Top Five Superstars You Never Understood the Hype About

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

Everyone reading this will have a superstar that they absolutely adore. Whether it’s the guys you grew up watching and got you into wrestling or the ones that keep you hooked in the modern days. However, on the flip side, there will likely be a number of superstars whose hype you just can’t understand. It’s those guys that are the focus of this Top Five as Craig and Jamie list the Superstars we never understood the hype about.


Mark-Henry-European-Champion5. Mark Henry

It’s crazy to think that Henry has been with the WWE for the best part of 20 years and still gets trotted out time to time as some sort of an unbeatable monster before promptly losing in quick fashion. I appreciate at the start that the WWE clearly saw something in him and believed there was a need to invest in him and give him time to get over. It’s just a shame that myself and others disagree.

4. Lex Luger

Being a big WWE guy that’s only watched a fair bit of WCW through the network, I now have a more rounded opinion on Luger. He always seemed right at the top of the card in WCW and the WWE attempted to create that when he first stepped over but other than his physique, I really can’t see any other reason. Little or no charisma, by all accounts a fairly bad attitude and pretty generic in-ring work. Not for me.

3. Randy Orton

This is a guy I’ve never gotten into. The RKO out of nowhere vine videos were amusing but that’s the only thing remotely interesting about him and those vines weren’t even directly to do with him. For me, Orton looks like the sort of generic create a wrestlers that you could make in ten minutes on early WWE games. plan trunks: tick, sleeve of tattoos: tick. Bland, bland, bland.

Rick Rude2. Rick Rude

It was watching 1992 WCW events and seeing Rude feature prominently that really got me thinking about this as a topic. And Rude, for me, was always going to feature high up in my list. For me, the only interesting part of his whole act was the promo he’d cut on the crowd beforehand. That’s it. It’s not that he’s terrible in the ring, he’s not, he’s just not that good either. And yet he was seen by the promotions as such a big deal, even as late as 1997, that he appeared in WWE, ECW and WCW in the one year – in fact, on Nitro and Raw on the very same night. Not bad for a guy that had one memorable WWE programme – with Warrior – and one in WCW – with Steamboat and frankly The Dragon could probably carry me to a match of the night bout…

1. Jeff Jarrett

This is a guy that’s had a really long career in wrestling, largely due to his father, without really showing many reasons to justify it. Maybe he’s been saddled with rubbish gimmicks or maybe he’s just quite boring. It’s remarkable that this man is a four times World Champion – in addition to winning the main TNA title (which isn’t a real world title) 6 times.


roddy-piper-045. Rowdy Roddy Piper

Firstly, I apologise. He was a beloved figure within the world of wrestling, but I missed his glory days in the 80’s. Thus I am mainly judging him based on his run in the 90’s. This is a personal top five and I honestly never really got into Roddy Piper, even though he was supposed to be from my native Scotland. I knew him as a loud, brash, eccentric babyface and occasional commentator. For these reasons I always compared him to Randy Savage, and I was always a Macho Man guy.

4. Razor Ramon/Scott Hall

I liked Ramon/Hall a lot more than his big mate, but I still didn’t get that into him. My main issue is that I could never understand why he – as Razor – became a good guy in 1993. I loved to hate him, then he became a good guy without changing anything. He was the same guy I loved to hate, only booked against bad guys I also didn’t like. Good guy Razor just did nothing for me.

3959 - Raw diesel kevin_nash wwf3. Diesel/Kevin Nash

Royal Rumble ’94, he was awesome. Other than that one performance I’ve never understood what the appeal was. As a kid my favourite big man was The Undertaker, and could not see any reason why Diesel would be considered better. I never really cared for his sarcastic persona either – particularly in WCW. Rather than make me dislike him it just soured me on paying him any attention.

2. Randy Orton

I’ve always found this guy dull, I just don’t get what he brings to the WWE party. He’s a twelve time Champion, but there have always been better heels and better babyfaces during his entire run. If he were a colour he would be grey. I just don’t find the character of Randy Orton remotely interesting, and it amazes me that anybody can.

1. Jeff Jarrett

To me Jeff Jarrett was always one of those silly mid-card acts that could be relied upon to put the real stars over, but then he got a spot in the Four Horsemen. He then returned to WWE, and was placed back into the mid-card. Back in WCW, he became World Champion. I’m with Vince McMahon on this one; Double J was a mid-carder all day long.

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6 thoughts on “Top Five Superstars You Never Understood the Hype About

  1. What is so special about Jeff Jarrett anyways? Not only is he the most overrated wrestler out there but he is someone that I could never buy as a main eventer. He’s OK in the mic and has some good skills but I always saw him as a mid-carder. Mike Graham was right, the guy broke 1000 guitars. Never drew a dime. It boggles me into how much of his own ego he puts towards TNA and GFW.

    Here’s a few guys I never really understood why they were so lauded:

    1. Buff Bagwell-Why did Vince think he had the looks of a main eventer? I always saw him as a tag-team, low-card guy. He had some good skills but I never saw him as a big deal.

    2. Lex Luger-Good worker but he’s not a main eventer. He was good during his NWA/WCW days but I never bought his All-American gimmick in the WWE.

    3. JBL-I could never take him seriously as a top heel. A stupid Texan who lives in NYC that thinks of himself as a wrestling god.

    4. Randy Orton-For someone who is talented as he is. I never could click with him as he is just boring at times.

    5. Sheamus-For all of his brawn and such, the guy is also very boring to watch.


  2. Okay, here’s my top 5. John Cena.-when I watched WWF/E regularly I couldn’t figure the guy out, why the push? 2. Mark Henry-constantly hurt and kept getting pushes. 3.Jeff Jarrett-going back to the USWA he was nothing more than long blonde hair for the fans to push when Lawler turned bad. Not much talent. 4.Kevin Nash- A backstage power broker, with a wise mouth, nothing more. 5-Lex Luger. Muscle body with nothing in the head, couldn’t cut a promo to save his life. Never came across as an “American Hero” type when they tried to push that in the WWF and in WCW always seemed best as a heel loner.


  3. I agree strongly with Mark Henry, although I’m blown away to see Rick Rude on this list. He was on the best heels on the 1980s WWF scene. Yeah, he has two runs with Warrior (he was really Warrio’s best opponent because of how well he bumped for him), but he also had feuds with Piper and Jake Roberts. The angles with Roberts were great, including him kissing Roberts wife in the crowd and then Jake ripping Rude’s trunks off in a wild scene in the ring. He was one of those heels who played the part so well almost nobody would cheer for him because you wanted to see him get his ass kicked so badly. Just a great performer, and with Heenan as manager, it was even more fun.


  4. Jeff Jarrett is on my list. Another that will surprise people is Chris Benoit. Everytime I watch him I cannot figure him out and found his matches highly overrated. Same with Chris Daniels. Hyped up and watch matches of him and nothing interesting.


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  6. Has to be Jeff Jarrett for me also.
    The guy was never a star on his own merit only by political pull and self serving promotion.
    He was a big factor in the demise of WCW in my opinion, he had too much pull with that idiot Russo that just made a big nasty joke of a sttoried promotion and its history. He then went on to self promote himself yet again in TNA and is still doing it in 2017 which is ridiculous.
    Some people say Triple H was the master of the power play card and that may be true to some extent but at least with Triple H he was a genuine over talent that delivered and was a star. Triple H also now gives back a lot to the industry whereas Jarrett continues to serve his own ego 20 plus years later.
    Vince McMahon may be out of touch on many things but he had the sense to never make Jarrett THE GUY.


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