Wrestling With Sin: 39 Steps


Brian Damage

This is the 39th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delve deep into the much more darker, sinister side of pro wrestling. Many of these stories involve lust, greed, jealousy, backstage politics, arrests and sometimes…even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do NOT condone nor do I condemn the alleged participants involved.

Luna Eclipse


In the early 1990’s, Luna Vachon managed a masked tag team known as ‘The Blackharts.’ In reality, the Blackharts were David Heath (The future Gangrel of the WWE) and Tom Nash (Luna’s husband) After a night of partying and drinking, Tom Nash and David Heath got into a verbal altercation after Nash began berating his wife Luna. The yelling and screaming turned into a full blown fight with Heath getting the best of his tag team partner.

Luna was able to break the two men apart…and all was eventually forgiven at that time. What it did do, was bring Luna and David Heath closer as friends and eventually lovers. Luna divorced Tom Nash and began seeing David Heath and the two would marry in 1994. The couple would remain married for over 12 years until their divorce in 2006.

A Vividly Sunny Day?


Chalk this one up as a rumor….for now. It is being speculated that Tammy Sytch AKA WWE Hall of Famer Sunny has just signed some sort of deal with Vivid entertainment. In case you are not familiar with Vivid…they are one of the largest hardcore pornographic companies in the world. While Tammy Sytch has remained quiet on this rumor, it should be noted that Sytch started following Vivid on Twitter and has teased the possibility in the past. It also needs to be said that Sytch has put out false rumors about herself to “mess with” internet news sites. (Not that she has in this particular situation)


If it is true, Sytch will certainly not be the first former female wrestling personality to enter that industry. As we have touched on in past Sin stories…Chyna, ECW/WCW’s Chastity and the former ‘Major Gunns’ Tylene Buck have all dabbled in porn. Stay tuned I guess…


It seems that Tammy has denied the rumors…but the head honcho of Vivid entertainment Steve Hirsch made the following statement….“After the tremendous success of Chyna, this makes total sense. Hoping we can work it out.”

The Disturbing Case Of Douglas Whitton


In 1997, a former independent wrestler from the southwest area named Doug Whitton committed a heinous act. He murdered four individuals including a 9 year old boy using a brick and a knife. Douglas Whitton was an admitted alcoholic whose pro wrestling career stalled after multiple issues with substance abuse. Whitton whose wrestling bookings dried up…became homeless and he entered a rehab facility.

He wound up meeting a couple at a church function and they invited Whitton to stay with them. Whitton checked himself out of rehab and moved in with the family. Inexplicably, Whitton would bludgeon and stab the family who let him into their home. He then stole money and went to movies…bought alcohol and paid for a motel. Whitton would be arrested the next day and charged with murder.

Whitton pleaded not guilty to the charges and in the trial that followed…was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was sent to Angola prison in Louisiana and in a story that ran in a local newspaper….Whitton now paints to pass the time of day.

The British Bully-dogs

British Bulldogs 2

The Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith aka The British Bulldogs were not only known as a talented tag team…but notorious pranksters. The pranks weren’t exactly harmless like the ones done by guys like Owen Hart or Curt Hennig…but were done on a more malicious side. When a prank victim found out that Dynamite Kid was responsible for destroying private property….it usually ended in a violent confrontation. More often than not…provoke by the Bulldogs themselves.

It wasn’t just pranks either…a former wrestler from the Calgary Stampede territory recalled plenty of times where they tried to intimidate other wrestlers. One such story was a time that a young wrestler arrived at the arena a few minutes late and Davey Boy grabbed the young wrestler by his ears and repeatedly slammed his head into a wall to teach him a lesson in tardiness.



Independent Mexican luchador….’Anima 1′ whose real name was Jesus Ernesto Malacara Castaneda was killed in October 2014 after getting hit with multiple gunshots while working at a burrito stand he owned and operated. At the time of his murder, Anima 1 was a co holder of the Ciudad Juarez tag team championship with Anima 2. The shooter was never identified or found and the reason for the murder still remains unknown. Anima 1 was 35 years old.

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