Close But No Cigar: More Stuff In Pro Wrestling That Almost Happened


Brian Damage

We’ve delved into some ideas, gimmicks and storylines that nearly happened in pro wrestling but for whatever reason…had the plug pulled on them. Here are a few more that almost came to be…but never did.

Teddy Long Turns Heel


According to Teddy Long, in 2013…Teddy Long was made the “Senior Adviser” to Smackdown General Manager Booker T. The writers started planting the seeds of dissension between Booker and Teddy with Teddy Long booking matches behind Booker T’s back. The original plan was to have Teddy eventually turn full fledged heel and start a faction against Booker T. The plans never got past the drawing board and before too long Teddy Long was released from the WWE.

Paul Heyman and TNA


In 2006, after Paul Heyman left the WWE…Dixie Carter and TNA wrestling immediately started calling Paul to come in and work behind the scenes. Paul Heyman never returned any of those calls. By 2010, TNA got Spike TV involved in the negotiations with Heyman and Paul began to talk working for the company. Paul wanted part ownership of TNA as well as complete creative control of the company. Spike TV agreed to those demands.

It looked as if Heyman was headed to TNA as its President…but Spike TV began nixing some of Heyman’s original ideas for the promotion. He wanted to totally revamp the company..getting rid of some of the older, higher priced talents for a younger core of wrestlers. Spike TV disagreed with this philosophy, believing that TNA needed marketable stars to be viable. Paul Heyman also saw the books for the company and saw that TNA was hemorraging money every month…more so than ECW ever had. It was decided then by Paul Heyman not to join TNA in any capacity.

Gino Hernandez as a Member of the 4 Horsemen


According to Tully Blanchard…back in 1986….some of the booking team campaigned hard to get the “Handsome Half Breed” Gino Hernandez to become a member of the original Four Horsemen. Tully was friends with Gino from their days in the Southwest territories and thought he would be a perfect fit.

Jim Crockett Jr felt otherwise…as he believed that Tully and Gino were too similar in looks and personality and the idea was nixed. About a month after the Four Horsemen were formed….Gino Hernandez died of a cocaine overdose.


Speaking of Tully Blanchard and the Horsemen…back in 1989…plans were made to reunite the original 4 Horsemen with Ric Flair, Arn and Ole Anderson and Tully…but Tully failed a drug test and WCW pulled their contract to Tully off the table. Instead, Sting was chosen as the fourth member.

The Stephanie McMahon/Andrew “Test” Martin Wedding Angle


According to Vince Russo…before he left for WCW…one of his plans in the WWE was to have Test turn heel on Stephanie McMahon at their wedding…leading him to join Triple H and Degeneration X.

The Billy and Chuck Wedding


During that ceremony…the Godfather shows up and says that Billy and Chuck were with his “Hos” just the other night…revealing that Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo weren’t really gay after all. The original plans were to have Road Dogg come in and reveal that Billy Gunn wasn’t gay at all. The issue was at the time, Road Dogg had a bad falling out with the WWE and turned down the offer.

The Original Gimmick For Fandango


Johnny Curtis aka Fandango revealed in an article in WWE magazine…the original gimmick he was going to debut in the WWE was a member of a male stripper faction along with Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. The gimmick was thrown out when Tyler Reks quit the WWE and retired.

The ECW that might have been


The original idea for the new ECW was to have Chris Benoit wrestle and defeat CM Punk for the vacant ECW title and become its crowning jewel….setting up a series of matches with Punk. Chris Benoit killed himself and his family and the angle never really got started.

Christopher Daniels in WCW


‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels was initially brought into WCW to be a manager/cult leader called ‘Syndrome.’ His first protege was suppose to be Vampiro…but due to constant changes in WCW creative….Daniels was left in limbo and decided to work the indies instead.

Mike Goldberg in the WWE


In one of the many attempts to find a new lead voice of the WWE…Vince McMahon had negotiations with current UFC lead announcer Mike Goldberg to join the company. It came close, but in the end, Mike Goldberg was not throughly familiarized in the world of “Sports Entertainment” and did not want to give up his announcing duties with UFC. Former ECW announcer Joey Styles was hired instead.

Double J Jeff Jarrett’s Entourage


When Jeff Jarrett was set to debut in the WWF…one of the original ideas was for him to debut with an entourage that consisted of Jacqueline Moore (Named Wynonna) manager Ronald P Gossett and of course the Roadie aka Road Dogg. Promos started airing with those characters in them, but in the end…only the Roadie made the final cut. Jackie would debut a few years later.


3 thoughts on “Close But No Cigar: More Stuff In Pro Wrestling That Almost Happened

  1. Ronnie P. Gossett…would have gotten involved in matches no doubt like he did in USWA and yes, Gino and Tully were very similar.


  2. Yet another classic example of WCW taking a wonderful opportunity and completely screwing it up. In this case it was Daniels. They should have just let him be Chris Daniels and have put the US title on him. But nooooo.


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