Matches from History: The People’s Posse vs Camp Cornette at In Your House 9 ‘International Incident’

In Your House 9: International Incident

Craig Wilson

Inspired by our own Jamie Lithgow suggesting that this match featuring both Sid and Ahmed Johnson was good, I felt it had to be the latest bout given the ‘Matches from History‘ treatment.

Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler & Jim Ross.

This match was set up at King of the Ring 1995. After Shawn Michaels had defeated The British Bulldog, the other members of Camp Cornette – Owen Hart and Vader – hit the ring to attack Michaels with Ahmed and The Ultimate Warrior making the save. All fingers pointed to a match pitting those six men.

However, it was announced by Gorilla Monsoon that Warrior had been suspended indefinitely after failing to appear at house shows. Camp Cornette took out the Warrior and said they didn’t think HBK and Ahmend could find a team-mate. It was then announced that it was Sid that would replace the Warrior – he hadn’t been seen on WWF since just after ‘In Your House 5: Seasons Beatings’.

The People’s Posse are out first. WWF Champion Shawn Michaels makes his way out with Jose Lothario before the IC Champion Ahmed Johnson and then Sycho Sid join him in the ring before Camp Cornette come out together.

Michaels and Vader start – the pair would also take each other on at SummerSlam, the following month. Michaels is able to counter an early powerbomb attempt thanks to a push from Sid and Ahmed turning into a Hurricanrana. That gives Michaels the early advantage with a crossbody sending Vader to the outside before a crossbody over the top rope keeps the champion in control.

A double axe handle attempt misses and HBK rattles the guardrail. Vader tosses HBK back in the ring and hits his trademark forearms to Michaels in the corner. Michaels flips out of an atomic drop attempt and tags in Sid.

He mows down all three members of Camp Cornette before tossing Hart and Bulldog to the outside before clotheslining Vader out of the ring. The faces celebrate in the middle of the ring as the crowd goes wild.

Owen Hart attacks Sid from behind but he no sells and drops the younger Hart brother with a clothesline and tags in Ahmed who hits three consecutive German suplexes, of sorts, on Hart before missing a running elbow. Hart maks the tag and The Bulldog is in the ring but runs into a Spinebuster and Ahmed sets up the Pearl River Plunge but Vader breaks up the count.

Vader and Ahmed exchange blows in the corner but Vader regains control with an eye gouge and a running splash into the corner before we get more of those forearm shots. Another splash attempt but Ahmed catches him and hits a very impressive powerslam for a near fall.

Owen Hart is tagged in and nails Johnson with a running spinning heel kick. Ahmed regains control with a press slam and Sid is back in. He attacks Owen in the corner but whips him back into his team-mates and Bulldog is tagged in. He hits his trademark hanging suplex and Vader hits a running elbow but Sid powers out.

HBK gets the hot tag but misses a corner charge and rattles his shoulder on the ringpost. He manages to reverse an irish whip, sending Bulldog into Vader for a nearfall – after Owen Hart accidentally also elbow dropped his team-mate.

Owen Hart is reluctantly tagged in and the pair exchange roll-ups before Michaels rolls through a crossbody for another nearfall before a victory roll gets him another two count. More quick reversals following before a clothesline gets Hart a two count.

It’s Bulldog’s turn to get a nearfall, this time with a running legdrop and it’s followed up with a powerslam for another two but he misses an elbow drop but Owen drops HBK with a shot from his cast behind the referee’s back. Vader works on Michaels’ injured shoulder as, after a frantic start, we take a bit of a breather.

As we do, a fan tries to get into the ring but is chased by both Bulldog and Ahmed – a frightening prospect – and we return to Vader’s standing submission hold. Michaels breaks free but runs into a shoulder charge but Ahmed’s seen enough and breaks things up.

Vader is able to tag in the Bulldog but he prevents Michaels tagging out. Bulldog tries a standing back submission but HBK breaks free and attempts a cruxific but that’s countered. Bulldog misses a corner charge and hits the ringpost head first.

Again, it’s the Camp Cornette team member that is able to tag out, this time Owen tagging in, but Michaels is unable to reach a team-mate. Hart and Michaels clash heads and both men are down. But Bulldog is back in and hits a running powerslam but Sid breaks the count with a running legdrop.

Ahmed is tagged in but the referee didn’t see it and Camp Cornette triple-team Michaels but he’s still able to kick-out. A Hart & Bulldog double team fails with Michaels getting out of the way and Hart connecting with a dropkick on his partner.

Finally Shawn Michaels makes the tag and Sid is in. He chokeslams all three members of Camp Cornette and the crowd erupts. Ahmed is in and they hit a double clothesline on Vader and launch Michaels onto him. The referee is distracted and Vader attempts to his Michaels with the tennis racket but it is foiled and he’s dropped by his own managers weapon.

Michaels warms up the band but Cornette grabs his foot allowing Vader to hit a running splash into the corner and a Vader Bomb for the win.

After the match Sid powerbombed both Owen and Bulldog but when he tried to hit Vader with the move, Owen and Bulldog made the save. Michaels then leaped over the top rope and tackled Vader on the floor before Camp Cornette get themselves together and make their way to the back.

Overall: The match was a very entertaining match from start to finish. Sid wrestled within his abilities, Ahmed’s involvement was limited and Michaels carried much of this. The only downside of this one was the finish and the post-match stuff. Seemed the focus was more on having the fans leave happy – with Michaels coming back to attack Vader post match – rather than have the mastadon look strong going into SummerSlam, although having him only able to win due to Cornette wasn’t the best start. Still, in the context of the match itself, this was excellent.

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