This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 41

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Craig shares what Raw taught him this week and Brian has all the week’s best viral content. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

What Raw Taught Us This Week

A mixed bag this week on Raw – better than last week but still some rubbish so let’s look at the hits and the shit.

Seth Rollins

Having Seth do charity work is a sure fire way of getting him over as a heel…

The Hits

  • Dudleys vs Rollins/Show a fresh tag match, at least a fresh planned match. Praise thee! Unfortunately, though, with no mic or promo work for the Dudleys they were obviously going to be a sideshow here.
  • I prefer “combat athlete” to “sports entertainer”, well played JBL.
  • “Please retire” chants at the Big Show are brutal but telling about just how overexposed he is.
  • WWE are successfully building up Braun Stroman as a proper monster. It’ll never last…
  • Natalya winning on TV – who saw that coming?
  • New Day were the best bit of Raw – same as virtually every week.
  • Despite rubbish stuff with Summer Rae, Rusev manages to still appear as a heel.

The Shits

  • I love Heyman’s promo skills but the fact there were two sleek video packages lined up shows just how planned it was.
  • An F5 on the Big Show always looks impressive but Show means so little it hardly benefits anyone.
  • Steph wins a staredown over Rollins, really?!
  • I get that charity stuff is part of the WWE but a heel champ shouldn’t be wearing a charity t-shirt. Corporate Work>WWE brand building
  • Sheamus’ promo was about how he’d be a better fighting mascot than one Boston has. A mascot!?
  • Neville losing in 30 seconds to a guy who thinks he’d be a good mascot and becoming a jobber already.
  • Hell, the midcard is just a total mess.
  • Rollins vs Kane continues to be underwhelming and very damaging for Rollins’ credibility as champion – if that ship hasn’t already sailed.
  • What is Steph’s character all about and why is she hogging so much limelight. And, despite all the coverage, how come she is such a heat killer? She needs to watch how her Dad did things 16 years ago… Also, who cares that she’s a Patriots fan?!
  • Why have her cut the balls off, metaphorically, of New Day?
  • No official result to Rollins/Kane vs Dudleys – destroying my optimism from the start of the hits section.
  • Hyping Bayley vs Sasha Banks on NXT and still calling it an “iron man match”. Really? It’s 2015, guys.
  • The Summer and Rusev stuff was such a grim segment. Honestly, “RuRu”? George Lucas writes more authentic romance scenes.

Picture Gallery

I guess Ethan Carter the Third aka EC3 of TNA is a modern day Virgil?

hey don’t call Shawn Michaels the “Heartbreak Kid” for nothing….


The N.W.A. world champion…

This sticker was found on the side of a gas pump located in Kentucky

Becky Lynch accidentally sat in the Big Show’s chair…

Looks like Finn Balor has two words for TNA wrestling…

Video Gallery

WCW stars appear on Politically Incorrect back in 1999

This Week on the Blog

Last Sunday we discussed we looked at viable contenders for Seth Rollins’ title, Monday saw us look at the birth of TNA, on Tuesday we focussed on the failed angle surrounding Rikishi doing it for The Rock, Wednesday’s piece looked at how to book Heath Slater, International Championship Wrestling was the focus on Thursday and we rounded of the week by looking at the failed WWE divas revolution in 1993.

Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow’s Sermon looks at how the WWE could have done better with the MSG show, we look at The Many Faces of Steve Lombardi, the next installment of Wrestling with Sin and more.
Tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon .

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