young and the other wrestlers allegedly attacked the gambler and kicked him out of the vehicle….robbing him of about $1,500. Young and her friends were arrested and they were eventually found not guilty in a trial. This wasn’t the first time Mae and her friends were arrested for assault and robbery. A couple of months before this incident…Mae was arrested for beating and robbing a man for $100.

Rock N Roll Distress


In the early 1980’s, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson aka The Rock N Roll Express…went on their very first tour of Japan. During the tour, Morton and Gibson were to have a series of matches with Japan’s version of the Rock N Roll Express called ‘Footloose.’ Footloose consisted of Toshiaki Kawada and Samson Fuyuki.


Footloose had little to no respect for Morton and Gibson and refused to allow the Rock N Roll Express from doing any of their high spot maneuvers. As the match went on, Fuyuki open hand slapped Robert Gibson as a sign of disrespect. According to Ricky Morton…Gibson went ballistic and started legit punching Fuyuki onto the mat. Footloose took off out of the ring and Robert Gibson chased after them. Gibson then kicked open the locker room door and continued pummeling Fuyuki. The aftermath of this incident was the Footloose agreed to work the Rock N Roll Express’ style in future matches and even greeted the team at their hotel very apologetic.

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave…


Amy Weber was a former WWE Diva contestant who although didn’t win the contest….earned a contract with the company. She debuted in 2004 as a heel valet for JBL and his faction…’The Cabinet.’ While on a tour of Japan, a few wrestlers received flyers for a Japanese strip club. The problem was, Amy Weber’s likeness were on the flyers.

Amy Weber Poster on Strip Club

This led to some of the WWE wrestlers to taunt and rib Amy for being on such a flyer. Amy contended that the strip club used her pictures without her consent but that still didn’t stop the taunting. Amy would quit the WWE only a few months after her WWE debut from all the constant jokes. She would later go on to say that she hated her experience with the WWE and the ‘Frat like atmosphere.’

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