Missed Wrestling Opportunities: The Beverly Brothers in the WWE

Beverly Brothers

Craig Wilson

When Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom arrived in the WWF in 1991 it was on the back of solid runs in the American Wrestling Association and the NWA yet their run with the Vince McMahon’s company amounted to very little. That is why they are the focus of this latest ‘Missed Wrestling Opportunities‘ piece.

In May 1991 when Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom joined the then WWF, they did so on the back of being regarded as a tag team with one of the most impressive win/loss records in the American Wrestling Association and winning the 1989 Rookie of the Year award in Pro Wrestling Illustrated, making them the only tag team to win this award – a record that still stands.

In the AWA the pair would defeat the team of Greg Gagne and Paul Diamond to win the promotion’s tag titles in their first year with the company however by the end of 1990, the AWA was effectively on hiatus and would eventually shut down entirely by May 1991.

With AWA on hiatus, Bloom and Enos, while still AWA World Tag champs, the Destruction Crew joined World Championship Wrestling during the summer of 1990 and wrestled under masks as the “Minnesota Wrecking Crew II” and were managed by Ole Anderson who was part of the original Minnesota Wrecking Crew.

After the AWA closed, the pair wrestled in Japan in a number of matches for New Japan Pro Wrestling including but were unsuccessful in attempts to win the IWGP Tag titles.

In May of 1991 Enos and Bloom joined the WWE and, now sporting bleach blonde hairstyles and wearing bright tights and capes to the ring, were renamed Blake (Enos) and Beau (Bloom).

The duo, with the gimmick of spoiled brats, were initially managed by Coach then The Genius. They were thrust info feuds with the Legion of Doom, the Bushwackers and the tag champions The Natural Disasters. It was only the Bushwackers that they were able to defeat – that win coming at the 1992 Royal Rumble and by the end of the year the team were used primarily to put over other tag teams.

By April 1994 Bloom had left and semi-retired from the ring while Enos remained with the promotion, still used largely as enhancement talent. Latterly Enos is best remembered as portraying the Mauler in WCW and was in the ring competing when Scott Hall made his way through the crowd to debut on Nitro.

So what makes Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom contenders for ‘Missed Wrestling Opportunities’? Well, here you had two impressive workers who had been recognised for their efforts with a PWI award and stints competing for the IWGP and NWA tag team titles that, when they made it to the WWE, were saddled with a ridiculous gimmick.

If you cast your eyes over the tag division in 1992 it was hardly a high water mark. Sure, Money Inc were a solid team and Legion of Doom were still at the top of their game but other than that it was fairly slim pickings. The Bushwackers and the team of High Energy were of the level of opening shows while the Headshrinkers still hadn’t established themselves.

Had Enos and Bloom been used properly they would have been excellent foil for the Steiners when they debuted in the WWE and the two could have sparked up the feud they had during their time at WCW.

But it wasn’t to be. In a period where the WWE were short of talent and good in-ring workers, they had two solid workers that they did nothing with. A definite missed opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “Missed Wrestling Opportunities: The Beverly Brothers in the WWE

  1. I remember their AWA battle against Ken Patera and Brad Rhenigans when they took them out during the car lifting competition on television. Should have been pushed better.


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