This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 37

Jamie Lithgow & Craig Wilson

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week and Craig talks about this past week’s Raw. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Hold On A Minute Playa…”

Sheamus vs. Orton: Because we can't think of anything else

Sheamus vs. Orton: Because we can’t think of anything else

  • This week’s episode of Raw featured Randy Orton and Sheamus facing each other in a match on TV for the 11th time…. in the space of just three months!
  • If JBL thinks The Fabulous Moolah was a ‘Divas’ Champion then how long does he think Nikki Bella has been champion for?!
  • Rusev’s word of the week: “Betrated”… answers on a postcard folks…
  • If “everyone” is talking about this Ziggler/Lana/Rusev/Summer Ray storyline then where are the video highlights of “everyone” talking about it….?
  • Despite being reminded that he had managed such a feat himself, JBL thinks wrestling two matches in one night is impossible
  • Edge can’t play a kazoo
  • The loading bay; the one part of a building that every WWE superstar and every WWE item will have passed through at some point during the day of WWE event. No point looking there for Sting and your statue though, eh Seth?
  • If Sheamus is related to Ronald McDonald, does that mean Big Show is related to Grimace?
  • Seth Rollins initial plans for his statue were to give it more TV time than the entire tag division. So, 6 minutes then…
  • Dean Ambrose’s theme song is starting to sound like Hardcore Holly’s theme… or is it just me?
  • So, Big E can’t fit a whole kazoo in his mouth after all

What Was the Point in That…?

Last week we saw Summer Ray enter Dolph Ziggler’s dressing room. A few minutes later she was spotted running out, pursued by a naked – save for a towel – and flustered Dolph Ziggler. Summer Ray later accused Dolph of trying to seduce her, news which Lana did not receive particularly well. Sounds like a fairly standard love story; the baddies create trouble in paradise, everyone doubts Dolph but he eventually proves his innocence and wins Lana’s heart again.

But what did WWE do? Well, Lana pretty much forgave Dolph straight away while the commentators gave absolutely no credence to Summer’s accusations. In a case of Dolph’s word against Summer’s nobody doubted Dolph for a second, despite nobody other than them knowing the actual truth. This week Summer Ray came out and reiterated her claims, but why? Nobody believes her. There’s no seed of doubt, Dolph has nothing to prove, Summer has no heat, Rusev looks like a complete lemon and Lana looks like a doormat….. who now has a hand injury.

A Particularly Laborious Labor Day Episode of Raw

Even a main event featuring Seth Rollins, John Cena, The New Day and The Prime Time Players couldn't prevent dismal ratings

Even a main event featuring Seth Rollins, John Cena, The New Day and The Prime Time Players couldn’t prevent dismal ratings

On Monday America celebrated Labor day, a public holiday honouring the contributions that workers have made to their country, but what did the WWE bring to the party? A terrible edition of Raw.

It was lifeless, it featured no good wrestling of note and less than two weeks out from Night of Champions 2015, did virtually nothing to pique the interest of fans in the show.

The only good thing from the show was New Day – no surprises there – and the backstage skits involving them, Edge & Christian and the Dudleys.

But that wasn’t enough to stop dreadful TV ratings for the show. Raw scored a 2.44 rating, down three tenths of a rating from the previous four episodes. That rating marks a historically-low one for Raw with the previous worst being a 2.31 back on the new year’s eve episode from 2012.

As ever, the third hour had the lowest number of viewers – 3.021 million tuned in to see a an hour that featured the main event featuring WWE & US Champion Seth Rollins teaming with New Day to face John Cena and the Prime Time Players.

In fact, the ratings for hour three were the closest that an hour of Raw has come to having fewer than 3 million viewers since the Christmas Eve 2012 – it was a bad festive period for the WWE – episode hour 1 which drew 2.940 million viewers and featured the roster singing Jingle Bells and Alberto Del Rio running over Santa… Yup.

These ratings should be starting to cause concern for those at Titan Towers. As Vince Russo alluded to on his podcast recently, the WWE are at their core base of viewers. Those fans that tune in to Raw week in week out will continue to do so, although may drift in and out of hours, but the company is picking up very few casual or non-wrestling fans.

It’s a long way since nearly 20 million people every week watched either Raw or WCW Nitro – sometimes both. It was a halcyon time for the WWE and must have also provided a massive boost in terms of advert revenue as well with company queuing up to advertise during a show that was hot.

There’s probably no quick fix for the problems associated with Raw. 3 hours isn’t too long if it’s packed full of quality action and segments that make you want to stay tuned in. At the moment, however, bar the odd exception, that’s not the case.


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One thought on “This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 37

  1. WWE just wants to take the piss out of everyone and throw us monkey wrenches as if we’re sheep. For those with a brain know what is good and bad TV and let’s be honest. When was the last time anyone enjoyed an entire episode of RAW or Smackdown? Hell, a PPV nonetheless as a whole? I haven’t been watching WWE TV since the night after WrestleMania which was good until that godawful main event. Plus, fans are becoming smarter in knowing what works and what doesn’t as it shows that people like Vince and that buck-tooth fuckhead both need to just go away.


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