This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 18

Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week and Brian shares with us the best wrestling related images he’s come across this week.

All that and more in this edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Hold On A Minute Playa…”

In fairness, Cesaro's music is a bit loud...

In fairness, Cesaro’s music is a bit loud…

  • Sunday Night: Extreme Rules, where WWE go “Extreme”…
  • Monday Night: Raw, where nobody is so much as limping after going “Extreme” the previous night…
  • Does Tyson Kidd not like Cesaro’s entrance theme?
  • Is there not a better place to store dozens of folding chairs than under a wrestling ring?
  • Despite the existence of a ‘one man band’ version of Heath Slater’s theme, he is still using the 3MB version
  • Is anyone else anticipating a WWE Network special on what Harper and Ambrose got up to during Extreme Rules?
  • Was anyone else slightly disappointed that they didn’t drive off in a white Ford Bronco?
  • Bo Dallas in getting closer and closer to Bray Wyatt… in more ways than one
  • The beauty of pro wrestling is that it mixes entertainment with the athleticism and unpredictable nature of sport. So, who do we think will win the next John Cena US Open Challenge, ahead of ‘The Champ’s’ title defence at Payback?
  • So, are we supposed to like The Bellas now? I don’t understand…
  • The ‘No Chance in Hell’ award goes to; Rusev. The Russian heel with the submission finisher will face John Cena – a man who has never once submitted and entire persona is built on the ethos of ‘Never Give Up’ – in an ‘I Quit’ match, despite having lost cleanly to Cena on the previous two PPVs. Good luck Rusev, you’ll need it.

Picture Gallery

He’s baaaaack….the man who hasn’t been seen or heard from since the year 2000. Booker T as G.I. Bro! Only this time, in comic book form. That’s right, G.I. Bro is getting his own comic book!

G I Bro

We continue our look at super rare pro wrestling dolls. We already talked about some rare WWE dolls the past couple of weeks. This week we turn our attentions to WCW who created a series of Nitro Girl dolls. They aren’t made of all plastic like typical action figures, but made more like Barbie dolls. The prototypes were made but were scrapped for unknown reasons.

Nitro Girls

Video Gallery

Back in 1989, WCW now under the management of Ted Turner, was getting endorsement deals for the company. One was with Coors Light beer and then there was this show deal WCW had with Roos shoes. They were basically sneakers with pockets. They were going to be all the rage in the 1990’s! Then again…maybe not.

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