Sunday Sermon: New For Old Gimmicks
Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

Mixing old and new is the order of the day in this week’s Sermon as the team mix old school gimmicks with new school wrestlers. The premise is really simple, in a pure fantasy scenario, which current WWE performers would we like to see portray an old-school gimmick?

Cowboy Randy Orton

Cowboy Randy Orton

Jamie: This whole idea was born out of a brief comment Bo Dallas made about IRS on a Network Countdown show. This is way out of left field, but I think Bo Dallas would have been a hoot in his dad’s old tax man gimmick. The more layers to a gimmick the more interesting it is, and a motivational tax man is certainly something for a performer to get their teeth into.

A little less left field here, but I think Seth Rollins has more than a whiff of Rick Rude about him. He already portrays a complete arsehole, but give him a fancy robe and a Tom Selleck mustache and he could quite easily pass for ‘ravishing’.

Craig: Good topic. Guess The Ascension are sort of a Demolition/Road Warriors rip-off anyway so can’t really use that example. Plus, I don’t think glorified gimp masks and/or shoulder pads is really going to help them.

Suppose if they ever wanted Randy Orton to get more heel heat they could have his arm in plaster cast.

They could always have Curtis Axel rally against the world of rap music. He’s due another short term gimmick that’ll go nowhere…

The Fandango Tonk Man

The Fandango Tonk Man

Jamie: Ah, yes I forgot about the most obvious choice; The Ascension. Has anyone else noticed that they now wear the Powers of Pain’s armbands? Ace Cowboy Randy Orton sounds way better than plain old Randy Orton too.

Given the volume of hip-hop stars that periodically appear on WWE TV, a reprising of the West Texas Rednecks gimmick may not be a bad shout…

Lots of people like to compare Dean Ambrose to former stars. Roddy Piper and Brian Pillman get mentioned a lot. However, if I were to cast Ambrose as a wrestler from yesteryear it would have to be RepoMan! He’s often described as “a little off”, he’s sneaky and he steals stuff. Give him a Lone Ranger mask and the job is done. Come to think of it, Ambrose would make a good Smash and Blacktop Bully too…

Craig: They could probably give Sandow a Rick ‘the model’ Martel shtick quite easily as well. Although his career to date has largely been a pastiche of previously used gimmicks anyway.

And we’ve gotten this far without talking about Los Matadores and El Matador Tito Santana…
Can’t also help but think that Cesaro would suit a gimmick like Mr. Perfect where he shows his prowess at various different sports.

Who is the most obvious candidate for a Million Dollar Man “I’m wealthier than you” gimmick, do you think?

Brian: Dolph Ziggler would be a perfect…Mr. Perfect or a reincarnation of Badass Billy Gunn.

Craig: Yes he would, can’t believe we missed those ones too.

Give Harper and Rowan dungarees and have them do some Godwinns thing? Not for any real reason, merely that it would be kinda surreal…

And sometimes Photoshop is not needed

Sometimes Photoshop is not needed

Brian: Fandango as the Honkytonk Man.

Craig: What about a more obscure gimmick like the one the Killer Bees had when the deployed the masks so opponents didn’t know which one was which and often stole victories. A surprising tact for a face team but be a great thing to do with a cowardly heel duo to do to get heat quickly. No?

Brian: NXT has a couple of old school type gimmicks going on right now. Tyler Breeze reminds me of Rick Martel’s “Model” gimmick and Bull Dempsey has a sorta Bastion Booger gimmick going on.

Jamie: Very true. I love the creativity shown in NXT. If we’re looking at old schools gimmicks then we have to mention the Vaude Villains. They remind of nobody from the cartoon, new generation or attitude eras; but a cracking gimmick all the same. On the subject of NXT, former champion Neville would be my pick to play the part of Max Moon!

It’s interesting to see that, when you think about it, the blueprints for a lot of gimmicks are recycled. Maybe there’s no such thing as a bad gimmick, and eventually it will find a home on the right person. I wonder who will be brave enough to make Beaver Cleavage work….?

Think you know who could be the next ‘Million Dollar Man’? Got an idea for who could pull off the ‘Beaver Cleavage’ gimmick? Join in the discussion below with your thoughts and musings on today’s Sunday Sermon.

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