Wrestling With Sin: 38 Special


Brian Damage

This is the 38th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delve deep into the darker and much more seedier side of pro wrestling. Some of these stories involve, sex, greed, backstabbing, criminal activities and sometimes….even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone nor do I condemn the alleged participants involved.

Judge…Jury and Executioner???


Former ECW referee/manager….’Judge’ Jeff Jones…was involved in a very tragic incident that took the life of a 23 year old man. The young man in question was a friend of the younger brother of ECW wrestler…Mikey Whipwreck. The 23 year old died of heart failure after ingesting a large quantity of the date rape drug GHB. So how is Jeff Jones involved?

The drug allegedly belonged to Jones. What is unclear, is whether the drug was offered to the young man or if he just drank it without consent. What is known is after he and Mikey Whipwreck’s kid brother drank the drug…..the 23 year old victim passed out in a hotel room and never woke up. It should be made clear…that NO charges were ever filed against Jeff Jones for the young man’s death. A tragic incident none the less.

Billy Oh No Travis


Memphis wrestler Billy Joe Travis holds a rare distinction in the history of the business. He was the first wrestler to be legitimately arrested on a live broadcast of a wrestling show. Back in 1997, while wrestling for the USWA…Memphis police arrived at the WMC TV studios where the USWA were holding tapings. They cuffed and arrested Billy Joe for being extremely delinquent of child support payments.

Jerry Lawler who was in charge, asked the police and was granted permission to film the actual arrest and use it as part of an angle that involved Travis and Lawler’s son Brian Christopher. Billy Joe Travis died in 2002 of an apparent heart attack in Kentucky at the age of 41.

Not Without My Daughter


In 2003, the eldest daughter of former WWF world champion The Iron Sheik…Marissa Viziri was found dead in her apartment. The cause….strangulation….the perpetrator…her boyfriend of only 1 month named Charles Warren Reynolds.


According to Reynolds, the couple were drinking and taking pills the night in question….Marissa became wild and he choked her to get her to calm down. Friends and family have a much different take on the tragic event. Reynolds had a prior record and was very controlling. The family believes that Marissa was trying to break up with Reynolds the night she was murdered. Reynolds confessed to the crime…was arrested and charged with murder. Marissa was only 27 years old.

The Camel Crutch


After his daughter’s death…The Iron Sheik went into a tailspin both physically and mentally. Battling depression, Sheik abused both drugs and alcohol to deal with the emotional pain of losing a child. It is worth noting that the Iron Sheik has since gotten clean and sober.

Too Bold Scorpio


While competing for ECW in the mid 1990’s…wrestler 2 Cold Scorpio revealed he had an affair with ECW’s female ring attendant/EMT. She was married at the time to a behind the scenes employee who traveled with the promotion.



In February of 2015, at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Japan…a scripted wrestling match became violently real. The match was for the World of Stardom Championship between the champion Yoshiko and challenger Act Yasukawa. From the get go…the bigger, stronger Yoshiko brutalized Act with elbows and punches…bloodying the smaller Act Yasukawa.

The bloodied Yasukawa refused to quit and continued with the match and continued to get legitimately pummeled by Yoshiko. After it was all too apparent that Yoshiko was trying to mame Act..the match was stopped and Yoshiko was declared the winner. Act was then rushed to a nearby hospital to treat her injuries.


The reasoning for the brutal shoot on Act Yasukawa? Yoshiko admitted there was bad blood between the two before the match. Allegedly, Yoshiko was growing jealous of Act’s growing popularity within the promotion. As a result of the attack…Yoshiko was suspended and stripped of the Stardom title. Stardom owner…Rossy Ogawa agreed to take a 30% pay cut…changes in rules and policies were implemented including automatic disqualifications for any closed fists.


As for the health of Act…she suffered a broken cheek bone…orbital bone and broken nose …as well as a concussion. Act did have her mother release a statement the day after the incident where Act apologized to her fans and urged them to continue to support Stardom wrestling.


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