Wrestling With Sin: 4Six


Brian Damage

This is the 46th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delve deep into the darker side of the business of professional wrestling. Many of these stories involve issues pertaining to lust, greed, drugs and in some cases…even murder! As with every story in the Sin series….I never condone nor condemn the participants in these alleged incidents.

The Alpha and The Omega


Longtime WWE seamstress Julie Youngberg is accusing a ‘couple from Cameron, North Carolina’ of hacking and stalking her. Youngberg…of course is referring to Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky of the alleged acts. She then went on to accuse Sky of giving birth to a half black baby…insinuating that the child is not Matt Hardy’s.

Reby Sky sent multiple tweets to the WWE’s Twitter page calling Youngberg a “racist” and delusional and then accused Youngberg of having an affair with former WWE star Justin Gabriel.

Youngberg had this to say on Facebook….

“So great news. The police came over the other day who are working on my case of the person/people who are hacking me, stalking me, making up horrible lies, slander, etc and are trying to break up the beautiful marriage Shannon and I have. Funny enough the cops traced the emails back to a town none other than Cameron NC!!! Hmmm…lol, Just a little more time before they crack the false name the acct was opened under but they are working on it. Let’s just say what comes around goes around and sorry assholes Shannon and I love each other way too much to let psychopaths like you with nothing better to do with your lives or time than to try and ruin ours. Your pathetic and sad excuses for human beings. If I were you right now I’d be extremely nervous for the outcome.”


The saddest part of this situation, is that Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore have been friends since childhood. They trained together…worked together in both the Matt Hardy’s own promotion called Omega…and in the WWE as well. Youngberg has worked for the WWE since 2009 and was formerly married to Darren Drozdov.



Mexican wrestler Jesus Luna Pozos better known by his lucha name “Charly Manson” was arrested back in 2011. He and a friend got into a verbal argument with two police officers that led the four men to have a physical altercation. The result was one cop suffering a fractured skull and the other officer suffering a broken nose. Manson’s friend was shot by police…but survived the incident.

Manson was arrested and later stood trial where he was found guilty and sentenced to 7 years in a Mexico City prison for aggravated assault. Charly Manson was facing a maximum sentence of up to 15 years in jail.

Lindamania Running Wild


On TV…the Hogan/Bollea family seemed perfectly normal…at least by pro wrestling/reality TV standards. It’s when Hulk and Linda divorced in 2007 after 24 years of marriage that things took a bizarre turn.

Linda who was 48 years old began dating a 19 year old named Charlie Hill who was a high school classmate of her daughter Brooke. The two had a whirlwind romance that at first fractured her relationship with her daughter. Linda and Charlie got engaged in 2012…only to split up with Charlie suing Linda for over 1.5 million dollars claiming he was used by her to do all her menial tasks like gardening and washing her cars.


In 2011, Linda wrote a tell all book that claimed that Hulk Hogan was addicted to porn and was very demanding sexually and when she didn’t live up to his needs…he would throw fits of rage. She also claimed that Hogan and longtime friend Ed Leslie aka Brutus Beefcake had a sexual encounter with one another. An accusation that made Hulk file a defamation lawsuit against her forcing Linda to retract the claims.


In 2013, Linda was arrested on a DUI charge. She initially plead not guilty with her lawyer claiming she only had one glass of champagne and was on antibiotics that gave her the appearance of looking disoriented. She would later confess to the DUI and was sentenced to three years probation and three months of alcohol education classes.


Despite the bitter breakup with her younger boyfriend Charlie Hill…Linda has said in interviews that she still prefers the company of younger men because, ‘Older men just can’t keep up with me.’ There have been rumors floating around that she has been with both younger men and women sexually since her divorce from the Hulkster…but that is just a rumor and has never been substantiated either way.

Chili Today…Hot Tamale


The late Owen Hart was a notorious ribber (prankster) in the WWF/E locker rooms. While on tour in Kansas City, a large contingent of WWF stars went over to the home of the legendary Harley Race for a cook out. One of the dishes being prepared for the wrestlers, was Harley’s award winning chili. Owen thought it would be funny to take a bottle of one of the hottest hot sauces around and dump it into Harley’s big vat of chili. Subsequently…ruining one of Harley’s pride and joys.

Harley wasn’t too pleased with Owen’s prank and the next night at the arena…Harley was going to get even. Harley went over to Owen to shake his hand and in the process took out a taser and shocked Owen. The taser was so powerful…it briefly knocked Owen unconscious. Not many people were sure..if this was a prank by Harley or if he was legitimately pissed at Owen for his prank and this was retaliation. Either way…lesson learned! Don’t mess with Harley Race……or his chili.

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7 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 4Six

    • The WWE killed him. All the reason in the world that that nonexistent hof doesn’t deserve him. You get the hof is literally just a broom closet they store everything in. It isn’t Cooperstown with a building. And some think once Vince is gone the bs hof will be too. If someone kills me I wouldn’t want them to be making more money off me by putting me in their hof.

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      • I see your point. After all, they’ve put some horrible people in the Hall of Fame. One of them is a dictator, another is an accomplice to murder, one killed a woman, and there’s some other horrible people in that place.

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  1. Good lord Hogan’s ex-wife is nasty. A 50 something surgically preserved hotdog skinned skank in a bikini. Gross. That whole hogan clan sound like trash to me.


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  3. Never heard a cross word about him from any wrestler out there who knew him. He was first and foremost a family man, which is the true testament of his legacy. Wrestling was a secondary thing in terms of describing him. But he was awesome at that too.


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