Wrestling With Sin: 4orty Thr3e


Brian Damage

This is the 43rd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delve deep into the darker, sometimes seedier side of pro wrestling. Many of these stories involve subjects like lust, greed, revenge and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the sin series…I do NOT condone nor do I condemn the alleged involved.

HIGH Voltage


WCW had high hopes for Robbie Rage and Kenny Kaos aka High Voltage. Graduates of WCW’s Power Plant…High Voltage were pegged for big things in WCW’s tag team division. Their potential was never truly recognized sadly, because both Rage and Kaos allegedly suffered from personal demons.


The locker room notoriously nicknamed the team….”High Dosage” for their alleged abuse of many prescription and illegal drugs. Things at one point, got so bad for the tandem…that they were released from WCW. Robbie Rage…real name Rob Knapik….admittedly said he was addicted to painkillers and ecstasy. He also added that because of his drug habit…he wound up losing everything including his two homes and several cars. Both Rage and Kaos are totally out of professional wrestling now and doing much better.

Bam Bam Thank You Ma’am


In 1986, a virtual rookie in pro wrestling….Bam Bam Bigelow was arrested after a dispute with a prostitute over payment in New Jersey. Bam Bam allegedly made threats to do bodily harm to the prostitute after the two could not agree on a price for her services. Bam Bam would get probation and a fine after he made a plea bargain to get the charge of making terroristic threats reduced.

The Not So Sweet Story of Sweet Georgia Brown


Susie Mae McCoy known during her wrestling days as ‘Sweet Georgia Brown,’wrestled mostly in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. She was a talented wrestler who came through the pro wrestling circuit at a time where men dominated the ranks and blacks were treated as second class citizens. Many times, Sweet Georgia Brown had to be sneaked into arenas by hiding in trunks of cars because Ku Klux Klan members were looking out for “Negroes.”


She was often raped and abused by male promoters and hardly ever received fair payment for the work she did inside the ring. By the end of her career, Susie Mae McCoy was left destitute and penniless. She had to work an assortment of low paying odd jobs to feed herself and her family. Because of the abuse she withstood during her career, Susie Mae hardly ever socialized with people outside her family. Sadly, Susie Mae died in 1989 from breast cancer.



TNA wrestlers Robbie E Strauss and Brooke ‘Tessmacher’ Adams were a real life dating couple. They even appeared on the reality competition show Amazing Race together in which they came in fourth place. During the filming of that show, Robbie and Brooke broke up their relationship. Many assumed that they split because of the rigors and stress of the show…but apparently that was not the case.


According to TMZ, the reason was because Robbie was still in love with his ex wife. The woman in question is named Tara and she is a personal trainer. Robbie and Tara were married for seven years before getting a divorce in 2013. Robbie went back to his ex wife after filming concluded and he re-proposed to her…in which she said yes! On the flip side of that, while Brooke confirmed the two were split up…she has been somewhat tight lipped about the break up. Both Robbie and Brooke still remain active on the TNA roster.

Sour Power


Dean Liptak….formerly one half of the tag team called the “Power Twins” with his identical twin brother Dave wrestled for various independent promotions as well as WCW. The duo retired from in ring competition with Dean becoming a high school science teacher in Florida….A very controversial teacher at that.

Dean was suspended from teaching for 5 days without pay after he was caught putting a jamming device on a Verizon signal tower. The reason why he did it…according to Dean…was to prevent his students from using their cell phones in his class. The main problem, however, was his jamming device knocked out service for everybody in that area. Verizon decided not to press charges against Dean.


This isn’t the first time Dean has found himself in hot water with the school district. In 2013, Dean was reprimanded by the school for issuing what parents called…”inappropriate and violent questions” on an exam. Some of the questions Dean Liptak asked students were as follows…

“A 50 kg student has a momentum of 500 kg m/s as the teacher launches him toward the wall, what is the velocity of the student heading toward the wall?”

“A northbound car with a velocity of 100 m/s ran over a baby with a momentum of 800 kg m/s, what is the mass of the car?”

Dean was reprimanded in that case but not suspended.

3 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 4orty Thr3e

  1. We need more teachers like Dean Liptak, sounds like my kinda guy haha. Shane Douglas was a school teacher aswell. Could you imagine the franchise as a teacher?! YOU’RE BOOK REPORT SUCKED THEN!!! AND IT SUCKS NOW!!! Awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just one thought. Take this stuff as learning more about wrestlers you watched and like. We all get into scrapes and situations in life. This stuff just happens when people are young. When it comes to Bam Bam Bigelow people should remember 1 thing above all others- this guy ran into a burning building, severely injuring himself, to save people. He was also a very humble guy. His last run in WCW was bad but that is not his fault. Look back- they had him show up looking for Goldberg. The issue is Goldberg was unstoppable at this time and Bam Bam was years removed from being a monster. He was not a legit threat to Goldberg at the time. He could have been had they booked him as a monster for a few months but they didn’t.


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