Wrestling With Sin: 36 Stitches


Brian Damage

This is the 36th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin’ series. A group of stories that look at the darker, seedier side of pro wrestling. Many of these stories involve sex, drugs, arrests, fights, backstage politics and sometimes even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not judge the alleged participants. I neither condone or condemn them. I am simply retelling stories of alleged incidents.

Too Hot Scott


Sandy Scott….not to be confused with the Canadian born wrestler/booker of the same name who passed away in 2010…was a Scottish born wrestler. He spent the majority of his career wrestling throughout Europe…but did have a run in Stu Hart’s Calgary Stampede promotion as a referee. According to some, Sandy Scott’s reputation as a lover was more known than his career in the ring. Sandy was allegedly a notorious womanizer who slept with many women including wives and girlfriends of fellow wrestlers.

While in the Calgary territory, Scott allegedly had an affair with a 15 year old girl. When the girl’s mother found out…she immediately called the police. Seeing as Sandy Scott was on a working visa from Scotland…he was deported back to his homeland never to be seen or heard from again.

Living on the Edge


WWE Hall of Famer Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland’s love life in itself might be considered for the Hall of Fame…or the Hall of Shame considering how you look at it. Edge was first married to his friend and fellow WWE star Sean ‘Val Venis’ Morley’s sister Alannah Morley.


The two would get a divorce in March of 2004 after only a couple of years married. His second marriage was to a woman named Lisa…not in anyway affiliated with the wrestling business. They married in October of 2004.


It has been widely speculated that Edge was having an affair with Lisa while still married to Alannah. That of course was denied by Lisa and Edge…but they did get married only months after his first divorce. That leads to Edge’s most infamous affair with fellow WWE wrestler Amy ‘Lita’ Dumas.


While Edge was still married to Lisa and Lita was still together with then WWE wrestler Matt Hardy…the two had an affair while Matt Hardy was sidelined with an injury. The affair soon went public and Matt was fired from the company not long after which caused great controversy. Matt was hired back and worked a program with Edge that really went nowhere. Edge got another divorce and eventually Edge and Lita split up too.


Now retired, Edge is dating former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix and the two have a daughter together.

Rat Race


Don Owens Pacific Northwest Territory in Portland, Oregon was called by some as the “Last great rat territory.” For those not sure of what exactly a “rat” is…they are basically female groupies of pro wrestlers. They will feed the wrestlers, buy them gifts, house them and yes…..have sex with them. Former wrestler Buddy Wayne recalled back in Portland’s hey day, the wrestlers created a ring rat championship belt out of scrap metal.

The belt would be awarded to the best rat each week. Buddy Wayne remembered that the ring rat title belt became a hotly contested item with some girls getting into fights to take ownership of it. He also stated that if you look at some old Pacific Northwest footage…you could see women holding the belt in the audience.


Speaking of Portland wrestling…Scott Levy aka Raven was a young star of the territory in the early 1990’s named ‘Scotty the Body.’ He would debut a new valet each and every week and admitted..most of them he had slept with to get them on TV. At one point, Scotty had been given a permanent valet named simply…Ginger.


As Scott Levy put it…he discovered Ginger at his cocaine dealer’s apartment. She was there smoking crack and thought she would be perfect as his valet. Ginger who had no prior wrestling experience, wore outfits that led to numerous wardrobe malfunctions and at times during promos cursed a bit. Scott does say Ginger eventually wound up in rehab and is clean and sober today.

A Mexican Standoff


Before their time in the WWE, the future Alberto Del Rio and the original Sin Cara were huge stars in Mexico. According to Konnan and later confirmed by Del Rio….the two were once legitimate enemies. One night, Sin Cara then known as Mistico showed up late to an event. Del Rio then known as Dos Caras Jr. went to confront Mistico who showed up with a large posse of friends. Dos Caras began yelling at Mistico about being late and unprofessional when a member of Mistico’s posse pulled out a gun and pointed it at Caras ready to shoot him.

The standoff was quickly broken up and with Mistico and his crew leaving the arena. The two would make up and call a truce after both went to the WWE although Del Rio admitted he once wrestled Sin Cara super stiff after Sin Cara wanted to call off a match after breaking a finger. He has since said there is no more animosity between the two wrestlers now.


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