This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 33

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week, Craig talks about King Barrett while Brian shares with us the best wrestling related images he’s come across this week. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Hold On A Minute Playa…”

If you buy one of these then you better hope Cena doesn't win at Summerslam

If you buy one of these then you better hope Cena doesn’t win at Summerslam

  • It’s okay for a top good guy, in a company with its own anti-bullying campaign, to make fun of someone’s weight. Bravo WWE, bravo…
  • Tough Enough is “the greatest TV show ever” and Miz’s new movie “will be a huge success”. Daniel Bryan was clearly not under oath on Monday…
  • Summerslam is only on the WWE Network??? Someone better tell WWE’s pay per view providers…
  • If Rusev is “full of himself” for displaying his face on his nation’s flag, then how does one explain John Cena’s current – stars and stripes adorned – merchandise?
  • Speaking of John Cena merchandise, his new t-shirt was just released. If he defeats Seth Rollins at Summerslam he will become a 16 time world champion…
  • Hats off to Stephen Amell, he’s clearly not sweating Stardust… oh wait…
  • You would think that after all this time WWE referees would be briefed on what to do when someone tries to cash-in a MITB briefcase
  • You can say “jerk off” on a PG show?
  • Jamie Noble is a more likeable John Cena than John Cena is
  • Randy Orton vying for a 13th world title is a selling point, apparently
  • WWE should avoid asking actual actors to act in segments, they just make everyone else look bad by comparison
  • So, how has the current ‘Divas revolution’ the internet cried out for gone down in cyberspace? Hard to tell, everyone’s talking about the alleged antics of a former diva and a woman who is not, and never has been, a pro wrestler

The Downfall of a King

KingBarrettOn the 28th of April, in a WWE Network exclusive, Bad News Barrett pinned Neville in 7 minutes in the final of King of the Ring to be declared King Barrett.

It led to many anticipating that the time was finally now for Barrett and would now be pushed on to bigger and better things.

This past week on Raw, Neville defeated King Barrett in one minute and 18 seconds.

Our collective optimism was clearly misplaced.

It’s not like Barrett has had a terrible time with the WWE. He’s been a multiple time Intercontinental champion but it’s been in a period of time where the company have booked the title to be passed around a lot with no superstar really getting a good solid run with the belt.

Winning King of the Ring could, and really should, have been a launching pad for Barrett.

Had he gone from winning it to getting the IC title back I’d have seen that as a backwards step – both for him and for the title itself, truth be told.

Instead what has happened is even worse. When you’ve guys like Zack Ryder floating about doing nothing, what’s the point in using your King of the Ring as a jobber? It devalues Barrett and the King of the Ring tournament, which is hardly held in that high esteem as it is.

In Barrett the WWE have a solid worker with a good look on their hands but whatever momentum he may have had from winning King of the Ring has evaporated as he’s been treated as being a rung above a jobber at times on Raw.

I wonder if it will be long before Barrett is given the ‘Missed Wrestling Opportunities‘ treatment on this blog. That would certainly be Bad News. To avoid that, the WWE need to start booking the Preston born superstar properly pretty soon.

Rack up a couple of wins, and quick ones. With some work the WWE could turn Barrett into a star. You never know, he could be the WWE’s first British world champion but at this rate that point couldn’t be further away.

Picture Gallery

December 2014

Vince McMahon on Cesaro: “He doesn’t quite have the charisma, he doesn’t have quite the verbal skills. Maybe it’s because he’s Swiss, I don’t know in terms of European style… at the moment, he lacks it.

August 2015


PG Era WWE at its “finest”

Ron Simmons

Hmmm, I wonder if they were the travel agency for the company during the “Plane ride from hell?” Might explain why they aren’t around anymore….


New Jack 1

Hulk Hogan 0

New Jack Hulk Hogan

Congratulations to Matt Striker…Still Living the dream!

Matt Striker

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Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow our Sunday Sermon looks ahead to SummerSlam, we ask Whatever Happened to Nicole Bass, we look at how certain feuds didn’t get the blow off they deserved and mark the anniversary of a special SummerSlam moment.

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