This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 32

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week, Craig talks ‘Drax Shadow’ and New Day (again) while Brian shares with us the best wrestling related images he’s come across this week. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

"Nice to have you back Eric. Love your new haircut"

“Nice to have you back Eric. I love what you’ve done with your beard…”

“Hold On A Minute Playa…”

  • Keeping your shoulders on the mat and wriggling your body as the ref counts three is the new ‘kicking out at two’
  • If The Authority are indeed ‘The Authority’ then why did The Undertaker ask Mr. McMahon for a rematch with Brock Lesnar, and not them?
  • “Britain will be hosting next year’s Olympics” – that’s not a JBL comment from four years ago, rather he spewed this nonsense five days ago. Answers on a postcode…
  • Ginger people; they’re all the same to Bray Wyatt…
  • Wrestlers get paid?!
  • El Torito is well under 5ft tall, so why did Seth Rollins set his height limit at 6ft?
  • The prospect of The Undertaker taking suplex is a major selling point for a major PPV… apparently

37 hours of Lucha Underground in 37 minutes

Not too familiar with the excellent Lucha Underground? Well, helpfully El Ray have uploaded a highlight video of the show’s first season. It’s a good starting point…

The WWE Do Some Things Really REALLY Well

Drax Shadow

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon went out of their way to make Monday night a special occasion for Elijah ‘Drax Shadow’ Mainville.

As a company the WWE often gets a lot of stick, some of it fairly and some of it unfairly.

What isn’t in doubt is the way that they go out of their way to create once in a lifetime opportunities for their fans that need it the most.

We saw the way that they treated Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, a young fan that had, and ultimately died due to, cancer with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon setting up “Connor’s Cure” in his honour and his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame with The Warrior Award. And that all came after he got the chance to spend time with his wrestling heroes including Daniel Bryan.

This past week the WWE went out of their way to make things special for Elijah ‘Drax Shadow’ Mainville. Elijah is a 7 year old cancer sufferer who had previously submitted an entrance video to Tough Enough.

After Raw went off the air this past Monday, he signed a contract with the WWE alongside Stardust, his favourite WWE superstar, as you can see in the video below.

While the cynical amongst us will put this down to being PR, it’s difficult to argue that this isn’t a great thing that the company do time and time again. And I can’t help but feel that the WWE as a company don’t quite shout loud enough about their charity endeavours – although I get that that’s not really the reason for doing what they do.

Ultimately moments like these can bring a tear to the eye of the most hardened person, one can only imagine how important they are to the families of the kid’s that the WWE do things for in this way.

We can grumble about the WWE product, but we can’t knock the lengths that they go to for their fans.

How New Day Have Changed

The love-in for New Day on this blog has been documented before. I’m a huge fan of the trio and was delighted to see that they were on this past Wednesday’s Talk is Jericho podcast. Available here.

Since debuting on our screens the trio have gone from faces with a gimmick that would never get over to a heel group that is hugely entertaining and over with the fans. To demonstrate how far they’ve come? Here was one of their original vignettes…

That’s light years from where they have gotten with the New Day gimmick. On paper, it probably wasn’t meant to work but boy have they worked hard at making it a success and they deserve all the credit for it. Long may New Day continue to shine.

While we’re at it, here’s one of Kofi Kingston’s debut vignettes…

Picture Gallery

The big red monster Kane never forgot his roots and where he came from….

Kane DS Yankem

Heaven has got some nice roster right now….


This easily could’ve been WCW’s version of the Four Horsemen in its final days. Anything would’ve been better than Steve Mongo McMichael…


In case you didn’t know, JTG (Yes that JTG) wrote a book.


Video Gallery

I have often said, that the daytime talk shows were more predetermined than pro wrestling matches. With that said, here is a young Mickie James on a talk show back in 2000. A year after making her pro debut and still 5 years before she came to the WWE.

This Past Week on the Blog

On Monday we asked Whatever Happened to Marianna “Mrs. Cleavage” Komlos?, on Tuesday we had a look at the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time The Honky Tonk Man, we featured part 45 of ‘Wrestling with Sin’ on Wednesday, Thursday’s Top Five looked at the best moments from Rowdy Roddy Piper’s illustrious career and we rounded off the week with part one of our look at the career of Monty “Billy Gunn” Sopp.

Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow our Sunday Sermon looks at the WWE tag team division, we have part two of our piece on Billy Gunn, we ask Whatever Happened to Molly Holly, list the worst WCW gimmicks of the 90s and the WWE’s failure with a number of monster heels.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ columns can be read here.

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