Recognizing The Unrecognizable (Pro Wrestling Edition)


Pro wrestling is filled with characters of all different looks and sizes. If they’ve been in the business long enough, it is almost guaranteed that a their look, gimmick and even their name will change a few times. This piece will look at famous wrestlers who looked one way….then radically or not so radically changed their name and/or appearances.



Before becoming the Celtic Warrior in the WWE, Sheamus was known as Seamus O’Shaunessy in Europe.

Sgt. Slaughter


He wasn’t always known as the tough and nasty drill Sargent aka Sgt. Slaughter. Early in his career, he was known as ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Remus…a pretty boy wrestler.

Kevin Nash


Kevin Nash had a few bad gimmicks in his career before becoming Diesel and later ‘Big Sexy’….he was Oz, Vinnie Vegas and one of his earliest gimmicks as seen above…..Master Blaster Steel.

Chief Jay Strongbow


Before becoming WWE Hall of Famer Chief Jay Strongbow…he wrestled under his real named of Joe Scarpa.

Boris Zhukov


Boris Zhukov was originally a member of Sgt. Slaughter’s Cobra Corps…an American Patriot…as Private Jim Nelson.

Brian Adams


Brian Adams wrestled as the ‘American Ninja’ in his early days in the Pacific Northwest territory.

Paul Ellering


Long before becoming the manager of the Road Warriors…’Precious’ Paul Ellering was a wrestler himself with a chiseled physique and long blonde hair.

Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan started out his career under a mask as the American Dragon. He would later lose the mask and be known as The American Dragon Bryan Danielson.


B3vV4B0IQAAbVfp.jpg largekamala kimchee wwf

Kamala might have been Jim Harris’ most famous gimmick…but he had a pretty solid career under the alias of ‘Sugar Bear’ Harris.

Jim Ross


Good Ol’ JR didn’t start out as a Hall of Fame broadcaster. Jim Ross was a referee for a spell before that.

Bobby Eaton


Early in his career…years before The Midnight Express…Bobby Eaton teamed with George Gulas in a team known as the Jet Set.



ST Jones or ‘Soul Train’ Jones was the gimmick Mike Jones had in various territories including Memphis before becoming a running joke for both the WWF and WCW.

Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie


He is known mostly as the devious manager Sheik Adnan…but year before…he wrestled as a Native American known as Billy White Wolf.

Brutus Beefcake


Brutus wrestled as Eddie Boulder the “brother” and tag team partner of Terry Boulder aka Hulk Hogan.

Fake Razor Ramon


Hey Yo! Before he was known as the “Fake” Razor Ramon in the WWF, Rick Bognar wrestled as Big Titan in Japan.



As a rookie, loooooong before Kane…..Glenn Jacobs wrestled under the moniker of Angus King.

Alberto El Patron


Alberto El Patron wrestled for many years in Mexico as Dos Caras Jr. He would go to the WWE and become Alberto Del Rio….

Ricardo Rodriguez


Del Rio’s personal ring announcer…Ricardo Rodriguez…also wrestled in Mexico and the indies as the luchador….Chimaera.

The Honktonk Man


The HonkyTonk Man was originally a bleach blonde with a mustache as one half of the tag team…The Blonde Bombers with Larry Latham.

Gorgeous George


He was just plain ol’ George Wagner…until he bleached his hair blonde and starting wearing frilly ring robes and outfits as ‘Gorgeous George.’

Jimmy Hart


“The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart has managed many talents…but before his days in pro wrestling…Jimmy Hart was actually a member of a band called…’The Gentrys.”

Jim Mitchell


Speaking of musicians…the future Sinister Minister Jim Mitchell…was the lead singer of a rock band back in the 80’s.


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