Sunday Sermon: WWE Night of Champions 2015 Fall-Out

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage and Jamie Lithgow

This time last weekend we were all gearing up for WWE Night of the Champions 2015. In the end it was a pretty good event with some positive steps taken on a number of fronts. In this Sunday Sermon we look back on the show and ahead to next month’s Hell in a Cell..

Craig: First things first, I thought Night of Champions 2015 was excellent and there’s an argument to be made that it is the best in the event’s history. Who knows if it’ll make any difference to Raw ratings or not but as a stand alone 3 hour wrestling event, it’s pretty close to an 8/10 for me.

Let’s get the negativity, minor as it is, out of the way first. I was a little ‘meh’ about Chris Jericho, as much as I like him, being the mystery partner and even more disappointed with the obvious lack of follow-up the very next evening. But that pales in comparison to the treatment of the World Title Match. Correct me if I’m wrong but was the word “Sting” even mentioned on Raw? I know about the injuries and everything but that could have been dealt with in a “Sting is at home recovering from the injuries suffered in a bruising main event” or something akin to that.

Now, the positives for me, and we can deal with them one by one: Kevin Owens winning is great for the IC title, Charlotte winning is fantastic for the divas revolution, it was right for the Dudleys to win but not win the title, Cena vs Rollins is probably going to feature in matches of the year rankings and the WWE are booking the new Wyatt member right. Jury is out whether he is a great wrestling but the booking of him as a monster has been done very well so far.

All in all it leads nicely to Hell in a Cell. Sure, I’m underwhelmed by idea of it being Kane’s annual title shot from out of nowhere considering we’ve just had one of those title challengers but nearly everything else worked for me.

Brian: Wow, this is going to be a good sermon…I can feel it. I’ll agree that having Kevin Owens as IC champ is good business and Charlotte winning the Divas title is also a solid choice…but the overall Night of Champions show itself was extremely lackluster in my view. Kevin Owens…as good as he is…could barely get a decent match out of Ryback. John Cena winning back the US title was “eh” to me. Would it kill the WWE to give a clean victory to Seth Rollins over Cena?

While Chris Jericho was a nice little surprise in the Wyatt match… was pretty much ruined by that idiot fan who jumped the barrier and made his way into the ring. Are they even going to address how Jericho screwed both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose? Not addressing the Sting injury…I think was a big mistake. They could have used that for Seth to brag about the next night on Raw at the very least. I didn’t watch NOC live…I saw it the next day and I did find myself fast forwarding some of the stuff out of boredom. The Houston crowd really didn’t help much either. They seemed flat all night.

Craig: I’d maybe agree re quality of the ic title match but the most important thing is who is programmed with Owens now. It’s optimism about the ic title scene part 252759205826. Maybe it’ll be Cesaro and we can all be happy, for a while at least.

Right decision to keep the gold on New Day. There’s plenty of fun to be had there without moving the gold about. Wonder if maybe a 3 vs 3 could include Spike…?

Brian: That’s a very good idea about Spike Dudley that I hadn’t thought about. I agree, right now, New Day is the New Age Outlaws or Edge and Christian of this generation. They are red hot and entertaining as hell. I just hope they don’t turn them babyface…I think that’ll be a mistake.

As for the Divas title, let’s address the “pipebomb” by Paige this past Monday Night. I think it was great and added another layer to this whole Divas Revolution.

Craig: it would be a massive mistake to turn New Day now. I imagine they’ll turn eventually but it’ll be a natural thing as the fans get more and more behind them.

After that consensus, I think Paige is crap. I’d much rather a crazy AJ Lee type character as frankly, Paige can’t act. It was obvious on Sunday we were getting a heel turn but I’m just so meh about her at the moment.

So what else do we see happening at Hell in a Cell?

Jamie: I’ll half agree with you regarding Paige, she was rubbish as a babyface and is a terrible actor. However, her promo on Raw was a complete 180 change. She seems far more comfortable and engaging as a heel – because it requires less acting on her part. It was just awkward seeing her try so hard to be the nicey nicey babyface she clearly is not. She was a square peg forced into a round hole.

Sadly, Becky Lynch also appears to suffer from this. She seems like such a forced babyface. Turn her heel – or at least tweak her character somewhat, turn Sasha Banks face and use Natalya more. I very much doubt all this will happen though, never mind at Hell in a Cell!

Is it just me or are loads of feuds going to continue from Night of Champions into Hell in a Cell? Ryback is due a rematch, The Dudleyz aren’t finished with New Day, Ditto Stardust vs. Neville, The Wyatts vs. Reigns & Ambrose and the Divas division is just one long, never ending angle – instead of two or three separate feuds it could easily be. Thank God we have Kane vs. Rollins to freshen things up…

Craig: It is Jan’s annual title chance. Surely we don’t begrudge him that…?

As for the rest, you’re probably right. Least it’s not Cena vs Rollins again, though. Small mercy.

What is Cena’s next programme over the US title? No obvious contenders…

Jamie: I’d say yes, we probably can begrudge Kane that. At least there is a well developed story as to why Kane will feature heavily for the next few months, I’ll give them that. Not saying i’m interested in said story though.

Where does Cena go from here, eh? We’ve been asking ourselves that for the last five years. This time, however, I am completely stumped. I can’t think a single contender on the active roster who I could take seriously against him, because he has defeated them all. WWE have also run the ‘upstart from NXT tries to take title from him’ angle…. twice (Zayn and Owens)….. and twice they have failed. The fact that Cena beat Rollins clean twice this week will likely be used as an excuse to insert Cena into the title picture down the line no doubt. Given that Cena has defeated all the heels, maybe his next contender could be a babyface? WWE need to get Rusev and Ziggler away from each other asap, and a Cena/Ziggler rivalry might be a good alternative. Mind you, even that’s been done before… more than once.

Brian: I’m with you Jamie…I initially loved the “US Open Challenge”…but where can they possibly go with this angle now? As you said..he has beaten everybody on the damn roster. I really don’t begrudge Cena in the slightest…but why book him so unbeatable? We will see in the near future…probably as early as Monday…who will be John Cena’s newest challenger…err I mean victim.

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