Whatever Happened to “Fake” Razor Ramon?


Brian Damage

Fresh from Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leaving the WWE for WCW and gaining massive success as The Outsiders and the nWo, the WWE tried to counter this by having two new superstars perform as Razor Ramon and Deisel, the gimmicks Hall and Nash left behind. The man that played the second Diesel would gain success later as Kane but whatever happened to Rick Bognar, the man that portrayed Razor Ramon?

Canadian Rick Bognar wrestled for close to 10 years all over the world including the U.S., Canada and Japan. His biggest success as a wrestler, came while wrestling in Japan as Big Titan. Titan formed a pretty successful tag team with the Awesome Gladiator aka the late Mike Awesome.


While having moderate success in Japan, Bognar wanted to make it big in the states. Bognar wrestled briefly for Paul Heyman and ECW before getting a WWF tryout courtesy of fellow Canadian Bret Hart in 1996. He wrestled as Rick Titan in his tryout match and wound up being sent home. Feeling he was never going to get a call from the WWF, Bognar was ready to return to Japan. That is until Vince McMahon himself called Bognar with an idea.


The idea pitched by McMahon was to have Bognar come in as the “New” Razor Ramon. This idea came after both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left the WWF with great success to join the greener pastures of WCW. Bognar was hesitant about the idea at first, but felt that this was his big break in wrestling. Vince promised Bognar that in time, he would allow him to insert his own spin on the Razor Ramon character.


Rick Bognar signed a 1 year contract with the company and was immediately teamed with another WWF prospect named Glenn Jacobs who would portray the new Diesel. The plan was for the two to come into the WWF managed by a newly turned heel Jim Ross. The thought was that the curiosity factor would get fans to turn the channel back to Monday Night Raw…all it did was turn off even more fans and freak out WCW management who thought that Hall and Nash were jumping back to the WWF, so they paid both Hall and Nash even more money to stay with WCW.

The gimmicks of the new Razor and new Diesel failed miserably and were quickly pulled from TV. Glenn Jacobs would head down to the USWA (The WWF’s de facto developmental territory) where he would be repackaged (Eventually as the Big Red Monster Kane) Bognar on the other hand was a sitting duck and was soon released from the company.


Bognar would later end up back in the place he had the most success…Japan. Bognar admits that while his experience in the WWF wasn’t great…it did allow him to command more money in Japan. In an ironic twist of fate, Bognar would join the Japanese version of the New World Order (nWo) The group that was founded in part by Scott Hall in WCW…the man who Bognar tried to replace in the WWF.

Rick Bognar continued to wrestle in Japan until suffering a neck injury that ultimately ended his wrestling career in 1999. So whatever Happened to Rick Bognar?


Since his retirement in ’99..Bognar has been extremely busy. He has worked jobs in fitness, real estate and trained up and coming wrestlers. He also wrote a book entitled, “Wrestling with Consciousness.” Currently, Bognar resides in his native Canada where he works in business development and helps companies find, interview and hire prospective employees.

6 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to “Fake” Razor Ramon?

  1. That was an annoying time with the fake Ramon and Diesel and heel Jim Ross. But then WCW wasn’t too far behind with the fake JR….can’t even remember what they called him…”Oklahoma”?


    • Sadly Iliked the angle of the “NEW” Razor and Diesel. Dont ask me why, because I cant give you an answer, I just kinda digged it. ( Im a smart fan, and knew what was really going on ) Think about it… if people got behind these 2 guys who obviously were good at their craft, The Monday Night Wars would have had a whole new twist. WWE could have kept their inventions and both WWE and WCW would have prospered by trying to one up each other…If you think Im nuts then look at the popularity of the BWO in ECW


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  3. The story ending makes it sound like Rick had a happy, successful ending. Truthfully, this man, if you can call him that, is a complete failure, wreck and fraud. He cannot control his own life and should never be taken seriously by anyone looking to improve themselves. From his own mouth, he spews nothing but delusional lies. He has and never had fame and fortune, like so many of those poor souls who did not have any real talent. His WWF wrestling, as short lived as it was (less than six months), was deemed some of the worst performances the franchise had ever seen. Stay away from this user as he is nothing but an energy sucker. You will be worse-off if you let this person into your life.


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