This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 38

Jamie Lithgow & Craig Wilson

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week and Craig shares an idea how to fix Raw ratings. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling


This week’s Raw main event headlined the April 1st 1996 episode of WCW Nitro… and that’s not an April fools joke!

“Hold On A Minute Playa…”

  • Let me get this straight; The Authority are bad guys who are actively seen to promote the “next generation”, specifically 29 year old Seth Rollins who is currently in the middle of his first World Title reign. They are primarily opposed by two good guys, who have a combined age of 94 and 23 World Championships between them. Surely I’ve got the good guys and bad guys mixed up here…?
  • WWE continue to struggle with the definition of the word “only”
  • The Miz is already amped for Hell in a Cell
  • Nikki Bella – who works alongside her identical twin – is a “self-made woman”
  • Nikki Bella – who is John Cena’s girlfriend of three years – is a “self-made woman”
  • Nikki Bella – who has held the Divas Title since last November and is the longest reigning Divas champion ever – has made just eight televised defences of her title.
  • Vince McMahon has been teaching Triple H some dance moves
  • Vince McMahon needs to teach Ryback some dance moves
  • “they” used to call the man Vader, but apparently “they” call him Sting now
  • Of all the people Sting could have wrestled in his first match on Raw, he faced one of the only three men on the active roster he has actually fought before

The WWE Needs to Think out of the Box with Raw

How to tackle the poor Raw ratings? Maybe give Seth a few weeks off?

How to tackle the poor Raw ratings? Maybe give Seth a few weeks off?

This week, for the second episode in a row, Raw drew a rating of 2.5.

I’m sure there will be some panicking at this and desperately seeking to lay the blame at the feet of someone over this.

For me, it presents the WWE with a great opportunity to think out of the box when it comes to turning things around. Really, that’s all that’s required.

What got me thinking about this was Eric Bischoff’s appearance on this week’s episode of the Ric Flair podcast. Naturally the conversation focussed on Bischoff taking over WCW and the changes he made. Much of the focus was on Bischoff’s lack of actual wrestling experience compared to those that had been in charge before him.

That got me thinking that that sort of a break from the past is something the WWE desperately needs.

But not someone, something.

Sticking with Bischoff and his impact on the world of wrestling, before the Monday Night Wars resulted in WCW and WWE taking the war to each other, episodes of their Monday night shows were radically different to how they are now.

Before the ratings war, PPV calibre matches were saved for just that: a PPV while TV tended to focus more on mid-card talent with infrequent appearances from the big guys and the champions.

And that’s the sort of model that the WWE could use on Raw.

For me, the WWE doesn’t do anything like enough to get over their mid card nor do the regular appearances of the top card guys make them feel at all special. Why not kill two birds with one stone.

Why not have the likes of Seth Rollins and co appear less frequently. Using Sting isn’t the right example but, say, if tomorrow night’s Night of Champions was headlined by a match pitting Seth Rollins against Roman Reigns.

In the weeks leading up to the show, how many confrontations do you think would have taken place: whether they were interview segments, multi-man matches or one interfering in a match of another.

The answer is likely to be every week and that there is the problem: over exposure.

Guys like Seth Rollins are over exposed, vastly overexposed. Give him a few weeks a month off. Heck, maybe stretch it to three but have him appear on one Raw and air a pre-recorded clip on another. Then when he is do to wrestle or appear, hype it. If people want to see the then lesser spotted WWE Champion then they will turn it. It will feel special because it is just that, because he hasn’t been wrestling week in week out.

Also do something similar with whoever he is feuding with. Save the feud for a monthly event, don’t just give it away every week on Raw either in singles or in tag action.

I’m not suggestion harking back to the early 90s when the champion virtually never appeared on Raw and every week was a superstar squashing a jobber but just limit how much time the top guys get.

The other benefit, it means the company has to focus on his mid carders and getting them over.

Maybe the WWE would have to headline with a divas match or give focus to a Cesaro or a Wade Barrett but that’s a good thing. It’ll force the company to invest more in those superstars, giving their characters meaning and doing stuff with them that will get the fans to buy into them.

One thing is for sure: more of the same isn’t the answer. A proper change, with a real difference, is what is needed.

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2 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 38

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  2. I remember that was pretty much the norm in the 80s. Those guys weren’t overexposed, and as a result, people really did want to see them more, but today, the fans see guys like Rollins and Reigns not only every week but sometimes 2-3 times IN THE SAME DAMNED SHOW! As a result, their impact isn’t as great as Hogan and Piper was in the 80’s. Your move, WWE


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