This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 39

Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week and Brian has all the best viral content. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Hold On A Minute Playa…”

'Should we call it an "Iron Woman" match to reflect the fact that they are women?'...... Nope.

‘Should we call it an “Iron Woman” match to reflect the fact that they are women?’…… Nope.

  • If you are off work due sickness or injury for more than a couple of weeks then you should just assume that you’ve been fired
  • Vince McMahon scratches his head as to why Raw is delivering such low rating…
  • …WWE books its Champion and most heavily featured character to lose cleanly to the same person two days in a row
  • The award for most obvious heel turn of the year goes to… Paige!
  • Shouldn’t Paige’s pipbomb-esque promo have been the catalyst for the Divas revolution, and not just a minor angle within it?
  • Women can compete in ‘Iron Man’ matches, apparently
  • As if one Kane wasn’t enough…
  • And a Big Show push too! WWE, you are spoiling us…
  • Oh, and Cesaro will job for them?! Bravo WWE, bravo
  • Even Michael Cole admits that Xavier Woods’ trombone playing is brilliant
  • “Tricep meat”?…. Answers on a postcard
  • Murphy – of Blake & Murphy fame – and heel Triple H circa 1999 when he still wore long tights… just saying…

Picture Gallery

I know SummerSlam is over and done with…but…I spotted this pic after the fact and thought this was just too good not to share…


Who Knew?!? (I sure as heck didn’t)

In 1983, Jimmy Hart managed the Road Warriors while they wrestled in the Memphis territory…


Ah yes, remember that time in WWE history when Hardcore Holly jumped off the top of the steel cage on top of Don Muraco? 😉

Hardcore Holly

Johnny Ace….People Power!

Johnny Ace

Taking a close look recently at the WWE title…you’ll notice the belt is missing some “diamonds” aka pieces of glass. It’s a little worse for the wear lately.

WWE title

This Global Force referee sure has his hands full…


Ladies and gentleman…WWE producer/director Bucky Beaver….errrr I mean Kevin Dunn!


Video Gallery

Very cool clip of the late Amy Winehouse passing the building formerly known as WWF New York. She then drops a little wrestling knowledge on us. The clip with her talking about the WWE starts at the 1:18 mark.

This DJ has a little fun with mixing Eminem with John Cena…

Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow we discuss the fall out from Night of Champions, we ask whatever happened to nWo Sting, We have the many faces of Steve Lombardi, the next Wrestling with Sin and more.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ columns can be read here.


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