This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 36

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week, Craig talks about Vince Russo while Brian shares with us the best wrestling related images and videos he’s come across this week. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Hold On A Minute Playa…”

Remember Eva, you're booked to win so always kick out at two...

Remember Eva, you’re booked to win so always kick out at two…

  • WWE’s Divas were allocated three matches on Raw this week… unfortunately the combined duration of these matches was just six minutes and one second i.e. less time than The Big Show vs. Ryback match was allocated
  • Dolph Ziggler should lock his door when he is showering……. Like a normal person
  • You can hijack a statue?!
  • Is it just me or is Bray Wyatt turning into Raven, with Luke Harper playing the part of Saturn?
  • Big E’s been to some weird Thanksgivings
  • A singles match against The Big Show is a bigger challenge than a triple threat match, also featuring The Big Show…?
  • Cory Graves won’t be appearing in Wall-Mart commercials any time soon
  • How long has it taken WWE to give The Ascension something to do?
  • Are there really enough Divas on the roster to be squashing three of them in ‘Beat the Clock’ matches?
  • If a WWE or NXT performer does not kick out of a pin as planned then the referee will not bail them out, see last week’s NXT. Unless said person is called Eva Marie, see this week’s NXT

In defence of Vince Russo


I’ve always liked Vince Russo. He’s a man that receives far too much criticism for his role in wrestling history and the blame for things that were undoubtedly not his fault.

Add in the fact he comes across as hugely entertaining, and as a massive fan of wrestling, both in his book and on podcasts – either on his own or when as a guest on others – then maybe I’m a Vince Russo guy.

I was certainly delighted when my podcast update showed that he was the guest on the excellent Ric Flair ‘WOOOOO! Nation’ podcast. And what a tour de force it was as a show.

It was great to hear Flair reiterate the ridiculousness of blaming Russo for the demise of WCW – that ship had already sailed – and to hear that at TNA the company cut an angle because they couldn’t afford a spider handler.

Vince Russo’s place in wrestling history will always be a topic of much debate and won’t really be discussed without mentioning the notion that he needed an editor.

What isn’t up for doubt is that he was part of wrestling when fans, and non-fans, tuned in on a weekly basis and that speaks volumes. He admits himself that his time at the WWE coincided with the promotion having the strongest roster in recent memory, if not ever but still. Raw was entertaining. It was a two hour show that by the time you got to the end you wanted more. Can you say that nowadays?

In WCW he raised the ratings on his arrival but disappeared due to the various problems going on there. Ultimately, and I say as a guy that was never the biggest WCW fan or someone that knows all that much about the goings on there, but could anyone have saved them? Ric Flair doesn’t think so, so I’m happy to bow to his wisdom. As for TNA, well, it’s TNA.

I’m delighted Vince Russo has a podcast, you can find more information here, so that we can hear more of his take on wrestling. I don’t agree with everything he says but I still think his thoughts on wrestling are far more interesting than most – including guys that have spent years making a career on commenting on wrestling.

There’s a space for a big wrestling fan to share views on the thing we all love, from a non-mark perspective, but with an insider take on things.

It’s almost a tragedy that Russo doesn’t have a more front-line role in wrestling these days. Considering how bland Raw can be and how utterly pointless Impact is, it’s staggering his services aren’t being called upon.

Still, as long as he continues to be such an entertaining podcaster WWE and TNA’s loss is undoubtedly the gain of wrestling fans.

Picture Gallery

The Ultimate Warrior is alive just like Elvis!


Ummmm….okay?!? Tell me when you see it…

Eva Marie

Please excuse the language on this sign spotted at the NXT event in Brooklyn. It’s classic because of that one fan’s face…

Finn Balor

It only makes sense for Stone Cold Steve Austin to have his own brew…

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Okay, admit it…if the Undertaker came out to a Bayley-esque type entrance…you’d freak!


Video Gallery

Really cool stock footage of a match between Jimmy Hart and the late comedian Andy Kaufman back in 1983.

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2 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 36

  1. Russo is a semi-literate turd who talents would be best utilized working at the dmv, not in wrestling. When a company has to secretly hire you, and then lie about your very presence, you’re a turd. His work speaks volumes to his utter incompetence in everything besides breathing. A talentless twonk.


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