The Sad Demise of The Pontiac Silverdome


Craig Wilson

For many wrestling fans the Pontiac Silverdome will be best remembered for hosting Wrestlemania 3. Sadly, the venue that hosted an event with so many iconic moments has fallen into disrepair which is the focus on today’s piece.

One of the saddest and most visual examples of the dramatic decline of Detroit and the surrounding area is the shell that remains f the Pontiac Silverdome – the venue of WrestleMania 3 and once proud home to the Detroit Lions, but fairly recently offered fans a chance to buy a seat for around $100 on the proviso that you took the seat home with you.

The venue, which as well as hosting the ‘slam heard around the world’ also played home to the Super Bowl, the World Cup, a Pope, the NBA finals, Elvis and Led Zeppelin, has been in terminal decline since 2002, when the NFL team moved to Ford Field in Detroit and the Silverdome soon fell into disrepair.

Triple Investment Properties bought the Silverdome in 2009 for $583,000, but plans to turn it into a soccer stadium never materialize

Now, what once was one of the premier venues in the world is a tattered, empty reminder of the stadium’s memorable past – and of the dismal economy in Michigan.

Pontiac Silverdome World Cup 94

The venue also played home to the opening game of the 1994 World Cup between the host-nation USA and Switzerland. It was  the first match in the competition’s history to take place indoors – played under the roof of the Silverdome. In total, four games from the 1994 World Cup were played at the once great venue.


Opened in 1975 and the biggest NFL venue until the construction of Washington’s FedEx Field 1997, the Silverdome has been left to rot, with its contents auctioned off in 2014 for a sum total of just $500,000, less than £300,000.

While the stadium may still be standing, just, its deterioration is seen a symbolic of the decline of Detroit generally. once an American powerhouse, and fourth-largest city thanks in part to its automobile industry, the city has seen its population shrink by more than half a million since the 1990s.


At the beginning of this year the venue was again up for sale, at just $30m. Well, I say just but exactly what is the going rate for a venue that’s roof has caved in, contents gutted and football field left a swamp like mess? As of the beginning of this month – June 2015 – no future development plans have been announced for the once iconic venue.

In 2008 the venue for Wrestlemania 8 – then called the RCA Dome but previously the Hoosier Dome- was blown up, as shown in the video below.

Sadly it might not be too long until the Pontiac Silverdone receives similar treatment.


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