This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 35

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week, Craig talks about the Dudley Boyz while Brian shares with us the best wrestling related images he’s come across this week. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

Positivity or... ecstasy?

Positivity or… ecstasy?

“Hold On A Minute Playa…”

  • So, where did Sting hide Seth Rollins’ statute?
  • Role model, children’s favourite and top babyface John Cena…. Likes to beat up chat show hosts
  • First there was Super Shredder, now there is Super Wyatt
  • Jon Stewart has his own TitanTron video?
  • Are The New Day supposed to be really positive, or off their tits on drugs?
  • How long before we see The New Day marching band?
  • A double champion – the perfect excuse to have Sheamus cash-in and win the US Title… by mistake
  • How did Bubba Dudley know that WWE still keep tables under the ring?
  • Despite taking his cues from the referees all night, the time keeper managed to get confused during the tenth match of the night at Summerslam
  • Seth Rollins is a brave man for trying to resurrect the Mordecai gimmick…


The Welcome Return of the Dudley Boyz

One of the negative impact that the internet has had on the world of wrestling is that genuine surprises are far and few between.

So this past Monday on Raw when the fireworks hit the stage and the legendary team of Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley made their way on to the stage, I genuinely marked out.

It was cool enough to see Bubba Ray appear briefly in this year’s Royal Rumble match but to see the pair back on WWE screens as a tandem, and to see them hit Xavier Woods with their diving headbutt then ‘Get the tables!’ shtick was one cool cool moment from what turned out to be a fairly lacklustre episode of Raw.

To regular readers of this blog, that won’t be a terrible surprise. After all, we love a bit of nostalgia and are always on the lookout for ways to improve the WWE’s tag team division.

The latter, though, is the most sure fire benefit of the pair returning to the WWE. Every current WWE tag team will benefit from working from the experienced pair, in a same way that NXT talent are getting a rub from working from experienced hands like Rhyno and Samoa Joe.

I don’t necessarily think we should expect another tag team title run from those damn Dudleys – but you never know – but their return is a welcome one that will be a big benefit to the WWE as every team that steps in the ring will be a better team as a result. And it’ll be a lot of fun for us fans.

Picture Gallery

In an earlier edition of TWIW, we looked at how Seth Rollins might have gotten his inspiration for his black attire. This week, we might as well speculate where Rollins got his inspiration for his Summer Slam get up from this past Sunday…..Hmmmmm?!?


Roddy Piper’s daughter posted what her Dad’s grave looks like on Instagram…

Roddy Piper

It takes a lot of work for Charles Robinson to maintain his Lil’ Naitch looks!

Charles Robinson

I love this painting…I guess you can call it…”Boulevard of Broken American Dreams”

Boulevard of Broken American Dreams


Ric Flair

Did you know? (I sure didn’t)

Macho Man Jesse Ventura

The WWF briefly tried out Macho Man Randy Savage and Jessie Ventura as a tag team before Ventura was forced to retire due to blood clots? I think things worked out well for both anyway…

Video Gallery

It looks like Japanese great and former WWF/E wrestler The Great Sasuke is getting a documentary done about his life. Here is the trailer…

Back in 1989, Andre the Giant did a commercial for Honeycomb cereal. What’s funny is they used a voice double for Andre for this ad.

This Past Week on the Blog

On Monday we looked at why the New Rockers failed, Tuesday’s ‘Great Ideas That Didn’t Last‘ focussed on WWE Confidential, on Wednesday we had part 47 of ‘Wrestling with Sin’, Thursday saw us look at gimmicks that worked in the WWE feeder leagues but never made it to the main roster and we rounded off the week by asking Whatever Happened to the man that played the fake Razor Ramon.

Next Week on the Blog

We mark the 20th anniversary of the first WCW Nitro, we ask Whatever Happened To Kathy ‘B.B.’ Dingman, Many Faces of returns with a look at Barry Darsow and more.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ columns can be read here.


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