Whatever Happened to Cheryl Roberts?


Brian Damage

One of the hottest feuds in the 1980’s occurred in the World Wrestling Federation in 1988. It pitted the late ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude against the legendary Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. The feud was groundbreaking for the WWF at the time. Why? Simple…back in the mid 80’s..the WWF was more about cartoonish angles and characters…this angle was born more from real life. It was one of the components of that feud, Cheryl Roberts, that is the second person featured in ‘Whatever Happened To?‘.

During that period, Rick Rude would invite one lucky lady into the ring with him so he could plant a kiss on them each and every week. On one particular week, Rude picked a lady in the crowd to get a kiss. The problem was..this women refused his offer. Feeling insulted, Rude, went over to the woman and began chastising her. After digging deeper, it was revealed that the woman in question was none other than Cheryl Roberts….Jake Roberts real life wife.

As Rude became more heated, he started putting down Jake as a man. This upset Cheryl to the point where she slapped Rude across the face…sparking a long…bitter feud between the two wrestlers. Some say, it actually at times drew real heat between Jake and Rude. In one particular instance…Rick Rude had Cheryl Roberts face airbrushed on a pair of his tights. Allegedly, it was an act that Rude did by himself without Vince McMahon or the WWF’s authorization.


Regardless if that is 100% accurate, in storyline…Jake attacked rude and ripped the tights right off of Rude in the middle of the ring. On television, Rude’s lower body was blurred out…intimating that Rude was stripped nude. In reality…Rude had on thong underwear.


Cheryl would remain on the road with Jake as his pseudo manger/valet. She was in her husband’s corner for a match against Rick Rude…in which Cheryl would slap Rude while Jake held him down. Once their feud culminated…Cheryl once again faded away from the WWF’s spotlight.


So whatever happened to Cheryl Roberts? She and Jake remained married until 2000…after which the couple divorced. She has remained out of the pro wrestling spotlight living in the south and raising her family.

4 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Cheryl Roberts?

  1. I do remember that feud. Rick Rude was awesome as his feud with Jake was great. I wonder if Cheryl has talked to Jake lately knowing that he’s been sober and doing very well lately.


  2. She looked a bit longer like “Woman” from Nwa/Wcw. She had the look of a heel manager so perhaps an opportunity missed? Could have turned heel on Jake and gone off with Rude to extend the feud.


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