Whatever Happened to Big Bully Nick Busick?


Brian Damage

Nick Busick was a cop turned professional wrestler. His first ever match was as a jobber against Billy Red Lyons in the WWWF (Now known as the WWE) in 1978. Busick continued his dual roles as both a police officer by day and a pro wrestler by night. But Whatever Happened to Big Bully Busick?


He wrestled primarily in the Georgia territory until he got his first real big national exposure. Nick Busick joined the Texas based Global Wrestling Federation (GWF) which had a national television deal with fledgling sports network ESPN. It was there where Nick Busick became “Big Bully” Nick Busick. He would come to the ring smoking a cigar and wearing a 1920’s style bowler hat.

His exposure with the GWF and ESPN got the attention of Vince McMahon Jr and in 1991…Busick was signed to the World Wrestling Federation. Busick continued using his gimmick of the Big Bully. He was also given a manager in a puny runt looking man named Harvey Wippleman. Harvey was a manager in several territories for years as Downtown Bruno before making it to the WWF.

Big Bully Busick was seen bullying wrestlers, ring announcers and fans at ringside. He had a small feud with the Brooklyn Brawler over who was the real bully of the WWF. Nick Busick wrestled the likes of the British Bulldog, Bret Hart and the Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich…but never had any really big matches within the company.


His first big profile match was to take place at the Survivor Series in 1991. He was selected on Colonel Mustafa’s (The Iron Sheik) team that also included Skinner and the Berzerker. Unfortunately for him, he left the WWF right before the pay per view and was replaced by Hercules Hernandez.


So whatever happened to Big Bully Busick? Nick Busick had a successful career after he decided to retire from wrestling in 1992. He owned and operated his own line of nutritional supplements and also ran a security firm in West Virginia.


Sadly, Busick was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer…but continues to fight and be an advocate for others fighting this potentially deadly disease. He started a website where you can purchase shirts to help support his battle with cancer.


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