Wrestling With Sin: 41st Edition


Brian Damage

This is the 41st installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that revolve around the darker side of professional wrestling. Many of these stories involve, sex, drugs, arrests, backstabbing and sometimes even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone nor do I condemn the alleged victims or participants.

The Eighth Blunder of the World


At the tail end of Andre the Giant’s career…while on the WWF house show circuit in 1989….Andre was arrested for assaulting a local reporter. Before his match, Andre asked the reporter not to film him in the ring. The reporter allegedly agreed and Andre lost a 30 second squash match to the Ultimate Warrior. When Andre looked up…he noticed the reporter was filming him. Andre got out of the ring, broke his equipment and assaulted the individual by putting him in a headlock. Andre was arrested and released the same day and served no real jail time for the incident.

The Total Elimination of the Eliminators


Perry Saturn and John Kronus were one of the greatest tag teams of the 1990’s known as the Eliminators. The team was red hot in their time in ECW and then all of a sudden….Perry Saturn left ECW for WCW. What happened?

According to Perry Saturn, the duo split after having a bad falling out. They were admittedly great friends in the beginning of their run…but drugs and egos clashed and clashed often. Saturn recalls a drug and alcohol fueled brawl between the two in a hotel room that led to damaged hotel property. When WCW came calling…they allegedly wanted both Saturn and Kronus…but Saturn wanted nothing more to do with the team and took the deal by himself.


John Kronus stayed behind in ECW and never reached the heights he once did with Saturn in the Eliminators. According to some of Kronus’ friends…..John became depressed and resorted more to drugs and booze. Sadly, Kronus passed away in 2007 from heart failure at the age of 38.

Bull NakaNO!


In 1993, the WWE was attempting to seriously revitalize their women’s division. With Alundra Blayze (Madusa) already on board as champion…the company decided to bring in top talent from around the world. One of those wrestlers were none other than Bull Nakano from Japan. Bull went on to win the women’s title and held it for about 5 months.

Apparently, there were plans to have Bull Nakano feud with Rhonda Singh from Canada over the title while Alundra had plastic surgery done. Unfortunately, Nakano was caught in possession of cocaine and was immediately fired from the WWF. Nakano continued to have a great career elsewhere including her native Japan and WCW.

The Finnish of Ludvig Borga


Tony Halme was a controversial wrestler/MMA fighter/politician from Finland. Halme was best known in the U.S. as WWF wrestler Ludvig Borga. Many wrestlers and personnel complained about Borga’s attitude in the locker room as he was allegedly somewhat of a bully. Halme was allegedly a raging alcoholic and habitual drug user who abused them so much it affected his liver, pancreas and even his mental state.

Halme was ordered into a mental facility for his alcohol and drug related delirium. Less than four years later…Halme committed suicide with a self inflicted gun shot wound at the age of 47.

Hunter Becomes the Hunted


On December 12th, 2005…independent wrestlers and real life couple April Hunter (Formerly with WCW) and ‘Slyck’ Wagner Brown were involved in a domestic dispute that led to Hunter receiving and assortment of cuts, bruises and and a fractured wrist.

Slyck Wagner Brown was arrested for assault and allegedly for a possible attempted murder charge as reports were that Brown allegedly held a knife to Hunter’s throat during the altercation.

As with every incident, there are two sides to every story….April Hunter preferred not to talk about it much but admitted the altercation at the time left her an emotional wreck for awhile. Brown stated that he regretted his actions at the time and wished he could’ve just walked away instead of confronting her.


The entire incident according to Brown, stemmed from April allegedly talking with other men online and being emotionally detached from him for quite some time. April had stated that she was sick of being #2 in their relationship as Brown had put pro wrestling even above her.

The incident apparently cost Brown a job with the WWE…as he had just finished a successful tryout with the company just before the incident took place.


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