Wrestling With Sin: 52 Pick Up


Brian Damage

This is the 52nd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker…at times seedier side of pro wrestling. Many of these stories involve lust, greed, deception and in some cases….even murder! As with every single story covered in the Sin series…we never condemn or condone the actions of the alleged participants and victims involved.

Don’t Play a Player


The openly gay Darren Young…who is one half of the WWE’s tag team the ‘Primetime Players’ revealed to the world on Twitter that a cameraman who works on the WWE’s reality show Total Divas was hitting on him. The unnamed cameraman sent a shirtless photo of himself to Darren. Young, who is in a relationship…exposed the man’s advances on Twitter.


The cameraman then apologized to Darren…but Darren continued to berate the man by having his boyfriend send this pic…


A number of Darren Young’s followers reacted negatively towards Young…feeling he took a private matter and made it public by trying to humiliate the cameraman.

Davey “Oy” Smith


In 2000, Davey Boy Smith was arrested twice in a matter of days for making terroristic threats to his estranged wife Diana Hart. Davey Boy was initially arrested for threatening to kill his wife and her sister Ellie Hart. After he was released on bail, he was arrested again when he threatened her life again after Diana showed up at his home.

Diana says she went there to pick up her daughter Georgia and didn’t realize he was out on bail. Davey Boy turned himself into the police…where he was arrested a second time. The police said that these weren’t isolated incidents….they had been called to their home several times for domestic situations.

The Iron Law


Jill Adkisson the daughter of wrestling great Kevin Von Erich…has allegedly found herself on the wrong side of the law several times. She has been arrested numerous times in both Texas and Hawaii for such offences like making terroristic threats…driving with a suspended license and writing bad checks.


Regardless of her tumultuous past…Jill is the mother of 3 and seeing the tragic past history of the Von Erich clan…we do wish Jill the very best in the future.



WWE star Seth Rollins has been no stranger to social media scandals. Early in 2015, Seth was caught by his ex fiancee exchanging nude photos with an NXT developmental diva…Zahra Schreiber. Before that incident, a female WWE fan from Vancouver, Canada named Lindsey says she and Rollins also had an “internet affair” on Instagram and Snapchat.


It all began in 2013, when Lindsey sent a direct message on Instagram to Seth. The two almost immediately started sending dirty messages and pictures to each other. This continued into 2014, when Lindsey and Seth agreed to hook up after a WWE live event in Canada. The problem was, Lindsey wound up drunk and started verbally attacking Seth at the event. Rollins responded by deleting Lindsey from both his Snapchat and Instagram accounts. As it turns out, Seth would then propose to his girlfriend 3 days after this incident.

Feeling Superior


On August 23rd, 1996….independent wrestler/trainer Neil Caricofe aka Neil ‘The Power’ Superior was found on the 7th floor of an Ocean City, Maryland hotel naked and disoriented. When police arrived, they witnessed Superior walking back and forth nude banging on doors. The officers tried to restrain him, but the 250 plus pound pro wrestler couldn’t be detained.


A foot chase ensued between Superior and the officers who caught up with him in the hotel parking lot. Several police officers used pepper spray and batons to try to subdue but still to no avail. When officers surrounded Superior to try and take him down again….Superior collapsed and died.

The medical examiner later concluded that the cause of death was from heart disease and that he had steroids and alcohol in his system. Superior’s parents filed a 350 million dollar unlawful death lawsuit against the Ocean City police department. The parents accused the police of using excessive and unnecessary force on their son which caused the injuries that lead to his death. That lawsuit was eventually thrown out of court as the judge felt the officers did what they needed to do to try and subdue the larger, stronger pro wrestler. Neil Superior was just 33 years old at the time of his death.

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