Whatever Happened to Chad Fortune?

Tekno Team 2000

Craig Wilson

When Kevin Nash pinned Goldberg at Starrcade 1998 it ended the latters undefeated streak streak and made it 162-1. However, officially it was 162-2 with the earlier loss coming in July 1997 on a dark match on WCW Saturday Night against Chad Fortune. Today we ask Whatever Happened to Chad Fortune? 

After a spell in the NFL with Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears, in 1994, Fortune would start his wrestling career in Minnesota’s AWA. Here he would reunite with Erik Watts – a fellow alumni of the University of Louisville.

Under the name of Travis, and Erik Watts performing as Troy, the pair debuted in the WWF as Tekno Team 2000 and made their debute in May 1995 in a winning affair against the Brooklyn Brawler and Barry Horowitz. They quickly followed that up with a win at an MSG show against the Heavenly Bodies.

A brief hiatus followed until they were next seen as lumberjacks in the main event of July’s In Your House event. After this they were sent to the USWA but returned to our screens in early 1996 and even got a title shot against the Bodydonnas. Soon afterwards both men were released from their contracts.

In 1997, Fortune signed a contract with WCW and wrestled predominantly on WCW Worldwide. He and Dale Torborg – later KISS Demon – were briefly a tag team known as “The Pit Crew” but Fortune was released in October of 1999.

Without doubt Fortune’s greatest wrestling claim to fame was being the first man to defeat Goldberg before a lengthy list of wrestlers – including a number of household names – tried and failed to do the same.

So, whatever happened to Chad Fortune?

Chad FortuneIn 2000, SFX signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling to bring WCW-based trucks to their USHRA Monster Jam series, which gave Fortune, through wrestling, his start in monster trucks as spokesman for the nWo truck.

The following year, Fortune began driving the WCW Nitro Machine truck in the winter season, then bounced around trucks during the summer. It was during this time that he became friends with Karl Malone and when Malone signed a deal with SFX/Clear Channel to create a truck called Power Forward it was Fortune he chose to drive the truck, which he did for several years.

Since then he’s remained driving monstertrucks and for the 2015 season, he is driving a truck called “Soldier Fortune” in honour of the US Armed Forces.

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